Check Comments for pt.2. An old Call of Cthulu adventure featuring Old Man Jenkins. "Ununoctium is the temporary IUPAC name for the transactinide element w not mine
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Check Comments for pt.2

Check Comments for pt.2. An old Call of Cthulu adventure featuring Old Man Jenkins. "Ununoctium is the temporary IUPAC name for the transactinide element w

An old Call of Cthulu adventure featuring Old Man Jenkins.

"Ununoctium is the temporary IUPAC name for the transactinide element with the atomic number 118 and element symbol Uuo. It is also known as eka-radon or element 118, and on the periodic table of the elements it is a p-block elements and the last one of the 7th period. Ununoctium is currently the only synthetic member of grou 18. It has the highest atomic number and highest atomic mass of all the elements discovered so far.

The radioactive ununoctium aton is very unstable, due to its high mass, and since 2005, only three or possibly four atoms of the isotope Uuo have been detected. While this allowed for very little experimental characterization of its properties and possible compounds, theoretical calculation have resulted in many prediction, including some unexpected ones. For example, although ununoctium is a member of Group 18, it may possibly not be a noble gas, unlike all the other group 18 elements. It was formerly thought to be a gas but is now predicted to be a solid under normal conditions due to relativistic effects." (Wikipedia entry on Ununoctium)

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D wank House Mi bonaire 07/ 08/ ( 26 No 10966503
inane tenanting a thread on acciden Who wants to hear the Tale of Old Man Henderson, the character who Rtyn' Cil
D Anonymous / ( 27
D Wamm House
polaire 07/ 06/ )( 36 No 10966610
Might then, rd like to start by sayang that the an was a to make everyone go cozy We a mm only 5 sides No story, no mason, lose 10 saw
we others continued to allow ths
we was a modern day somthng, other players hang A come professor! who found a couple of stray pages of a copy Mme and wanted to m out Just what the Hell l
ll'.))' detecter who was a massing persons case cult, and a local athlete (l mink It was football) anyong to mm out why some mews seemed so distant
And then Thane was on Man , who was never gererl a non name
D wane House Millionaire 07/ 06/ 10( 51 No 1096085
old Man Henderson was already 3111119 crazy, and blamed hm Me' s misformed on Vietnam
He never went to Veniam, he was ' ( andew/ l be fucking amazed (anyone gets that
old Man Henderson wove Combat boots, tango shorts, and an Hawaiian mun wth a underneath
He was , and had a assume thatthe reason he saw cozy sht was because he WAS a we btcrwq
He nod a Tuzla adams beard and wave no hurin a mohawk
He never took on hm ,
He nod a stiled parrot on no moulds! named Rupert that he constantly asked for 2011110, we nononno me other party members as condiment, assuming they were
He nod a Antonella he knew how to use
He also had MEMORIZED me anarchay' s cookbook He started me game mm a hatred , cutlery, and nooks
Ho was that he allthat stole no , he had actually donated them to a chante auctor, ? 1, and fungal about t
he nod a 320 page backstory that bustined EVERYHING, wmm no casual knowledge of physco to no speak Portuguese "
You can Just son that character was
D Wamm House
onfire 07/ 06/ 10( 19 No 10967074
we palm to nanna such a long backstory was
1 to ermine the GM would never actually read t and
2 he would never new l except iv: excerpts n planned out to Justify nannys, 1 could newone and changelings around completely at fandom anyone and MOST IMPORTANTLY
3 Com/ that 1 was sews about tho character, and that t wasnt game wrecking bullsht that l was
yes, but he really dd have l coning
Em outing Mme gown we was spying on the hulking Mme wth a cameo
we Jock was parked nearby, eatng in the Foop to on out so he could snoop it out
we Professor had " cult to try and aam
old Man Henderson very calmly parked no car, got out holdon the shotgun In clean new of anyone who happened to be looknig (o thm case, the detective and the Jock), strolled up to the non door
and kicked l IO
e everyonelse kand on stopped shocked Nance ion a moment, he leveled no Shotgun onthe lead onest/ cultist guy and yelled "MICKLE DAMROD CULTY' AAR EH BE KEEPIN' ME
Shdl mennaan that he had a N@ accent that came and went as he wank and/ on as amused me?
we understand my ample request to nennen my lawn gnomes (rerally, you tink what 1 typed o hard to undeerstand? starme t helm; shined at you try a drunken Scotsman), he
assumed 1 was anyong to cast a an elder congue and summoned a 571099001 by one of no fellows
one And about 20 mums later, thiy snogging 15 dead, as is the cult laden, me we made the mrsnake ofoimg to make um murderous rampage) and about 10
assumed cubists
old Man Henderson then posed on me ' s , goobacks no battered '92 Book Century, and
we mole event was my In about ten game urns and norton. thought to gen the Buoys plates
we Naking dunned down shortly, along wth plot, and even lead when Mme omen players nod we an called a break men to mine out how to and/ on work around
what 1 Just dd
in only got malls! rom (have
D Anonymous 07/ 06/ 10( 36 No 10967215
musthave more, good an
E Wamm House
onfire 07/ 06/ )( an No 10967237
Typng up the full Mold Man Henderson would lake we long, can 1 Just grits you the tel?
D Anonymous 07/ 06/ 10( 38 No 10967240
D mine House Millionaire 07/ / )( " No 10967295
All R@
some or ms we moments include
Droping a Yacht onto a geniouse sine owned by Cthulhu Cubists
The steamy or sad Yacht rom cums , thereare staring a opinon gangwar
The Tanker truck octant, and my personal Favoite
Hell on he
Which one do you want to hear about non
m 0967295
Dropping the Yacht
Lets take l mm the top
D Anonymous 07106/ 1 D( Tue) 48 No 10967309
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