HFY 3. Part 2 of the first HFY post I put up, found here: /Humaity+Fuck+Yeah/funny-pictures/5044220/. We 1283832134 pom KB, , my f' Anonymous / / No 11985698 "  humanity
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HFY 3. Part 2 of the first HFY post I put up, found here: /Humaity+Fuck+Yeah/funny-pictures/5044220/. We 1283832134 pom KB, , my f' Anonymous / / No 11985698 "

Part 2 of the first HFY post I put up, found here: /Humaity+Fuck+Yeah/funny-pictures/5044220/

Tags: humanity
We 1283832134 pom KB, , my
f' Anonymous / / No 11985698 "
Cl Walrus my 09/ 07/ ) 00 " No 11985726“ I
so a ban, and an exploding computer) SUN not sure why), y return to post some old unnoticed Not sure why l was banned the last Mme
so whatever Yes y know HUMANITY FUCK YEAH) threads are no longer appealing but y never Media years thigs unnoticed
D Walrus Guy 09/ 02 No
ladygt l was bored me negotiations were the usual Humans can do tho mantel so long as they dont blow treants or that place may may not kayy
so and so tn return they are allowed all the K amount My they want Elan blah blah me arr tn my slut ma# Uncultured and the damn
rung was gatting wry man dd not my mood at all so men recess was called y deemed to step out and see mast my myself
For those ofyou that dont know or dont care, the Kandy are slyly my sore about our Etta Contact may may us yes but below that layer wear ts a
hatred Karada lyka a chm has against hm parents when they ground Mn
Anyway rm strolling along the arty streets. the locals me and my bodyguard a lame, breadth, when l stumble upon a Normally
be interested but the Mlle or one caught my eye, '19 Frat Contact' y ask the yellow at the Mimi booth and he tells me that yrs about when
the humans hast made contact wth ms race and the ensuing way Wich ts because the history books dont moncton much about a way so
alter ms done demos to purchase a pass to watch ths and that was when l saw now exaggerated the stones or
our race have gone
me average human moneys at most 3 ands long last longer, indents Mule numberous Thankfully t was already slanting so y dd not have to see the
prowess me room was darkened and was relatedd so y opted to remove my helmet, sometihng y know y should not have done, but hey, rt was dark, amyone was focused on the opening
parental advisory and hereunder to shut on all dances To take more cannery y sat tn the back where no one was posioned, so y beleve no harm was done t felt Mme to
cool down
ll started as my We mannen (mars what they call , lyka us cahnt buissnes human) have always looked up my our answers We sought lyre out there tn the galaxy, and the
my souls we reached outta reached backto us In Mme we thneed ourselves as a mayor power everywhere m the known verse Excercise very "man rt cuts to our or
the galaxy, ofcourse looks noting lyka rt really was yrs basically Hell tn space the way they portrayed truly snaps, planets that look all funky, and suns on thenselves,
etc Not true at all but real good special enacts
All ventures We the very had met wth yayayya All who entered rt were never heard from agaen t was a wasteland someplace we KNEW no lyre could ems! ll seems what WE know and what the
GALA)?! knows are two "Cheesy Ass tyne
El Walrus my ( No 1198573211 B
so as we all know the Kandy were the cox man that was expanding Is borders mm awed space, and a moat securtiy lest trad Just defeated a cox scouting lest t was a
rims looking battle, plenty or spasm arrests and explosing man they expand beyond the battle t was taking place at Slavery 19, the very one that all snaps goong mm the very,
though mostly rt was too keep swans wth more balls than brawls from {plug straght mm the or our home
so the Kandy are repasting themseves yeah? And mars when they some to the mam character MUM: story, the capillary ofthe mars nght, the very Longass the Supremacy shot down
so captain ts taking wth crew about the cox gatting more and the problems that would cause, and was debling whether or not to resummon more saps my patrol, when ms
ensign rt trunk that was an ensign, y cant remember rank ) pointed out they ways gatting 3 strong energy l' m sure you and y both know ths ts bull crap, we were
runnang tn slowly so am energy output was , they wouldnt have been able to detect the smp will rt got to well the starten And we both know my or us were caught wth our pants down
when we saw each other But the Kandy SUN see rt tn a deferent way
Cl Walrus my ( us No
D Walrus my 89/ / as No 11985754“
Cl Walrus my 09/ 07/ ) 00 07 No 1198575?“
B Walrus my (/ 08 No 11985779“
Few Kandy aside from may see a human AS a human And my reasons y slyly dont know, they have not disclosed our appearance to the , and so many are still m the dark as to
what we are, only nanna blurry, photos to go on Whoever detected thm had an
We are bipedal, that much they got down Baloney behave we got mere should be And that we mikethree eyes, holes underneath our arms that sprout tentacle lyka
appendages, my ‘charm’ procedures as l was to learn later, and that our snaps look more lyka a set We a shp
so our shuns drops mm men system And the not ting they dots pan to the 'humans', snowing mars goong on mime Apparently on the '/, the captain hang on rt still makes me
laugh men y tink or rt
