Get Help. First of all, NOT OC. I've seen this on here a few times and Iv'e always loved it. Secondly, I don't want thumbs out of this (I know, that's what all  Get Help First of all NOT OC I've seen this on here a few times and Iv'e always loved it Secondly I don't want thumbs out (I know that's what
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Get Help. First of all, NOT OC. I've seen this on here a few times and Iv'e always loved it. Secondly, I don't want thumbs out of this (I know, that's what all

First of all, NOT OC. I've seen this on here a few times and Iv'e always loved it. Secondly, I don't want thumbs out of this (I know, that's what all the thumb whores say) I just wanted to share this because it has helped me a lot through the years. I've known many people who hurt themselves or worse and even I have gotten to that point But i just want anyone out there who is having trouble to know that everything will be alright, and if you need someone to talk to, there are people out there to help. Even people on this website like me.

We can help you
get through this.
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This website is like a suicide hotline but with text chat
instead I would appreciate it f vou devs helped spread the
Guys, seriously Signal boost I needed this the other night. and a
few weeks ago I was talking with someone who needed it This is
the best freaking thing ever
lam so glad I found this I hate calling hotlines this is perfect, everyone
must know
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My 1 sister muck out and stole my
moms car.
She accepted the brutal punishment my mom gave
her, but wouldn' t tell anyone where she went.
Today my sister' s friend' s mom called crying, thanking
my sister for keeping her daughter from suicide.
Sisters who are loyal to their friends GMH
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My best friend attempted suicide and I said
Tomorrow might be the best day of your life but
you will never know if you kill yourself'
She burst out crying, gave me a huge hug and said
she had had enough of this and it was the end,
she wasn' t talking about her life, she was talking
about all the suicide thoughts she had.
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Hey man, take my picture!'
can' t do it It' s too dark Q
Yeah, we need some light Let' s go overthere .
Are you homeless?'
How long have you been homeless?'
15 years. I' been in Boston 8 months. Before that I was in
Washington, Virginia, New York. Philadelphia. Louisiana, Florida...‘
Why didn' t you stay in Florida? its so much warmer ‘
wanted to see my family. But they don' t want to see me They don' t
understand depression They treat me like dirt. Homeless people treat
me better than my family.‘
And what happened 15 years ago? How did you end up on the streets?'
I tried to burn myself twice. I had 30 surgeries. was dead two times, but
God brought me back I don' t know whaf
And why did you do it?"
was depressed Why you crying?"
Because you are a beautiful person, and my family is really messed up,
and I' been very depressed. I think I can understand you,'
Yes, I am a good person. And when you take people' s pictures. don' t
disrespect them V
No, man, ' t. I like people That' s why I take their picturess
And when you make your portfolio, don' t denigrate people Let the
pictures speak for themselves."
will Are you safe on the streets?"
Yes, I am... And now have 58 to buy me some food ”
That' s all I have Next time I see you. Iwill give you more.’
No, man It ain' t all about money Give me a hug, And next time you see
me, give me a hug again. And thanks for taking my picture ”
I suffer with depression and about a month ago I
began to plan my suicide.
On the day I was going to kill myself, I was walking out
of my class in tears, and my teacher turned and said
We' re all on your side. Hang in there."
His small comment saved my life that night.
The little things really DO matter. His kindness GMH
eenope. com
Fuck this post
Fuck this post so much
You want a 'Why not?’
How about the way your best friends older sister will throw up by the side
of the road because she' s crying so hard
How about the way your best friend will sob tor weeks in her showers in
her bedroom in the bathroom at school
How about the way your mother will cry every time she looks at herself in
the mirror and pictures herself bringing you home
How about the way your father' s eyes will NEVER stop mirroring the
image of your hanging body
How about the way your boyfriend will sit in his room in silence unable to
eat or sleep or even to fucking shower because why would he want to
continue without you
How about the way the girl who called you a brother will start crying new
time she sees your parents
How about the way your lamely will sit in your house alter the funeral
looking blankly at one another because god knows they cant find a
fucking thing to say that doesn' t Just ilost through the air where you
should be walking
How about the way your sister will wake up every morning and see your
door and convince herself that you could still be there just sleeping in
your bed
How about the way your " girlfriend will come over and will your clothes
from the drawers and my while she holds them desperately to her lace to
breathe in what' s bit of you
Don' t you dare tell me it won' t change things
There may be stars in the sky and wind in the an and sun in the clouds
But without you we do not want them
Don' t you dare be selfish enough to believe you aren' t important to us
So fuck this post
and fuck this romanticism of suicide
and fuck you for laying my sister to cry in her room when she thinks
nobody can hear
I you are looking for
at ME not to kill yourself
Go get help. Mt! going to be okay.
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