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#12 - forbesydemon
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(07/03/2014) [-]
I can relate to the first one. Sometimes when you're tired you overlook simple things.
Half greentext storytime
>Spend ages installing Assassin's Creed 3
>Dick around for quite a while getting it to work
>Turns out to be Russian version with written language hacked into English. No idea how this happened, but I blame Ubisoft.
>No sound
>Update sound driver
>Completely remove then re-install game, still doesn't work
>Spend an hour searching the net for the sound files by themselves, can't find anything legit enough to trust
>About to give up, look at time in bottom right of screen
>2am, started at 11pm
Notice speakers have been muted THE WHOLE ******* TIME.
>Piss myself with angry laughter
>Pretty sure I woke up the whole house
>Go to bed victorious