HAIL HYDRA!. . Venn now chatting may a random stringer. say my Von: my some women You: you shank! realy mono Sidelined: wow you m myname 3 was yo ‘Make sure " m hydration is da best
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Venn now chatting may a random stringer. say my
Von: my some women
You: you shank! realy mono
Sidelined: wow
you m myname 3 was
yo ‘Make sure " my
stranger: my a swimmer y basically we In water
you: my men go gel some and am yr may me
strum: -r: what are on rs were yum yum
Vuu' now chiming with o undo!!! stringer. any In
You: Are you hydrated?
Go get some water
you: we can drank it together f you want
You: Hydrant)" rs key
stronger: do you drink a
yr is
Von: You can add moo tor funnies
Stranger: before cross meets I dunk a my gallon
you That' s not nearby enough
smog. within like 5 hours
Stranger: anon
stranger ls ...
Veu‘ now challang with a ransom - say no
You: Are you hydrated?
You: You may need more water
I trunk so
Stranger: nice
You: " rum enough to think, go get some water
You: IS best
Stranger u remmi me Judas
You: U remind me of a waterless heathen
Yawn now shining with a random Arranger. say my
You: Where Is your water?
You: You should drink
You: Thank you
you're mm walling may a Hyman stunner in my
You" Hymns
armour. my
you: No my go bold water
You" We can dunk yr rememer it you' re unsure
arranger. ream
snug: L my to my to get up
you: you have the sorrow or a rum Warsaw my be are one
Stinger‘ hahaha my
You: my sums
you: dunk
you: Youre a m u
Teru: Nth proper , u "
manger. my I my may a shower
you: Dom fuck my me I cruise mat Coal
You' my s Vanuatu sorunlar. my r..-
show mt
you Na my go who wile!
you We
Strange ah?
my mun ‘mm germ:
Your you have the sorrow romnymon or a sat moon harlot my heme we
you Water a um ' he
you war my Man on my name an mm we
Vows new no . ms... stranger so my
You: WW aren' t you \ W ways“
You: Key
tranger: male vale! only Mood my me
Stranger: goat Mood
You no onus have my owns of mun Sammy: rs the new work
Hungry ammo?
Tltr, alum rugged
Von: not you my dehydration caused the our War!
You: Von don! ‘oak dew/ Grated enaugh to o We Salad One
am you know when M eat frappes Your semen becomes sweeten“
You: Dayan know t you drink water your we becomes beam
lawyer rs ‘wow...
you' re now mining with a random stranger. say my
Yo . my you follow the my amen
You: you need to dunk
Manger: woos be mp pm pence
Your A We hydration may Help that my
you: Why arent you hydrazog?
you: you shown roomy my more water
you: Please go get some
Stranger: In us we as my in were
Von: mate sure everyone rs my hydrated
Stringer: My nut water
my tea
Stringer: water rs he can
You: you are a heathen
Simmer. my make me as l
Stranger: my
you: Tea rs a Immersion Mine sawed you
stunner: my
Stunner: ream’?
Stranger: we is me sacred nun
You: I wound but wars are norm new sucking away water
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