D&D Story. My favourite D&D story. OC. Playing as with same 1“: in ear green plays like an my character {Lawful him a mien hatee ' ? and tells him in drink  dungeons and dra Paladin
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D&D Story

D&D Story. My favourite D&D story. OC. Playing as with same 1“: in ear green plays like an my character {Lawful him a mien hatee ' ? and tells him in drink

My favourite D&D story. OC

Playing as with same
1“: in ear green plays like an
my character {Lawful him a mien hatee ' ?
and tells him in drink we detente a tight
Next tight aims eftir. ~ be same weird fey. fears half he party in
gm he birst mind.
lhm' guys, I got this ***** "
is a were mien
I asks he BM since he shares an This link with his {unease}
If l mgmt, ' be under he pollen?
it . hesitates mime answering yes
J: -Liesse begins in mgmt evil my mum
an in hit
begins prematurely in his am
mm when watering a muse modernize a giant evil fairy while a dwarf mils amend en he gound eun' I' ring... all because mun
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User avatar #99 - Sabre (01/22/2014) [-]
stickied by Sabre
Initially, I was certain this would fail due to the "screen-capping your own comment isn't content" and "you're a thumbwhore" responses.

More than 450 thumbs and the front page later, I must admit I'm pleasantly surprised. Thanks FJ, this is my first post with more than about 30 thumbs.
#119 - Sabre (01/23/2014) [-]
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I'm making a point of trying to thumb up all D&D story comments. If yours does decently well, screencap it and post it. Or screencap it and post in in spite of how it does. I don't care, but mostly this is my way of throwing up two fingers to anyone who thinks this isn't proper content.
I'm making a point of trying to thumb up all D&D story comments. If yours does decently well, screencap it and post it. Or screencap it and post in in spite of how it does. I don't care, but mostly this is my way of throwing up two fingers to anyone who thinks this isn't proper content.
#1 - niggersrus ONLINE (01/22/2014) [+] (15 replies)
You just posted your own comment to get more thumbs.
User avatar #21 - protomanrulezz (01/22/2014) [+] (6 replies)
My first ever campaign, about session 7
>Make it to first large city
>Finish off a few quests we had to do, deliver a few packages, etc etc
>Stay at a hotel
>Few more things happen, go to see mayor, average campaign things
>I ask my DM if I can go kill a few thieves in the city
>he says I cant just find thieves like that
>"Okay, I walk outside the church, and yell 'what am I gonna do with all this gold in my pocket'"
>dm thinks for a second, says okay, roll a check
>I feel someone pick pocketing me
>I roll to attack, roll 20
>Swing my mighty longsword around
>Hit a child in the face, kill him instantly
>party surrounded by paladins
>whole party slaughtered by paladins
pretty great first campaign
User avatar #2 - rikter (01/22/2014) [-]
You see there mate. People liked your comment, and it is indeed a fine story. But a picture of your comment does not a content make.
#68 - ryzeabove (01/22/2014) [-]
My best story of Pathfinder
>playing a wizard, new to campaign
>started at level 2, entire party of level 6's and 7's
>spent most of the time horrified for my life
>in jungle of ******* t-rexes and cr-12 jellyfish monsters
>we end up riding some wyverns to our next location
>they fly up above a lake and begin a descent onto said lake, wings tucked in and free falling as fast as possible
>im on the second wyvern(all in a line), with the one carrying the donkey(cavaliers mount) in front
>i think for a little bit, ask about distances between the wyverns and whatnot
>feather fall the front wyvern and leap off of mine to fall away and watch the glorious experience about to befall my friends
>room goes silent for like 5 minutes (for those unsure, feather fall makes any target falling slow to a drastically slower fall speed, low enough that it wouldn't hurt to land anywhere)
>the wyvern in front instantly goes from like mach 2 fall speeds to barely moving, causing a 'pile-up' with wyverns
>the party proceeds to fall around 400 or 500 feet to the lake below, 1d6 damage per 10 feet
>nobody stood a chance, no one survives.
>mfw i tpk'd a group of 5-6 people all level 6-7 with a first level, non damaging spell
#51 - lordgeneral (01/22/2014) [-]
>be GMing a pathfinder homebrew
>flying ship n ****
>druid got drunk the night before and passed out in the bathtub
>gunslinger, rogue, and paladin up top, doin' their **** with the half-orc barbarian captain
>dragon-riding goblin troup out of the cloudbank.
>dragon attacks ship.
>drunk druid wakes up, but is hungover
