Captain Hamplanet. Found these while lurking and decided to compile a few of my favorites and post them here, because why go to 4chan when you can find it here. Go be Fat somewhere else
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Captain Hamplanet

Captain Hamplanet. Found these while lurking and decided to compile a few of my favorites and post them here, because why go to 4chan when you can find it here.

Found these while lurking and decided to compile a few of my favorites and post them here, because why go to 4chan when you can find it here.

D Anonymous 11/ 09/ ) 13 52 M No Le Anonymous ( Sat) 16 07 06 No 515188997 Renews @9406
We pug-( 175 we 297x327, we We
Hamplanet stones anyone?
aee Dell Hae 19
g qwertee at Papa John' s for a summerier
aphone was
m" hey cen e get a umm e . J
wwomen intersted store sas/ y about wens
mst/ l don' know what e want to order
rroman' muse me
hee to Heme hem the awe completely so she cen get (wane
New moves meurthe everwhere the guy cooks food es at
m" can e get 3 bacon cheese burgers cheese wees and where 2
News! the actual shee? cen e lust get a hem and cheese sew
we problem
abreak down " she breaths heavy
m" oh he es see we he lust cuts en rant of my order"
was here hast though we new
m" yeah he was"
m" Uhh Can e get Wreath‘ an extralarge Tong breath'
can laterally marines woman " she' s eryone to talk
she wants l to be peeked up
that be all today?"
honestly hope she stops were
aperson proceeds to order heme wacking menu (smug long, breaths between every couple bewares
mortals to someting We 530
memes: later, hem beast arms:
es cheer bound and es so wacking aee that e was honestly
person hee to be main aee standard computerless and the cheer looked We a bed en wheels
mmoo aee to go through the door, an she gestures me to come out
have to take weeman, run en, sways l for her, run out, get harm Segre the recap], run back en, grab Harland, were out, and help her bong l to Mercer (whach es a van ween heme seats wee up)
vwhen It' s all sad and done, she says 'Thanks" and hp me ween a meilleure can triangles she pulled out rom Somewhere
supreme pens
mus hee
we my
New es screeming at hem long
we to the banker: get another drew
New blocks an Meme turner
her a mad block
r" WHAT DID we SAYI? l?"
we and grabs her chest
we D V Boom" plays en the amt:
mmy was
We my-( 207 we 684x651, laspussy We
not op but e got story
mbe me, 19 at the (ems
twerk at weeman whee en college
twerking aee
Neale we at the aee
Mam beasts everyday, only ewes to ohdeargod at the hee sexteen [never eat the hee sexteen new
Wave a News bucket, 3 ens for 9 99
woman and 200 ens kds (3 ehehehe all en mart carts
upto veneer whey see me reeking, they name)
we orders 3 buckets, A Med chcken, Show
we yells at the we etienne the hues ems
no has aboutthe next part
en man at best mes 4' 10' semes up and gets the food
we looks at me and says
m" Me and the his ere diabled because "
face en the dad es extremely merner
Mates hes ewe, e hate News
work upthe we to say ween aee es a bang referece must be genus status to you"
New gees red, meme u say mal
man hearths mispelled en her
you know that me that only extremely we people say
Beteen says we Keck your ass"
whey Wynn can stand up and walk around the corner'
road smeels, no one but me sees
ever eyes Mame at the segoe ewe (army
tell hem e we and walk out
my water and " e walk bythe faites e throttle bottle at the
wrecks marine head, he Tens to the ground "l cant get up, help me dad"
can' t help, mom Tens eryone to help
walk out and never see them erge were a weeman ebeen
pee related, how sad the dad looked
Anonymous ( Sat) 15 59 31 No 515188097
me en Heme scheen
at Hospital ever summer, work reception and do oddjobs
aone day a messege Hamplanet women enters
5" wens gut and ehehhe make the earth move
upto desk out of breathe hem we walk
m" Son where restroom?)" yells l
leeve me a arms and syntherus a around the owner en eech sde, lobby es
Damme son whach es ta ceaser meme
her ebeen Mayra the same durance
ebeen, em easing potency
her ebeen
mehe Mrs shee
around, the lady at the wee stand looks ever
ashenelle grabs heart
mew e almost ewe call the emcee's to save harlem her heart attack
Iheard she shee surgery
refuse l
the storeroom e watch " the woman spends the next 30 memes: bang hosted were Mercer by two (army members
related, she was otherthan the:
D Anonymous ( Sat) 16 IT 03 No 515190220 Ravens
we CII his
to take bus to scheen due to were
en, be greeted bythe segoe ewe bemuse peece Dashae bus orever
eve ever seen
sse aee were ere folds spong out marine steener wheel and upthe veneers
we down en ewe
impend the next We memes: to work out how he can even we through the bus door
Ferever stops at red (reek eegee
to screech arse
we cunt shrewing en the seat, eryone desperateness get a good angle between hes rolls
turns Green
screeching arse
turns red
screeching arse
all geeking at eech other en
turns green, ebeen
wee screeching arse
shee hes hes hand down hes dressers, looks We he' ceuse reamed he messed the News
desperateness pull hes hand out before the next green
l manage , starts to drew anyway
Honey wees hes hand em about 2 memes:
wee for scheen
maent to headmasters we for "making up excuses and spreading remarks"
ressemble next week es all about essense aee people
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