Fap to the Future. Source: 4chan. I Anonymous tayo/ NFO)'??,",'" Regine: The Delius Rift is wing change the werld. It is the first affordable fully immersive vi
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Fap to the Future

I Anonymous tayo/ NFO)'??,",'" Regine:
The Delius Rift is wing change the werld.
It is the first affordable fully immersive virtual reality helmet. It will usher in an era & walking inte a mm where a dude is naked jerking eff with a rift en his head
and cant see er hear {lieu he does step and {lieu have either much him get his attention er just leave and never speak him again.
Then when the masturbating guy takes eff the helmet and realizes net anly that sameone stale most & his stuff, but that he was jerking eff while they did it.
The future is a wonderful place.
mu said it emu
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Submitted: 10/04/2013
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#6 - darkjustifier (10/05/2013) [-]
Jokes on them I was using their face in the occulus
#1 - schreit (10/05/2013) [-]
User avatar #10 to #1 - arsenalthegunners (10/05/2013) [-]
please be kind and tell the name of the anime to an interested man.
#11 to #10 - alexandervascus (10/05/2013) [-]
Sword Art Online.
Sword Art Online.
#12 to #11 - arsenalthegunners (10/05/2013) [-]
thx man
thx man
User avatar #37 to #12 - asimplepotato (10/05/2013) [-]
Season one, is one of the best anime i have seen....season two killed it, i mean litterally brought it from one of my most recomanded ..meh. Just a warning.
User avatar #47 to #37 - rossoneri (10/06/2013) [-]
There is only one season, however there are two separate arcs, I assume you are referring to when it moves from SAO to ALO.
User avatar #48 to #47 - asimplepotato (10/06/2013) [-]
Well, in theory ye. But they are so seperate, that you almost split them, such as season 1 and 2.
User avatar #24 to #1 - lesrin (10/05/2013) [-]
every single one of these posts has a SOA picutre in the top 5, and all i can say is dont ******* stop god dam i love that show and these comments, good job and thank you
User avatar #4 to #1 - fargtwo (10/05/2013) [-]
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a VR system that effectively disables your entire nervous system and can be remotely re-purposed to cook your brain like popcorn will never make it past health and safety testing.
#7 - biggrand (10/05/2013) [-]
**biggrand rolled a random image posted in comment #238 at Good Guy Mr. Rogers **

brace yourselves, this is what will jump out at you in the first virus
#3 - fuckyouto ONLINE (10/05/2013) [-]
This is a really big fear I have...
User avatar #8 to #3 - xdeathspawnx (10/05/2013) [-]
leave one earphone off of your ear, then you can hear if anyone is sneaking up on you. Its what I do when jacking off so that I can tell if someone is about to walk into my room without knocking.
#36 - Kairyuka ONLINE (10/05/2013) [-]
So locks don't exist in the future?
#41 to #36 - angelusprimus (10/05/2013) [-]
If its not a future where people are forced to watch me mastrubate, then its not a future I want.
User avatar #23 - ugottanked (10/05/2013) [-]
can someone actually explain to me what the occulus rift is?
#25 to #23 - verycoolcat (10/05/2013) [-]
A 3D immersive headset, using motion sensors and gyro sensors, it detects the movement of your head and inputs it into games or simulations so it makes it feel very real.

When equipped with a good pair of headphones... the immersion is so real that people have balance troubles when standing using a roller coaster simulator which you can see people using it on youtube.

Though now many games are player modded to use the occulus rift 3D virtual reality headset... even minecraft.

User avatar #28 to #25 - ugottanked (10/05/2013) [-]
also thumb for you
User avatar #27 to #25 - ugottanked (10/05/2013) [-]
.....holy **** why have i not heard of this before?!

and think, if we have this kind of technology today, imagine in 10 years where it will be.
#29 to #27 - verycoolcat (10/05/2013) [-]
Because its still $1,000 to buy the most recent version.
User avatar #30 to #29 - ugottanked (10/05/2013) [-]
ah...that is damn expensive
#31 to #30 - verycoolcat (10/05/2013) [-]
Oh wait... I haven't looked it up since early development. Its only $300.
User avatar #32 to #31 - ugottanked (10/05/2013) [-]

i now want one...thank you for telling me about this. this has me very excited
User avatar #33 to #32 - Akinator (10/05/2013) [-]
Bonus: for the commercial release (sometime next year) it is going to be AT THE VERY LEAST 1080p (Probably more) and they're aiming at a $300 price tag (Which they think they can reduce)
User avatar #34 to #33 - ugottanked (10/05/2013) [-]
#42 to #34 - angelusprimus (10/05/2013) [-]
I also gave $200 to this guys
and not considering omni threadmill

If i manage to convince my gf its "for getting cardio while I'm gaming, you complain I don't move enough!"
If I just bought it without her agreeing I'd be sleeping on the couch till next leap year.
#43 to #42 - angelusprimus (10/05/2013) [-]
now* instead of not
#51 - quietquack (10/26/2013) [-]
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#50 - slothmaster (10/07/2013) [-]
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#40 - alimais (10/05/2013) [-]
Or he gets a handjob from his waifu
Or he gets a handjob from his waifu
#39 - alimais has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #38 - thetom (10/05/2013) [-]
Im just gonna slap that thing on and Occulus Lift all day.
#26 - ApocalypseKing (10/05/2013) [-]
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#13 - chancevance (10/05/2013) [-]
Guess what?

Custom Maid 3-d is Oculus supported, one of the (two?) porn games that are.

And t's THE ****
User avatar #14 to #13 - Nihatclodra (10/05/2013) [-]
Cool, I'm not the only one who knows about Custom Maid 3D... game's more expensive than the Oculus Rift itself though... still worth it.
#15 to #14 - chancevance (10/05/2013) [-]
There's always the torrent option for a last resort.
User avatar #16 to #15 - Nihatclodra (10/05/2013) [-]
but then no Ju-C Air Controller.
#22 to #16 - analbreach ONLINE (10/05/2013) [-]
I'm trying to find a place to purchase it online. Can't locate it. Can you give me a link?
User avatar #44 to #35 - analbreach ONLINE (10/05/2013) [-]
I don't see anything.
User avatar #45 to #44 - Nihatclodra (10/05/2013) [-]
wtf? the link was removed or something? dafuq?

www(dot) You need to login to view this link
#46 to #45 - analbreach ONLINE (10/05/2013) [-]
Thanks. When I get a ******* job, this'll be priority number 1.
#17 to #16 - chancevance (10/05/2013) [-]
Torrenting only if you don't need that, some people like myself are flat broke.
User avatar #18 to #17 - Nihatclodra (10/05/2013) [-]
but the game is only complete with that controller, AND the Oculus rift...
#19 to #18 - chancevance (10/05/2013) [-]
Yes true but I'd rather get the game itself if I can't afford the game and all the accessories.

When I mean flat broke I mean flat broke and all my money goes towards debts, can't spend even like that.
User avatar #20 to #19 - Nihatclodra (10/05/2013) [-]
Well hopefully your money situation gets better, or you can start saving up for stuff you want.
#21 to #20 - chancevance (10/05/2013) [-]
After saving for college I plan By then Oculus and Ju-C will work with a great deal more games.
#9 - helloworldasg (10/05/2013) [-]
Couldn't wear it, watched too much sword art online. I feel like it wouldn't let me go
User avatar #2 - matamune (10/05/2013) [-]
10 bucks say I'll be that guy... Wait, let's say 50 bucks.
#5 to #2 - bigmeanbuderhubber (10/05/2013) [-]
25 bucks
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