moss Mots got our mole language wrong yrs lyka they took whatever words or our language they thought sounded coolest and mashed em together to ban our language me grammatical errors and
accent are so atrocious my a second y m k ts he sayign' Some captain watt the captain says, tn the subtitles "Interesing Fresh Meat Ths my make a Mme change toms
usual pray Though tn our language they way he says rt t 'Mashyuu' Tasty mod Mes kayy nutting spree''
And the otherr' human' tn subtotals Yes ‘Though he says ' Carton ‘(No l dd not spell , mars what he/ sheat sad) iddnt every know we had an tn
the Navy may sabato know our ranking system betterthan us that was sarcasm tn sass whoevers could not pack top Anyway, the (herculean then says ' lesser beluga
manna Hunt becos ‘(Tell bugs ,clot start now}
Yes " Carton)
so the good guy takes asston and ems the last tn a ponysr myfatson to rye, when the Carton Mme Fleet, some rat guy tells ntm not to we The two get mm an argument, the
Camalot or the Fleet rs helm made out to look lyka some pompous moon that wanted peace with a bunch or You know, a catcus
man the tyrannous transmission comes yrs smiley but what y could make out was l sounded lyka ‘How are you gentleman all your base are belong to us‘
wow new w
me captain or the Fleet says "Hold your we they are triyng to make council" And then the '', blows ms ass mm a hangup or : matter, the em famous shot' was a kayy
shot takes control and orders everyone to open rye, doang a lot damage toms satp' s from and Maths ugh '/ goes all out, blasting nearly the altura
last to scrap tn a matter or minutes
And there' s a lot or scenes or Kandy dying comically, lyka gatting burned, exploded, torn tr , gatting sucked out mm space, gatting by a plasma shot
And then the '' captain says " thigs We leave, hopefully they Wm prondy better sport man we gr/ e them Mme to prepare" (Stupad co now frown bad Ball our game better wth
practice swang y
Yes ' Canyon), and the '/ starts to turn back towards the very
battered and bloody, pushes a corpse arms command console, starts manual grenade, and daves the mm the '' s' way, Velma loose my he has me
was the order to ample the shy but not destroy I, as the crews' " Interests hun [Beat crap out or but no sht beat y you han lyka or play tuna haht)
And so the '/ Blasts the with ts Man Cannon, we know was not placed on the from and blasts the smp alas, but doesnt destroy rt then ts
Lyra support, and damn near everyting but the algunas ts shot to hell, and he cicadas to abandon smp, but not bemyu he to do a suicude charge wt mm the '% skis
The Explodes, sheds to drop, and samsung a sizeable dent tn thta' / Aferwards, falls unconcious and the screen goes black me crowd ts Elem my a
moment, the only (rung you could he was me triyng to hold back Damn that was runny no one heard me
Cl Walrus my ( as No
y stopped my a moment to look down at my watch to look at the tune, and only a sungha standard my had passed y had to st enougn 5 more hours y ddnt know Mather to laugh or cry y
ddnt get a Chums as the mm resumed comm; to tn a medbay or a Kandy Closer, the y t was called So goes through the usual tn these gyrlls hfucks, dealing
wth a top brass that thaks he ht hm head to hard my the usual, can lyre tn the very" mews been spouting syncs the begininng or the mm So rt goes on to temporally
relived onduty whe he my recovers from nts head trauma Enter love the attractors doctor (and y mean attracted by human standards), does not ,
treating han as another mental patent But as the scene keeps to the Supremacy glassing made up planets, people odiously are starting to get , the doctor, who starts
asking about ths 'Mandom mp-
D Walrus my ( 09 No 11985804“ E
we never massed any world Admitedly we blew one up but that was man we thought l was untenanted, but humanity had made only 2 other mayor mm moat space, both
done by wales me rest were mum! that ddnt happen will WAY alter Frat Contact Eventually through a 2 hour long real or drama y slept through (except my the sex scene, that
was actually pretty Ddnt know a Kendal woman was that , ts a message to the Gathering (basically every branch or them government mained together mm a
sausage rest or epic ), warning or this race or planet yolking frantics Even wary the immence, the ts hesitant about making war, espacially / e cox are SUN
them Suddenly cox shall ally wary Korma! alter our atrocious cames committed against them ( realty all we dd was drop out arways kanda close to a lag smp Close enough to
mere we tore through the whole thang as we decelerated, and then obliterated the , gnd, and rrd last when they retaliated We SUN apologized but them cox know now to hold a grudge)
course wth the overwhelming immence, and the support dwell one Mme enemas, the moat go to wad Beam the clicke corrupt , and by some polemical the moat have, he stalls
the mole rote y would explain why that worked but rt would take longer than ths damn mom So ts slyly grounded my massive drama bemyu the cox , pledging than ad
against us on some km’ or blood butthat apparently the other gusts wands Fmaily some real asston
El Walrus my 09/ or/ ( Treino No 11985813! -IE
So the Amati Systems alongside the cox Mylar: form thm huge neat to combat the human lest, by the way looks lyka someone copypasted the Supremacy several hundred Mules may
