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**andreweasley rolled a random comment #7463981 posted by anonymous at Safe For Work Random Board ** :
Hahaha, funny thing is it was in my State, New Mexico in the tourist town of Roswell.

only 2 kids were hurt. **** it you wanna whats going on? Kids aren't being ******* hit like they should be and punished. I Grew up that way, never even heard of a school shooting besides columbine. only when I was just about done with high school did **** happen.

I was alive and witnessed 9/11 Sure it was ****** but so was losing a treasured Pokemon card or something of the sort.

Maybe I've had thoughts of doing a school shooting... planning it out and such but guess what I wouldn't do it. We need to stop this whole ******** of calling CPS and let parents punish their kids for their acts. but he was bullied, ya so where other kids they manned up and fought their bully they didn't play the ******** card and shoot up schools...

Remember future parents HIT THE LIVING **** OUTTA YOUR KID.
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I used pocket sand as a joke to my friend but he ended up in the hospital
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can someone edit this GIF. to be a red thumb coming out of dales hand?
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Did you seriously not see the gif right under you
#11 to #9 - rubiksdodecahedron (01/16/2014) [-]
could have been typing when that one was posted and therefore not seen it until the comments were refreshed after he replied
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take this for future uses.
take this for future uses.
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i laughed so much at this. is there a one with green thumbs
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thankyou sooo much
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