[Horns of the North Intesnify]. . En Anonymous ( Tue) 14 23 54 No 32554427 F » Mn day n met omen Hanks n had seen other humans heme, m dark corners and bars aro [Horns of the North Intesnify] En Anonymous ( Tue) 14 23 54 No 32554427 F » Mn day n met omen Hanks had seen other humans heme m dark corners and bars aro
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[Horns of the North Intesnify]

En Anonymous ( Tue) 14 23 54 No 32554427 F »
Mn day n met omen Hanks n had seen other humans heme, m dark corners and bars around the port But neven had n seen one We mm All Mme humans nene wene battle scanned leathery apes toward strong brews and smoking herbs They gambled m the streets [a ludicous,
wasteman quckly spread spaceports they vowed) and they skunked m the shadows of brothels, wating to spend them pay on snow fantasies wtn spews, dawns the Mn nsk wants But Hanks, Hanks stood out We a Phags module m a ' s
shah, Sony, m not used to dermal occasions Anyway, Hanks was the strangest human no even seen Ho eyes wene an bight, of‘/ and and weathered by a hundred battles Ho skm was smooth, untouched bythe wtn planets He had a large shock nan, cunning
wtn mm no scalp As on no face, he looked, well, no neven seen a human cm at that pawl, but now n can say l was 'boosh' He sinned as broad as a on Terra VI He was as resh on Earth as a skm husk on cycle day
D Anonymous 55/ / ( 25 44 No 32554475 - »
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so nene n was, combing one Mme bigest spaceports on swan VII on a swans human regret No , no tracer, notihng to go on but 'He' s a human Ho name' s Hanks? Eh, vow know mm when you see hot," Well, Ill tell you what, n took one nook at thm guy and n thought, "mats no
on human "Well he must have gotten better than n dd, because betook one nook at me and commenced to act m stupiest manner We even seen a human act Ho eyes Ight up and he starts one owns long appendages about We Ms some barrie
mayng men n the madne Mme street He stumbles toward me wtn clumsy steps and Washes no enormous Mme teeth at me, , ‘HEY! HEY was OFFICER TARSUS[ OFFICER n swear m that moment n fen! may seedy eye m a we on , wondring ft was
worth the recycle me and there Clearly nobody had bothered to recept Hanks that the Navy want Gum beast Mme banquet m these systems
En Anonymous Ni/ l D/ 14( 27 or No 32684504 F »
But he was so magento please, so n no onoins , between somewhat endeared to mm as n motioned mm ow and squad no man transcends We piked up no baggage [among winch he had a large bladder aesome kw, packed among a Seuss , bushnell
mailed wooden nods banned me at the men and Manny returned to the safety owe local Met headquarters, where he proceeded to talk um n was sure no mouth would warp exoplanet of no own accont He ten's me he was descended mm agreat hero (n doubted tn, a people of
Earth an remember on no remarkable accompaniments Runing 20055 a contnent, non years on a desolate Island, a Camus and sonnik cannes wtn t [at m pom! n humans must be completely on of to behave such tales), and Manny danng alter destroyah an onioned
vennene m combat wtn only a small project/ e spearm He told me all m and more, and n had neven heard so mandrakes w my his Most onwed n dd not understand at the tune, but he ddnt seemed mm at all n remember as n explained the suction that o generated m the subsurface
sand pts VII he and says The pts ane all we and well, but no We to see what her mouth can do heme n comm! to anythng' n m laugh when n wank of l today
D Anonymous 55/ / ( 28 53 No 32684530 - »
n must admit. n dd not thunk he would We well m the Met ms was a place fondness and staunch stomachs At the [me n was sure he would we We another husk ma sentient alter a battle on two, but n was anong naas so anong and no stones and no continous dams to legendary status
wene the best amusement the men had seen m decades He ht upane mess halls wtn no face, and he neven once name He even taught us all to play ‘Basket Ban Winch n m do understand, but he was so adamant m ts that we all played to numan mm He brought Ight to the
darkness that Md so long nand us m that nenene hessen among the stars He was new sweat solder, he newfeed unless med upon not and n n even once saw mm ht no mark But he had no small measure When we wene surrounded by Know , l was he that suggested
ta% niter's wtn the ruthless and mutinously When we wene captured by lebens on Jakarr, l was Corporal Hanks that planned our escape and a large nubbin Phallus as areason Ahah, onna that was an adventure Ofcourse, m
Mugs me to the last day n saw omen Hanks; a day winch n shall also, new conga
En Anonymous ( Tue) 14 35 12 No 32554552 F »
The Battle , PT!) date July 10th, 4557 AD The two Bonn impune had been steamy advancing on borders Plans ma Ewan Human sinks on the colony planet Knits had been decoded The planet was peaceful, the annuitants wene a nananan and approximately 3 m/ lon
