Can there be more win than this?. . wreak up with psycho girlfriend Hume out she' s pregnant wwill not abort 43' sycho bitch threatens me for money or she will  win pregnancy Meth Falcon Punch
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Can there be more win than this?

wreak up with psycho girlfriend
Hume out she' s pregnant
wwill not abort
43' sycho bitch threatens me for money or she will child support me out of existence
4 say fuck no
Nintendo Eds
Bering it home and start playing with camera
spuddenly a wild hoofbeast bolts through my unlocked front door
alts madame psychopats herself, ranting and raving about how she needs HUGH today or she is going to do somethingelse will screw me yadda
blaugh in face
spuddenly begins screaming no no no. help, and punching herzeleid the face- along with saying things like ANON N( ) ) C) l.
elm sure the neighbors can all hear
look at this, recording all this in and she thinks itsjust a game
met as facing her out of way
llet discontinue awhile. she bloodies her lip up a bit. breaks some glasses
aall I can think of is fight club
finally gets tired, down on the :) or. calls her mom. says anon just beat me up. call the cops
hangs up. and I turn offere as
4 figure I got about TAIO minutes
over to her and she is smiling this dumbass victorious smile at me
4 smile back
e' s laying on the ground
4 grab a blanket off the couch, and throw it over her head
4 kick her in the head as hard as I fucking can
is now a little dazed
4 know what I must do
4 hold her the ground, with one hand wind back, and FALCON PUNCH her right in gut like 10 times as hard as I can. I weigh about 230 pounds and was a professional athlete .
4 stand up and kick her in the head again
ago ta closet
wet baggie of meth some dude left at my house
dumpty it in her mouth with some Maia, pour glass of water in her mouth and, hold it shut and hold her nose
chokes a lot but gets a good amount down
4 left a little in the baggie and stuff it in her sock
s out of it but rolling around and moaning
scope show up
let them in
tthey freak out when they see her and cuff me but I stay calm
Hell them about Eds
Hell them about meth is usually in her sock. and that I think she' s on drugs now
blaugh with cops and keep changing the video from End to Ed
is getting charged with drug possession and in an awesome turn of events, terminating her late term pregnancy (they think it happened when she flapped on the Mor in the video}
Foalcon Punch saves the day again
4 am getting completely away with this
captcha is Daughter, somethinge wont have to deal with
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