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User avatar #42 - kennyh
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(02/10/2014) [-]
If I hired a lawyer to sue charities I'd keep my identity a secret too.
User avatar #125 to #42 - toosexyforyou
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(02/11/2014) [-]
Why am I not surprised that the highest rated comment on this post is someone ignorant of the whole Oatmeal lawsuit putting admin down for suing them? For anyone who cares to know and TLDR: admin was right in suing theoatmeal, the guy who ran theoatmeal was way out of line.
User avatar #268 to #125 - buttinspecter
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(02/11/2014) [-]
He can sue Oatmeal all he wants, but you don't touch charities.
#136 to #125 - endospore
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(02/11/2014) [-]
You're incredibly wrong. The Oatmeal asked FJ to stop posting his stuff because it was, you know, his stuff, and Admin was making money off of his content through advertising. Admin was either in his asshole mood or there was a HUGE communication problem and so he waaaaay overreacted by sending a mass message to the entirety of FJ saying that The Oatmeal was going to sue and shut down FJ, which caused thousands of users to swarm The Oatmeal. Thanks to FJ recently hiring a tryhard lawyer trying to make a name for himself, the lawyer took it upon himself to actually sue The Oatmeal for libel via alleging copyright infringement, asking for some amount of money in damages. The Oatmeal had a fundraiser to raise that amount of money and then donate it to charity to spite the asshole lawyer. The lawyer then proceeded with the lawsuit (without Admin's consent, i believe. Let's be honest, the kind of lawyer that would represent FJ isn't probably that good of a lawyer.) so he was in effect, suing to take money away from those charities and give it to himself and FJ.

User avatar #143 to #136 - toosexyforyou
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(02/11/2014) [-]
Yeah what that article doesn't tell you (but you would know if you were here at the time) was the Funnyjunk did nothing but help TheOatmeal before the lawsuit. It was basically free advertising and any post that didn't give credit to TheOatmeal was spammed with comments linking TheOatmeal and also people calling OP a crook for stealing content without giving credit. TheOatmeal had finally gained a decent fan base from 4chan, funnyjunk, etc. so they thought they could gain an even bigger fan base if their content was only available on their website. The whole thing ended up backfiring on them, the Funnyjunk lawsuit was dropped but they lost so much traffic after the lawsuit died down that it wasn't worth it, who even goes to theoatmeal anymore or even thinks about that site unless they see it elsewhere on the internet?