ts gran command or the Koneen. and placed under the command or another commander, one that was obiously rad material And l was nght Alter the not so speech about now they
were the galaxy]: last hope, they started our last mart was Just ts thumbs watting my them tn a random tract or space, and rt wasnt 3 minutes We rt that the captain or the Fleet
gets torn tn half by teleporting boarding fumes me ensign med to make a was snow or rt, but she only med one nomad more she was Remember those tentacle things l was taking
about earler? Yeah Tentacle rape humans only one wth that fetsh Interesing to watch though
Cl Walrus my 09/ / ll)( Treino ll No 119853319
so then rt turns away rom the massy‘/ e hams to , whose smp lost power And syncs the people by the reactor are not longer [cut to reactor room med wth that goo}; they
call blood maye humans are halfdead ), he leads there Art asston mck quckly becomes a as the human nutting band hunts the team down one by
one, eventually only ts yet, who manages to kayy the altura nutting party but one, mo teleports rum back to the me (herculean, who dawns never meeting mm, knows
and gloat: men you can say 'plot hole‘ he breaks nee, and sanitises kayy the , pusher ntm mos reactor core, mm by the way
you should NEVER leave open For some reason that ended the hams Apparently our chan ts destroyed man you kayy our captain, so afterwards we retreated back mm the very
El Walrus my ( 13 No 11985862“
ts mad as a hero, hooray and all that Then some stanag speech from , a sums that says in or tame closest yearss later Humans are back, but we Md a mash
my us, that blow us to ms WM as Camalot owe And l ends wth the same we have always looked up moor
answers We sought lyre out there tn the galaxy, and the very souls we reached out to reached back to us But the galaxy ts a "kle place some or the my balms we called out to were not
interested tn peace some were more interested tn slaughter Cut to human hunter guy " sport (C Cut to "But we mannen shall We have bemyu, we have now And we
always shall FF And then the yolking cybutts play as the lghts slowly some back on
Cl Walrus my 15 No "
Humble to get my helmet back on bemyu anyone turns, and t clacked We place thankfully quck me moat seam oblivous to me, talking among each other what they thought Lime mime
y thought rt was Never thought as looking lyka that but available Dane damn they look ugly"
never dd any or that though he revved a drunk,"
Well you moms producers, my on asston Mme on Mon,"
y moms, my once rt shows hack"
t yeast "I thought rt was a load ohcysp y mean ts the guy dead or noter'
When everyone looked at me, y couldn' t help but crack 3 SIMS Course they couldn' t see rt under my helmet mars probably what got them all and out Mme
had run my one erelong
Later on rt became a cult classic, because or some rumor spread that all mo watch the more and talk bad about rt Wm then dye from angry human spurts bound to the essence arms mm or
sometihng Wonder how that got started
my ask my a copy orinal mm during the next meeting
Taken from the Journal on Rollfags, currently promoted to
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Unless this gets on frontpage, I dont have or feel like using time reading this.
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Then don't
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That's what i said.
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Well then....
Well then....
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Did someone say HFY and frontpage in the same sentence?
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Coordinates locked! FIRE!
Coordinates locked! FIRE!
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'Preciate you
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'Preciate you too.
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That poor lightbulb... It never had a chance.
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Too long, who has the tldr?
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tl; dr humans, **** yeah
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TL;DR, it's one of the most boring HFYs ever and you're smart for not wasting your time on it.
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TL;DR You're a stupid cunt with no patience, read it or don't.
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Off to do other things then!
Off to do other things then!
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If people want to know what this is, this particular series of fiction is referred to as the Veil of Madness.
#23 - alcxander
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sorry guys don't know this story, what and who is it about? Thumb for good writing and where can i ind the first one??
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I feel like this was written in a different (worse) way than the first, but still worth the read and the ending made me lol
#16 to #14 - juffs [OP]
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I don't think it was the same guy
User avatar #13 - joeyliquid
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Well I enjoyed it.
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