Fast Food Tips pt 2. part one: /Fast+Food+Tips+pt+1/funny-pictures/4997666/ hope you like it!. Hoskins' Fast Food Tips'. You all seemed to like my last comp, so fast Food
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Fast Food Tips pt 2

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Fast Food
You all seemed to like my last comp, so here' s parta'.
And let me clear something up, I' m not doing this just to
bitch about customers (it is nice, though). The goal of this
is to tell potential customers (you guys) how to get
through ordering at , Burger King, Amy' s,
etc. without angering the start (because most ofyou on
here seem to be nice people). Why do I give a shit about
this, you ask? Well, quite simply m, the more you piss
on an employee, the longer they wait to give you your
food or they might (for the record. I don' t do this, and it
rarely happens at my restaurant) give you old food or
worse. Alright, enjoy!
6. Kids' Meals
Okay, so two main points on these. Firstly, they usually have a couple
components that you should know about and be ready to order.
1. Entree (Cheeseburger, nuggers, etc)
2. Type of side (Fries, apples, etc)
3. Drink (Soft drink, milk, juice)
4. Sauce (Especially ifyou ordered nuggets for the entree)
5. Gender (Not all restaurant have toys, but many do)
The second point is that letting your five yearsold son order his o\
food without any assistance is gonna take forever. "What can I get you
bud?" "I wanna hamburger."
This is one of those things that I don' t think people mean to do,
but I' ll include it anyway. Ifyou order something from me (face
to face), and I go to get it behind the counter (a coffee or ice
cream or something similar, try to refrain from giving us this
evil, death glare while we do it. I promise ifi look
back at you randomly when I' m getting your stuff, it' s not to see
ifi can get away with spitting in it, so no need to watch us like a
friggin hawk. Usually the looking back is when I' m getting the
food/ drink and I' m making sure I don' t have any customers to
greet or orders to take.
Another form of the stare is when you' re the passenger in a car
that' s in at the window. This is the most thing in the world. I take your money and
count it, get the driver' s change and so on, and I look back at the car and there' s the passenger, ducking his
head so he can get a nice look at me. . No idea why. Just undressing me with his eyes. NOT
8. Impatience: When is it justified?
when food takes a long time in general
I already touched on this one)
when no one greets you at the speaker
when you randomly get no response
from the over the speaker
when someone doesn' t open the window
when you pull up
9. Napkins
Okay, this is probably the only one that I' m gonna be
aggressive with.
I don' t know what you guys' obsession with napkins is
about, but this has got to friggin stop. First of all, the
procedure at my particular restaurant is 1 napkin per
item. We don' t count, we lust guess. Ifyou demand a
shit ton of napkins, you better either have a lot of
children, or a lot of food.
Secondly, (this is the more one) I have
absolutely no idea why you people like to leave napkins
on tables after you leave. No one is going to use the
napkins. We' re not going to put them back into the
dispenser, and they sure as hell aren' t going to run off
and live a young and happy life. Why does everyone
insist on leaving them on the tables?
when you ordered a shit ton of food and
it takes awhile (already hit this one in pt
when the asks for one
moment before taking your order (many
times this means that the is
also taking money at the window and is
already dealing with a customer)
when the asks for a
moment while you' re ordering or
requests that you slow down (as before
stated, it' s hard to order too fast, but it' s
possible. especially if the is
also taking money)
when the is also ringing
things up on a register and looks away
from you for a couple seconds
10. A List of Little Things That
Annoy Employees
Asking if anyone' s going to open another register (takes about five minutes) just so you don' t have to wait
in line
Staring hard and thoughtfully at an employee' s nametag so you can add the employee' s name at the end of
every sentence. "Thanks, Hoskins. Can I have some barbecue sauce, Hoskins? Hey, Hoskins, can I have a
new cup, I dropped mine."
Threatning to never come to our restaurant again. You' re probably lying.
Making up your names for items, or randomly abbreviating words. "Large choc shake, no whip"
McDonald' s one gets me every time) Adding "Me" to the start of every order. "I' ll have a
Staring at the employee like he/ she is the scum of the Earth or using a super annoyed tone ifvfice ifhe ask
you to repeat something.
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