Count Dooku. . COUNT DOOKU FACTS Count dooku also known as Darth Tyrants was a male human from Serrano Dooku was Inns master and later Ventress and General Grie star wars Ace
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Count Dooku

Count dooku also known as Darth Tyrants
was a male human from Serrano
Dooku was Inns master and later Ventress
and General Grievous
After leaving the Jedi Order he eventually became the leader of
the separatist movement and convinced palpatine to go to war
Darth Maul was sidious' s first apprentice but after his apparent death
He took on Count Dooku as an apprentice.
He was decapitated by Anakin Skywalker on the invisible hand.
Palpatine had promised to Intervene, and save his life tn case
of defeat, but betrayed Doom and ordered Anakin to kill him
He was one of the most renowned swordsmen tn the galaxy, on par
with masters Yoda and Mace Windu
After a disastrous battle on , Dooku' s faith tn the Order
and Galactic republic was shaken. He later fell under the influence
of Darth Seious and left the Jedi Order
The Count admitted to having thoughts about hunting down
Darth Maul to exact revenge for killing Qur-( Eon Inn, his line
of thought quickly changed and blamed the Jedi Counsel as
being at least as responsible for his death as the sith who killed him
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User avatar #1 - psychadelicace (03/11/2014) [+] (38 replies)
stickied by psychadelicace
Next up is Chewbacca and Yoda
User avatar #8 - captainfuckitall (03/11/2014) [-]
Some more Dooku facts:

The "Count" in his name is not just for show, he is actually of royal lineage and rightful Count of some massive...thing, I forget actually. Some business/empire I think.

The only people he really had affection and compassion toward as a Sith Lord was Qui-Gon Jinn (in memory) and Obi-Wan Kenobi (whom he considered a 'grandson' of sorts), and desperately wanted Obi-Wan to join the separatists in order to avoid killing him.

And finally, Dooku was not actually "evil" in the traditional sense of the word. He was ruthless and despotic in many cases, but he truly believed that what he was doing was for the greater good of the galaxy because he thought the Galactic Republic, while 'nice', was not efficient enough to stop the suffering he saw nearly everywhere.

One thing I never understood is that he hated traitors, despised them with an absolute passion and considered it the worst form of villainy, yet when Palpatine betrayed him, he didn't try telling Anakin about the plans the Emperor had, he just kind of looked...rather upset and accepted his fate.
#105 to #8 - fuckyosixtyminutes (03/12/2014) [-]
I'm not so sure about the "evil" one. The Clone Wars 3D series made him seem pretty evil to me. He was probably my favorite character in that series for that reason.
User avatar #115 to #105 - captainfuckitall (03/12/2014) [-]
It depends what you consider to be the source of evil, action or intention.
#116 to #115 - fuckyosixtyminutes (03/12/2014) [-]
Not really in this case, IMO. He seemed pretty power-hungry for the sake of power to me.
#122 to #8 - thevoodoofrog (03/12/2014) [-]
I've got an explanation for that last fact. Its bad writing, is what it is.
User avatar #91 to #8 - akkere ONLINE (03/12/2014) [-]
Because it would've been useless, and he knew it. Anakin wouldn't believe a word that would slip out of Dooku's mouth, and why should he? In Anakin's mind, he was (and some of this was truth) a master of manipulation who would change the orbits of planets if it would benefit the separatist movement. It would seem logical he would attempt to fit in an additional lie to save his own hide, or at least turn Anakin to benefit the Seperatists even further.

When you realize the figurehead of what you thought was of a secret greater good was simply as purely evil as everyone made it out to be, the same figurehead that murdered your apprentice and got away with it , and was going to keep getting away with everything he's done, you can't help but feel nothing but anguish, and acceptance at the fact that what's done is done.
User avatar #45 to #8 - Tenkan (03/12/2014) [-]
The Count literally got his two hands cut off right in front of him, and had lightsabers to his throat. Hearing his very own master betray him must have been too much for him to bear.
#93 - tkfourtwoone (03/12/2014) [-]
Tisk-tisk-tisk... no mentioning of Dooku's perfectly fitting, most elegant lightsaber-style, Makashi
User avatar #135 to #93 - mutantunicorn (03/12/2014) [-]
whats wrong with his saber in that picture? its bloody skewed.
User avatar #136 to #135 - tkfourtwoone (03/12/2014) [-]
His trademark saber hilt is curved...
User avatar #137 to #136 - mutantunicorn (03/12/2014) [-]
well, i for one still think it looks pretty weird, even if its correct. but yeah i don't know much about SW.
User avatar #198 to #137 - stipulateprism (03/12/2014) [-]
I want to say that a curved hilt was made for a reason, and not just because it looks wicked. Most (Damn near all) lightsaber hilts were straight. You trained with a straight hilt. Defended against a straight hilt. Killed with a straight hilt. When Count Dooku comes in swinging this curved mother ****** at you, you are so used to guarding against a straight hilt, you don't consider the slight curve and resulting sharper angle on the attack. For someone who has fought nothing but a straight hilt their entire life, that one miscalculation can easily change the tide of the battle in a single fight.