>gunslinger starts attacking the dragon. can't shoot for **** with all the rocking
>rogue and paladin pretty ******* useless because none of the know how to use a cannon
>gunslinger too far away from the cannon
>druid pops up and starts attacking the dragon with his eagle familiar and a recently called in murder of crows
>gives one of the crows a bomb that they drop in the dragon's maw
>mfw the support is the only useful one in the party
#86 - darushiro (01/22/2014) [+] (5 replies)
First time playing D&D
>Flipping through books and manuals
> Figure out I can make a dwarf with a "strong butt"
>DM gets confused as to why I name my Dwarf "Mr. Strongbottom"
>wandering around town, figuring out where we want to go
>Friend runs off as a rogue and ends up finding some bad guys
>We follow them into sewers
> **************
>both of my friends end up dying, I'm the only one left
>Climb up ladder, and ask the DM if I can jump off and butt slam
>Dm laughs at me and says "you can try"
>end up rolling a 20
>Buttslam the 4 thieves and instakill
>Entire table looks at me in awe.
#19 - infiniteinsanity (01/22/2014) [+] (7 replies)
ok guys lemme tell you the story of ha-bi-ki and the bubba whore
>playing pathfinder with friends from pesterchum
>me and other player, hi-bi-ki, decide we are going to be little ***** and fill the campaign with shenanigans
>nothing major just some inside and dirty jokes at first
>we get to a new town and save it from goblins no biggy
>until we are told of the town brothel...
>DM is obviously against us going and wants us to get **** done
> we dont care we go anyway
>biggest mistake we have made so far
>now my character and hi-bi-ki are best friends. my character is Seredoc Trill a halfling rogue. Hi-bi-ki is a kitsune bard. A male kitsune bard.
>we go and order whores Seredoc, because i stopped ******* to the dm about the brothel, got 3 nice halfling whores.
>hi-bi-ki, whos player wouldn't stop talking, got male elf twins... and bubba
>bubba is a half orc
>twin elves hold hi-bi-ki while bubba has his way saying "everyones nervous at first, then they all come back for me"
>we leave and hi-bi-ki gets pissed at seredoc for not being there to stop it
>DM has player roll con for how long Hi-bi-ki walks with a limp
and that is one of the funniest things i have seen in pathfinder.
#70 - logiblack (01/22/2014) [+] (2 replies)
The one and only best story.
User avatar #17 - gozoglontz (01/22/2014) [+] (17 replies)
im sad there isnt a nice online version of d&d :'(
User avatar #22 to #17 - protomanrulezz (01/22/2014) [-]
just add friends
User avatar #18 - willindor (01/22/2014) [+] (3 replies)
And I thought that FATAL was messed up.
User avatar #39 to #18 - revanmal (01/22/2014) [-]
This **** is small potatoes compared to FATAL shenanigans.
#81 - DJKitty (01/22/2014) [-]
I have one of these.
>Be playing DnD, small party
>only me the DM and a friend
>friend plays scottish paladin with tourrettes i play female rogue
>DM puts us up against mind controlling shard possessing a little girl
>attempt to reason with the little girl by rolling for charisma
>great success.jpg
>shard tries to convince girl tonot expel him, attempts to bring bodies we killed to convince were evil
>before he does friend interjects "Can I tackle the bodies out the window?"
>DM lol wut sure
>natural ******* twenty
>mfw my retarded scottish paladin tackled bodies out the window of a twenty story tower and lands perfectly safely on the bushes and bodies
#77 - sirofminorclass (01/22/2014) [+] (4 replies)
It's stories like this that make we want to start playing D&D, but I have NO clue where to start.
#71 - beamersmack **User deleted account** (01/22/2014) [-]
>First Campaign, 3.5, at level 3.
> My Character is a Lupin Rogue (Wolfman)
>Finish some quests in starting town, nice place
> Mayor invites us to dinner, we accept of course.
>At dinner, ask the contents of the meal.
> "Ham, bread, cheeses, some fruits and vegetables
>fairly decent food, compared to town."
> Tell dm I'm making a sandwich with some of the food.
>Mayors face when sandwiches haven't been invented.
> MFW I invent the sandwich and name them Cranthises (my characters name).
>Every campaign from there on, sandwiches are Cranthises
> MFW picture not relevant in the slightest.
User avatar #33 - playercz (01/22/2014) [+] (4 replies)
is that D&D game based purely on imagination ? i still dont exactly udnerstand how it works..
#53 to #33 - amuzen (01/22/2014) [-]
I dunno if you ever played in the woods with your friends and would like sword fight and run around and stab imaginary enemies and go on imaginary adventures when you were a kid but D&D is essentially that except more consistent and fun for everyone because there's not just a 'it is because I say it is!' feel.

