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User avatar #5 - demigodofmadness (06/28/2014) [-]
Trees no longer need saving, the US is actually planting more trees than it consumes right now. We should continue at the same rate, but these people can bitch about something else right now. I'm not giving any sources, I'm too lazy to find where I read that, if you're curious you can google or call BS idc
#9 to #5 - anon (06/28/2014) [-]
It is a bit oversimpliefied. Most people, that is my guess, want to save rarer woods (teak, etc.) that are still being cut down relentlessly around the world
User avatar #12 to #9 - demigodofmadness (06/28/2014) [-]
Why? Who gives a **** if a tree goes extinct?
#22 to #12 - anon (06/28/2014) [-]
Me. What you gonna do internet faggot? Just because you don't mind living on a ****** planet doesn't mean that people less braindead than you don't. You don't deserve a real answer because you are actually ranked lower than your own **** from last week. Your original post shows that you are less capable of grasping an understanding about the world than a 5 year old. Go eat a rotting dick.

BTW I'm in no way a nature freak but that kind of attitude grinds my gears to the max. Faggot.
User avatar #31 to #22 - demigodofmadness (06/28/2014) [-]
It's a ******* tree dude, losing a type of tree doesn't even matter, it's not going to destroy the planet or ruin the environment.
User avatar #17 to #12 - toosexyforyou (06/28/2014) [-]
Ninjaroo gave you a pretty **** answer so i'm gonna be real with you, it's no one. Everybody who gives a **** about that tree will be able to plant enough of it wherever they want, it won't go extinct.
User avatar #19 to #17 - ninjaroo (06/28/2014) [-]
Ouch, man. Ouch.
User avatar #13 to #12 - ninjaroo (06/28/2014) [-]
People who like that tree? People who value biodiversity?
User avatar #6 to #5 - JNS (06/28/2014) [-]
I'm calling "idc"
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