Tl;dr?: Bitches never see it coming.
User avatar #199 to #198 - mutantunicorn (03/12/2014) [-]
i dont know anything about lightsaber physics, but i honestly doubt a curved hilt would actually be an advantage.
User avatar #200 to #199 - stipulateprism (03/12/2014) [-]
"Curved hilts needed to be held more in the palm, farther away from the fingertips. The hilt's curvature also gave the wielder more power when delivering overhand strikes and would change the angle of the attacks by the merest fraction of a degree; this was usually just enough to confuse and disorient an unsuspecting opponent, as evident when Valenthyne Farfalla fought and lost to Darth Bane in the Duel on Tython, and again when Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi quickly lost to Count Dooku in their duel on Geonosis."

Source: under History and Use.

I only know this because Darth Bane used a curved-hilt lightsaber, and I love that guy.
User avatar #228 to #200 - admiralen ONLINE (03/12/2014) [-]
i think its more efficient when you stab as well
User avatar #203 to #200 - mutantunicorn (03/12/2014) [-]
i meant the story, where the character dies cause the author wants it rather than someone using real battling skills.
User avatar #209 to #203 - stipulateprism (03/12/2014) [-]
In the case of plot death, no. Your ass is screwed at that point. But basically the entire reason it is more deadly is because it is uncommon. You will hesitate more against a weapon you have never seen before, which is why dual-bladed lightsabers are as efficient as they are. Realistically speaking, they are more restrictive in your motions than a single-bladed lighstsaber, but your opponent is afraid of them if they have never seen one before. Pretty much all psychological.
User avatar #213 to #209 - mutantunicorn (03/12/2014) [-]
and, wouldn't you study all traditional light saber hilts? the double one being unorthadox and only darth maul having it, might be suprising. but the curved wasn't new, and one would think you would study how to fight it, if it is superior in a 1 on 1 duel.
User avatar #238 to #213 - huntergriff ONLINE (03/12/2014) [-]
Darth maul wasn't the only one to have a double bladed lightsaber. In the movies he is, but canonically speaking, he wasn't.
User avatar #249 to #238 - mutantunicorn (03/12/2014) [-]
i see, i know little about starwars and even less about things outside the movie, i'm just stating my points of view as to if that would help you in anyway to have a skewed light saber. i can see i'm getting dislikes, but no responses correcting me, so i dont really know what's going on
User avatar #211 to #209 - mutantunicorn (03/12/2014) [-]
but that would increase your defense rather than offense, meaning unless it was actually just better, or the wielder being more skilled to begin with.
User avatar #202 to #200 - mutantunicorn (03/12/2014) [-]
yes, but would it really give an advantage outside of starwars? cause if its that much better why not just make them? even if its harder.
#138 to #137 - tkfourtwoone (03/12/2014) [-]

