Everything dies. I wonder what's gonna appear below this..... File: -( 148 KB. 900x542, Rhys Varian, jpg) Your favorite character you' played ever. Which charac DnD 4Chan greentext
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Everything dies

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Everything dies. I wonder what's gonna appear below this..... File: -( 148 KB. 900x542, Rhys Varian, jpg) Your favorite character you' played ever. Which charac

I wonder what's gonna appear below this....

File: -( 148 KB. 900x542, Rhys Varian, jpg)
Your favorite character you' played ever. Which character was the funniest, most fun, or just plain badass, one that you miss playing?
Mine would have to be Luna , the heavy metal werewolf paladin.
e Playing [EU 3. 5
Our was the most euphoric atheist Ne ever met. fedora' d and everything.
e I make a paladin. he mocks me for it.
e About level 4. a werewolf bites her and she contracts lycanthropy. Luna belongs to a more radical sect of her church, and they believe that werewolves are
demons in the flesh of men.
Our smiles all smug as she begins to freak out. asks me ifl wanna remake my character.
e Fuckthat.
e Luna goes with it. gets tattoos. begins to / e. gives away all her stuff as an act of penance. but she never stops questing.
e It dawns upon forthat she was chosen bythe gods to fight fire with fire. and send the wicked to Hell with her lycan powers
e The party rallies behind her and they all convert, becoming the most feared bunch hunters in the land.
e Luna is almost unstoppable because of DR and her natural ferocity.. screaming the lyrics to F' overwulf songs as she charges into battle.
e The Mary Sue Jellyvampire DMPQ tries to stop us with a number of corrupt members of Luna' s church. as it was revealed that the church was killing innocents and burning villagers on suspicions of
being vampires.
e He shatters Luna' s holy symbol as a show of strength and tells me "The god you follow is a lie"
e Luna cuts off his fucking head afterthe rounds . then holds his head aloft and cries. "SUCH IS THE PRICE DP HERESAY"
The campaign ended shortly afterwards, once Luna converted an army of werewolves to her worship of the gods. We steamrolled the vampire Overlord of the land, and Luna became the high prophet of the
largest church in the land.
I miss playing her, every day.
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User avatar #3 - iizpurple
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(12/29/2013) [-]
playing DnD with buddies, I'm a human fighter because >tfw no originality
we just killed a band of orcs, need to take proof of death
"I roll to cut off the ords head"
"roll for strength"
I roll
"you miss the orc and castrate yourself, you take 3 points of damage and are bleeding"
healer fixes me up
I'm mad now
"I roll to drag the orc back to town"
"roll for strength"
I dragged the entire orc band back across 300 kilometers of bush, with sliced up testicles, because I was too stupid to read the part about taking fingers or war trophies
#4 - applescryatnight
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(12/29/2013) [-]
first game of dnd. have no clue what im doing.
>hobgoblin bard
>mentally retarded and plays a magical stick. favorite song is "song of hitting things with stick"
>hobgoblins are the apex of goblin hierarchy, which is treated as sortve a religion, with goblins at the bottom
>my character travels to a hobgoblin city, where he is accidentally mistaken as a philosopher, and somehow goes with it.
>suddenly asked about the caste system
>character loves everything. sunshine and sparkles and cute little bunnies. replies with "everyone should be nice to each other, and be equals"
>taken as speaking against hierarchy, banished from hobgoblin society
>accidentally starts rebellion of goblins against hobgoblins
>massive civil war started
>**** is heading south fast
>accidentally crowned high king of goblins, because they are even dumber than me and think im supporting their rebellion
>accidentally lead army of goblins to do my bidding.
>defeat everything

all by accident.
User avatar #1 - monkeybrains
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(12/28/2013) [-]
Mine I'm on Hiatus with in Rogue Trader. Arch-Militant Alexander Degtyarev. Ex-Imperial Guard Valhallan (Russian) tank driver, demolitions expert, and sniper.

>1st session
>show up 4 hours late because of family
>party is on-world surrounded and taking cover behind a wrecked car
>they hear an engine revving
>Rhino APC bursts through a building, powerslides through 2 mercenaries and 16 civilians.
>Skids to a halt in front of the party
>A drunken guy with a thick russian accent and a bottle of vodka bursts from the top hatch of the blood covered Rhino
>3rd mercenary passes out from the massacre
>Party grabs him, loads up, and heads back to the Frigate in orbit
>I removed the mercenary's kindey because someone suggested it and my PC was heavily drunk
#6 to #1 - sptnfouroneseven
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(01/04/2014) [-]
User avatar #5 - Lambda
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(12/29/2013) [-]
I've never played D&D, but you know, reading stuff like this it sounds AWESOME.
#2 - groovierpoet
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(12/29/2013) [-]
man do i love D&D stories
man do i love D&D stories