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User avatar #9 - TheGabba (02/12/2014) [-]
Id say talent is something one is born with.
Skill comes from practice, though talent does help.
#126 to #9 - anon (02/13/2014) [-]
i bet you don't have any talents, even if you're right, believing that won't get you anywhere, you might as well believe that talent is learned (you don't know **** about talent, name one example of someone who got better than everyone else without practice).
#120 to #9 - lewisrobilliard **User deleted account** (02/13/2014) [-]
While I agree with you, that's not really the point he's trying to get across
#86 to #9 - fragman ONLINE (02/13/2014) [-]
Talent is however a very minor factor in becoming good at something. In the end it really comes down to how much and how intelligently you practice.

For example: Many people say Ronnie O'Sullivan is one of the most talented snooker players in the world. However one of his coaches said that this is complete nonsense. While he has a pretty good hany-eye coordination, the real skill came from practicing the right things for hours every day over many years.

As long as there's no physiolgical limit the only real indicator is determination and how efficiently you spend your practice time.

However it's always an easy excuse to claim that you lack the "talent" to achieve something once you hit a sticking point.
#77 to #9 - shoryuken (02/13/2014) [-]
User avatar #36 to #9 - both (02/13/2014) [-]
While you were defining those words someone just got that much closer to becoming a master at something
#42 to #36 - wimwam (02/13/2014) [-]
TheGabba got closer to mastering defining those words
TheGabba got closer to mastering defining those words
User avatar #47 to #42 - both (02/13/2014) [-]
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