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User avatar #44 - demandsgayversion (11/17/2013) [-]
I'd rather steam, I dislike origin.
User avatar #45 to #44 - dragx (11/17/2013) [-]
Don't worry, those were old puzzles. I now have a team of artists, my giveaways may not always be puzzles, and definitely won't be similar to the old puzzles in terms of how they look.
User avatar #46 to #45 - demandsgayversion (11/17/2013) [-]
Who are you?
#48 to #46 - dragx (11/17/2013) [-]
I am not sure how to answer that question.
I am a Steam Workshop Modeller
I am an Admin on Steam Trade Servers
I also frequently hold giveaways.
User avatar #49 to #48 - demandsgayversion (11/17/2013) [-]
So through making workshop items you accidentally a Valve employee?
User avatar #51 to #49 - dragx (11/17/2013) [-]
Well not really
They don't pay me, much
and I don't do what they tell me
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