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#77 - mauerman ONLINE (04/26/2014) [-]
And I'm just sitting here getting paid by the government to go to school.
User avatar #222 to #77 - failtolawl ONLINE (04/26/2014) [-]
You know you have a ****** upper tiered education system when the government has to pay you to stay.
User avatar #234 to #222 - mauerman ONLINE (04/26/2014) [-]
No, it's just a bonus to the gift of education. Absolutely no one in the entire country believes the government does this as an incentive just to get people in schools. Most Danes get educated because they want good jobs and want to make changes, not because they only care about the money. Some do, obviously, but they are hated by the general populace, so it doesn't happen as often as you'd think.
#178 to #77 - John Cena (04/26/2014) [-]
Arent Denmark the only one of the scandinavian countries that has the flag with only one cut leaving to points instead of 3?
#185 to #178 - mauerman ONLINE (04/26/2014) [-]
There we go, much better.
User avatar #179 to #178 - mauerman ONLINE (04/26/2014) [-]
Holy **** , I made that pic a while ago from painting over the Swedish one. I never realized my mistake. Thanks Anon!

words I truly never believed I would speak
#88 to #77 - olofski (04/26/2014) [-]
know the feeling
#106 to #88 - bastardusnorvegi (04/26/2014) [-]
i know that feeling
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