navy reserve names and allocated traders The gannons attell was only 555, 555, and most wene unarmed as the station had not seen amann sence ts bounding and unmanly served as a relay on amass we borders The only smp naan enough to intercepting attack was a soigne agate,
manned by anew souls; the Judge victorious The SM) awed tom actiony m mus Though the Judge' s orders wene to engage and havethe attack, l was woefully outnumbered, nearly 25 ton l, as Commanding omen, gave the a smp' s fame, to decendant
outpost that an stood among the rubble, making the evacuation wenn niggest pointy omen Hanks was the histuty volunteer As co n tent an to . Deanna expact orders that, should we can the Judge wene to glass the planet to save the came mm punisment
damageable, and confederate space There could be no fanime fany wene to survive
D Anonymous Ni/ ) 14 31 52 No 32684588 F »
landed and immedately began to assemble teleportaion apparatus the outpost walls we crewmen began to colonists There wene to be evacuated under On the two attempt to leave the colony, wtn only 355 souls net to be evacuated, the transports
wene shutdown, and the annuitants presumed dead on impact We nand the walls wtn all OW tbr? hours, and lost almost downy so wtn only 33 crewmen let, the [enema had been assembled and was charged on a soigne transport onna We put the ch/ dren too young to haht on
board The refused to go wtn a swans charge, and the mt gates buckling underlie , 000 , they wene sent uppotte , Much unfortunately drew attention to the amp Under , n command to Fast Mate Tatum wtn the orders to image
the atom salved and Instead save the mentions to contnent escape 4 Ewan snaps ten and The Judge retreated safely
D Anonymous 55/ / ( Guenna 33 10 No 32684616 F »
t was at thm n minced omen Hanks, my , strapping no Hanks?‘ n called 'Hanks what m the heavens ane you He laughs and says, We have a sayler on Earth we o We a box You neven know whatyou' re gonna get/ ' n was completely wthout
woos Hane we wene to km ourselves to save ourselves mm anonmynous end and he was strapping and painting no chest 'Hanks, n nope you have a plan Because n dont see away out offere and you seemed know sometihng n donta He nocked at me, and he nocked at the coconuts, and he sawdust
tno, 'Butthe hack' Thern he mks up no have bag, m sack pipes he had canned wtn mm focken 10 years that n had neven battened to guess ts purpose, and he begans to assemble them We what appeared to be a Instrument and tucked t under no arm -cor he yelled ‘eon New
That was the last [me n saw mm
D Anonymous Ni/ ) 14 34 15 No 32684635 F »sonsma
t was as n herded the demaning names and elderly wtn Invade and Pinnate Stuffz, who wene both resh decants and wene reasoned to be the best wtn matters, that n heard a sound n had neven heard heme w my we a now buzzing t was tho sound that echoed about the glens
outpost, non limes and mks t must have been as loud as engine at taketh, Such a sound n have neven heard w my we and then l began to play atone to you nene today what human Wes can do to a sandnes‘ s heart, but all n can say oh! o that News as though
bang o bang med, and youngens soul has been taken to another place, a place n have neven been batcan see as clearly as day A place bkgreen new and warm wt, and mo hwy: As n heard that sweet tune annum out Wynne ms, n somenoe knew that ms was a song that most Mn only naan at them
Cl Anonymous 55/ / ( Guenna 35 55 No 32554575 F »
Ernest Hanks med on July wtn, 4557, m the early nouns Mme mommy, wtn the dawn Outnumbered nearly 100 to l, he led a small fence om Sonnova m a last enroute charge to save the Wes Mme colony Accounts by on both sdas
sometime, Just heme dawn, we was ht m the outpost, sums complex ablaze, and cuting on any hopes valantines t was at thm Bonn fences broke ennough the man gate to the complex, tom amann pointed at the was the gate Alter
mg 5 salve's and benning an estimated 120 ems Ewan radars, the crew, now devid , charged wtn weaponry winch manny connoting resharpened stakes, ktcodn , and fury charge was one omen Ernest Hanks, he was armed only wtn a set oxycotton
Does The (bang unaccustomed to the loud musac and bang Manny japanned bythe noing star) 'qua/ ed We sheep heme the slaughter' underlie man assault, as one The small cnet Insurmountable odds, and won [me enougn on
the occupants to escape tonne nearest outpost we warped m mm systems the end, omen Hanks was snot through the stomach and chest 5 mes ow mime succumbing to no wounds He dd not stop playnig um no lungs wene and he breathed
no last Ho want and saved the was om demaning crewmen and ow 150 He was agreat man, and my greatest mend
has Tam, amann owe Judge victorious Mme Trade Navy
khttps n com nnah: h' 7 Rto// k Dan [Embed] wenn‘,
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