It looks classy as **** !
User avatar #150 to #138 - huntergriff ONLINE (03/12/2014) [-]
I just realized the activation button on his lightsaber is the red thing towards where this pinkie would be...
User avatar #139 to #138 - mutantunicorn (03/12/2014) [-]
it looks like a broken dildo ffs. how is that not weird!
User avatar #140 to #139 - tkfourtwoone (03/12/2014) [-]
User avatar #141 to #140 - mutantunicorn (03/12/2014) [-]
#158 - sanbonzakura ONLINE (03/12/2014) [-]
yo yoda lets steal the declaration of independence
User avatar #155 to #86 - blademontane (03/12/2014) [-]
I'm here to steal the Declaration of a New Order
#17 - postmantis (03/11/2014) [-]
the second pic is nick cage
User avatar #32 to #17 - thepollock (03/11/2014) [-]
No, Nicolas Cage is Count Dooku.
#124 - freakyfingers (03/12/2014) [-]
He really is everywhere
#74 - alibabaslots (03/12/2014) [-]
All these comp made me want to watch the Star wars movies.
#126 to #74 - gerfox (03/12/2014) [-]
I started watching them again a couple of days ago due to these compilations. Starting at number 5 tomorrow.
User avatar #127 to #74 - doctorstein (03/12/2014) [-]
I'm going to rewatch the animated Clone Wars so I can experience Grievous' badassery once more.
#83 - sprites (03/12/2014) [-]
please dont hate me i love quigon
#98 - Rascal (03/12/2014) [-]
I'm fairly sure that Palpatine had been plotting the clone wars for decades, long before Dooku left the order...

also, while the battle of Galidraan did affect dooku, it wasn't until 12 years later, with the death of Qui-Gon, that his faith in the jedi was sufficiently shaken for him to leave the order.

also, prior to the new clone wars series (of which I do not wholly approve), everyone believed that Obi-wan had killed Maul fairly shortly after Maul killed Qui-Gon. so Dooku wouldn't see any need to hunt down and 'kill' a corpse.

I love these comps, but I can't help but notice a few discrepancies here and there.
#110 to #98 - darthan (03/12/2014) [-]
He had, but Dooku was the final piece of the puzzle. Dooku could arrange the clone army, under the codename Sifo Dyas (his best friend whom he killed if I recall)
He says the death of Qui-Gon does affect him, but his desire to leave the Order was how in his eyes it was so corrupt. Qui-Gon's death just helped him realize how ****** up it was.
#119 - thelastelephant ONLINE (03/12/2014) [-]
Dooku was also the one who selected Jango Fett to serve as the template for the clone army.
User avatar #41 - gemleonn (03/12/2014) [-]
I'm a little disappointed there's is nothing on his unique lightsaber here, not even in the lightsaber comp
User avatar #46 - lmger (03/12/2014) [-]
psychadelicace why was there nothing about his lightsaber handle curved
User avatar #120 to #46 - psychadelicace (03/12/2014) [-]
I did make one about that but it was deleted i dont know how and i already completely made it :/
User avatar #43 - faithrider (03/12/2014) [-]
yoda trained nicholas cage?
#12 - micderp (03/11/2014) [-]
that last fact...
#25 to #12 - Rascal (03/11/2014) [-]
Not sure, but I think Qui-gon was Count Dooku's Apprentice.
#29 to #25 - arandomanon ONLINE (03/11/2014) [-]
Your reading skills must be really lame if you're "not sure" about it.
User avatar #118 - I Am Monkey (03/12/2014) [-]
It's a testament to the failure of the prequels that literally everything interesting about any of their characters is not mentioned in the movies. The expanded universe has to go in and retroactively give these characters motives and meaning to make them not suck.
User avatar #149 to #118 - huntergriff ONLINE (03/12/2014) [-]
No it's not. The prequels were all about the clone wars and Anakin's fall to the dark side, and palpatine's destruction of the republic as everyone knew it. had they gone in-depth with the characters other than anakin/padme/obi-wan, it would have drawn away from the plot, and it would have left less of an emotional impact by the end of episode 3.

Besides, this is what the EU was made for.
#128 - ludislavonac (03/12/2014) [-]
He also recorded a metal album
#106 - darthan (03/12/2014) [-]
He wasn't technically Asajj Ventress and Grievous's master. Asajj was his Dark Acolyte, and Grievous he taught dueling to.
Sorry for being nitpicky on some of these comps. Just trying to educate.
#112 to #106 - tkfourtwoone (03/12/2014) [-]
On a slightly related note...

God, not only is the CGI Clone Wars a **** show, but they had to **** up Asajj's image too.

TAS Asajj = Best Asajj
#121 to #112 - Yojimbo (03/12/2014) [-]
TAS Everything is best everything. Grievous was such a badass
TAS Everything is best everything. Grievous was such a badass
#114 to #112 - darthan (03/12/2014) [-]
In the comics, she appears so badass and unknown. And in the cartoons she looks all cartoony, like 'woohoohoohoo, look at me. I'm eviiiiiiiiil!'
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