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#18 - froggets
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(11/06/2013) [-]
Also works with other Mario Karts; Played this with some friends playing MK:Wii, also added some more rules.
> If you drink and drive at the same time you'll have to do a shot,
> 1st place is allowed to give 25% extra to anyone he wants
> Last place gets to start drinking when the red light is on
> If picking a girl character you'll have to sit on the floor
> If being able to win and never fall of the road on Rainbow Road the winner is allowed to give 2 shots to each player, choose if he wants to drink the next lap AND can if he chooses to give 25% extra beer to all the others (this has to be their own beer, no sharing! who the **** shares beer?)
> Drinking Light Beer of anysort forces you to drink 2 beers each lap instead of one, so to shame being you if you're into Budlight, Keystone Light or Corona Light etc. etc.