Everything explained. via @CrackedSorcerer Eminem vs Afrojack: www.crackedsorcerer.com/post/1958/Eminem-vs-Afrojack. Cl An Imy" touh ? No. Have astronauts gum h funny 4Chan
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Everything explained

Tags: funny | 4Chan
Cl An Imy" touh ? No.
Have astronauts gum he from Mann 'tarsiers or Ilia: Availing?
Has an : -mm user been We in space?
they e sport/ tht" they meum to earth l
we ' hurreh. I: an attached by new walrus ex swim we the " they skilled doing than 1
russians lull mmd a we same mamas
be bunch e! got attacked by Hume
Such is He in the eerie.
This is why. wakes reel: up a the
mean sewn they humid.
My Get]. It all makes sense new They got e taste of the , neather hunger fer the entire thing,
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