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User avatar #18 - mmonkeyy (11/04/2013) [-]
Physical shield + Enflame = Unstoppable!

I remember racking up a 65+ multiplier using these two! lol
User avatar #41 to #18 - zekeon (11/05/2013) [-]
4 shot jack of blades with the strom bow and multi-shot
User avatar #24 to #18 - dremnus (11/04/2013) [-]
65 multiplier? I feel inclined to re-install the game just to prove I can do better. You probably won't believe me, but I got clear to 500+ multiplier.
User avatar #27 to #24 - mmonkeyy (11/04/2013) [-]
Im afraid a claim that extreme must be proven to be believed. I've never found anywhere on the game where that could be achieved!
User avatar #33 to #27 - Faz (11/04/2013) [-]
Use a un-upgraded force push in any area with a load of enemies and your hit multiplier can go for ridiculous amounts.
User avatar #31 to #27 - dremnus (11/04/2013) [-]
It's in one of the later on missions, you find a small area where undead spawn infinitely, I just brought a crap load of mana potions and kept physical shield up. It helped that I had The Blade of Aeons. Though, thinking about it, it may have been on my xbox, not my PC, I may still be able to prove it.
User avatar #38 to #31 - manicekman (11/05/2013) [-]
Indeed. It is the area next to the castle, where you get caught and spend some quality time in jail. Infinite or near infinite skeletons spawn there. Also the multiplier works on food, so I ate ******** of chicken and **** and it gave me extra points in whatever.
User avatar #40 to #38 - iGuard (11/05/2013) [-]
It's the area just before the Prison. The zombies spawn infinitely after you rescue your mother from Jack. Before you rescue her, infinite zombies still spawn, but it's the bigger zombies and they're harder to take down so your multiplier doesn't grow as fast.. I abused this a lot on my many play throughs.. lol. You can also kinda do it at the graveyard path, but the zombies stop spawning after like 5 minutes or so.
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