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Galactus Comp

Galactus Facts
Galactus is the only survivor of the universe
that existed before the Big Bang. He was
actually born billions of years ago on the planet
Galactus has demonstrated the potential for a
solar scale of super strength, also he can fly at
speeds that greatly surpass the speed of light
Galactus had devoured countless worlds, among them:
Ayoneopia (First planet devoured; home of the )
Poppop (Home of the , Impossible Man' s species)
Tarnac IV ( of the Skrull Empire)
Sarkar (Home of the Salarians, of Skaal)
Galactus threatened to devour the planet
but was persuaded by native
Norrin Radd to spare it in exchange for
becoming a new herald. Galactus transformed
Radd into the Silver Surfer
The Silver Surfer brought Galactus to Earth,
despite the efforts of Batu The Watcher to hide
the planet
Although Galactus is usually represented in
humanoid form, each sentient being perceives
him having a form resembling that of his own
race; humans see him as humanoid and Skrulls
as Skrillmau
Galactus keeps in his possession a weapon
called the Ultimate Nullifier. This weapon has
the ability to destroy any target the wielder can
mentally envision. In the hands of Galactus,
due to his cosmic awareness, the Ultimate
Nullifier is capable of destroying entire
universes and even entire timelines from
beginning to end
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