It's a system designed to link peoples imaginary fairy tails into a common set of rules in a common universe.

It's played by having 1 Dm and 3-5 players
the DM is essentially the only person with 'it is because I say it is powers' and the quality of the game is greatly determined by his ability to remain consistent and not abuse these powers, he designs the world, the plot and all the NPCS in the game
the players then design the main characters of the story and they act them out in the different scenarios, in a way this creates the truest form of interactive story telling.

it's an open world RPG where the operating system is your collective brains and the controller is your ability to describe your actions.
User avatar #112 - Daemmerung (01/23/2014) [-]
I've got a few stories, but this one is one of my favorites.
>First time playing Pathfinder.
>5 person party: A Suli-Jann Cavalier named Isaac, an Elf Ranger named Zordlon, a Gnome Rogue (Ralnier), a Human Druid (I... forget the name), and a recently deceased Ratfolk Magus (I'll just call him Whiskers)
>Returning to kingdom after mostly successful raid of an Ogre Fortress (went pretty well, except for Whiskers being instantly eviscerated in combat, but that's another story)
>Upon returning, DM gets to work setting up and introducing Whiskers's new character, while Ralnier and the Druid go and hit the shops and tavern.
>Zordlon and Isaac now find themselves bored, with nothing to do. That is, until Isaac pulls out some bottles of whiskey he had grabbed in the fortress.
>They begin talking, and after a few drinks, decide to set up some of the bottles on a nearby fence.
>Isaac and Zordlon begin taking turns shooting at the bottles, trading weapons (Isaac's heavy crossbow and Zordlon's pistol) and drinking as they went. DM is still ignoring them.
>Isaac suddenly has a brilliant idea.
>"Hey, let's let my horse have a turn"
>While everybody else is doing their own thing, Zordlon and Isaac wedge the pistol into the mount's mouth
>"Hey, DM, can you roll an attack for my horse?"
>"Huh? Wha--oh, uh. Sure."
>DM casually tosses the d20
>Crit is then confirmed
>The horse makes a perfect shot. Destroys not one, but two bottles.
>DM still unaware of what we are doing.
>Isaac and Zordlon are dumbfounded, and want to see it again.
>Drunk Isaac orders his horse to shoot again.
>"Hey, can you roll for my horse again?"
>Critical Failure
>Horse no longer has a skull
And that's the story of how our Cavalier lost his first mount.
User avatar #14 - angreif (01/22/2014) [+] (1 reply)
there should definitely be a d&d channel.
#110 - applescryatnight (01/23/2014) [+] (9 replies)
guys i wanna be a dm for the first time.
im not very experienced, and my friend who played dnd multiple times might have to help me pretty often.
any tips or things i should know?
i have a badass plot im thinking of, one that would start off with the abduction of the main characters who escape a pocket dimension together.

they then go back to stop their abductors, but go to the wrong dimension and are confronted by a mad god who mentally separates them into their own realities, so each of the characters is basically in a coma and thinks they are still awake, while the god ***** with the insecurities and moralities of the characters (not the players, i know that would be a little ****** up) and stuff like that.

so if one player is a paladin, he might be trapped in a world where he continuously has to commit evil acts and is constantly rewarded for doing bad while punished for doing good. the characters only wake up from the coma when they are completely mentally defeated or if they break the hold of the god.

after that i have yet to think up ideas.

im new to this, but i still have months to learn all the rules of dnd and make a story. we are currently playing our first game, and only had a few sessions.
#115 to #113 - haidbz (01/23/2014) [-]
Hah! Never do what you expect them to is more like it!
#101 - haidbz (01/22/2014) [-]
So in my groups first campaign we learned to things: Stuff escalates and anything can be solved with fire.
>Necromancers library?
>Burn it.
>Inconsistent/illogical village?
>Burn it.
>Need a distraction in a sizeable town?
>Burn it.
>Malicious orb thingy in a mountain?
>Poke it.
>Mountain erupts into a volcano.
And all this is with hero tier characters. I wonder what will burn next.
#74 - holyfool (01/22/2014) [-]
Didn't get enough thumbs as a comment huh?
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