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User avatar #2 - sixpix (10/23/2013) [-]
Not trying to be a smartass but you do put in your date of birth when you sign into your google account.
#39 to #2 - gnegg (10/24/2013) [-]
Whaaaaaat?! I thought Google magically knew when my birthday was....
User avatar #12 to #2 - ianus (10/24/2013) [-]
we noticed that after a while too. but it was hilarious when he said in a silent, anxious voice "Dude...does google know my birthday?". You could littarly hear " **** , NSA is watching me" in this phrase
#69 to #12 - katfishlolz (10/24/2013) [-]
i've never known anyone who can speak in a silent voice, that's quite a talent.
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