Awkward Sexual Experiences (pt.2). Part 1 : /Awkward+Sexual+Experiences+pt.1/funny-pictures/4894915/. Weeper' blase: After l lost w v. . ney. I tele her that (s Awkward Sexual Experiences (pt 2) Part 1 : /Awkward+Sexual+Experiences+pt 1/funny-pictures/4894915/ Weeper' blase: After l lost w v ney I tele her that (s
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Awkward Sexual Experiences (pt.2)

Weeper' blase:
After l lost w v. . ney. I tele her that (she w as k. snapper we
sold min sex slavery 'she e he the p. ck of the hiker.
l w as getting we heah are n. ght (mm a all l e nut net. l w as
er. slowly we I wuss the gny beheld me dean t Ilka .t. I pulled
ever to the nae of the mad we the guy mulled up rain bald: me.
alanine: car ccrs. ane screaming at me ptth a
baseball hat m he hane. He get to the er. ver s nae of the car, saw
the all Mow mg me ane nut me, "oh my we hm. l n m sorry."
He unopen hack new he car ane drove gal w as nert. r. .
but she flushed.
ruin exter we will flushed. she remarked
that w as great. yen knew what else e great, (reed ch. cken. lets get
reed ch. cken. (reed ch. cken. "
we then we got g. ler. ens (reed ch. cken
whee w mung In mm to put the aenean en l eec. aee to make heat
names to amuse mug“. He then to fuck me. seem new
t he leeks me aeae .n the ere we says "l n en a heat mootherfucker
don t yen ever forget".
We wli. ddn t stop langer.
Hae sex w . all l net through a (reeled of a (rand exter only
knew mg her a eay er ban. exter the rest Mme, we are
hung there we she melt: up her mum]: phone we calls her
nether. she then begun haven: a ‘ . en w uh her
nether agentjay to eay dung. when her nether ()
asks her what she has been mung she answers we l slut you laat
getting hack at Samll for cheat. en me w . that where she
then hams me the phone we says any in to my manlier I manage
a Cheney hello the the hell out of my mud l stare at
her as she finishes her ', as she hangs w the phone she
stares epiclly at me we says ', new l n gem to can my
ene whee l suck yum" ck. what Inna of wee e gem to say
nu to than senet. later that eay same unlucky dude get to
listen to a massage that w as the sound exper we
l haven: a suck/ fakest.
saw her' casually ale» . Nnv. her aild‘ Aahn are
getting manned later the year l renewed an .. tat. en.
We bath get off, he an up we puts he hane en the , melts
senith. up, sum rt, then em [t we gee: "eh m gee I lust
lucked up shit!" Apparently we hae sex m a rem where he (reeled
keeps he dog when he s gene.
THEN he stands up ane turns the lam en. tucks he e. ck between
he legs then puts a hane en he my then en the hack Min: heah
ane says "leek l n net Ilka you" the. pee a wee dance.
l dated mm for three ane a half years. He later tele w exter l
expressed how mid [t w as to mm that he dean t w ant me to see he
dack whee [t w as soft. phahahaha hardest slut ever
l was .7 ane the gny [had been "” can my neck ‘nth a ram
ane tread to suck w bland.
l have a scream scar (mm the.
My . ene slut h. n. xelx when he cane the rest um: we hae sex
all ever my sheets
l hae a gny tell me he w antey he dack chm .e so lug
ane gals only w ant to sleep w . mm. Also he pretended to he the
Joker (heath ledger) ehrm sex. Sn awkw are.
w as terr. hly menstruated. we hanged xnr. easly In alumni
20 mm. rum to the Cathleen.
Her sannes Manny (mm finally hem ahll to 1101711 were lander
than her orgasme.
l w as bath prone ane rather .
Me we so hang. .n the shower. I pull out, she slurs en the wing:
ane gets knacker out. m THE % NEF, SHE STARTS
Not after, but enr. r. g. He w antey me to he hm ane l w aw t
ptth that. He says "hen t worry! thurt! sew
ane h. e me m the nee. l starter clung ane the sex
w as ever. It hurt pretty hae but l w aw t nae. _
ane whatnot, neth. nal. c. ens.
After In the rest Mme w . w g. . ene at the me. l
me. "l ( as e w w as lackluster, but an mien):
sensory overload . ~
she t let me IN: [t dam n to the eay.
any l knew en millage get - ernna ane halted nu w . a all at
her serer. hem. He w aka nu the next , shell ernna s
she s gene ane he can t we he clothes. He assumes that she e
licking w . hm ane decides that he nest escape out the w .neew
to prevent the were dam: n, though,
he decides the been wane of act. en e to she m her we. After he
finishes up ane Duvets the mes w uh the wee, she w we m ane
says, 'hey, l banked mm: breakfast e yen w ant same. Also, Yul"
clothes hae ven. t en then so I put then en the w ash."
when he w as eene he mrtd "ane that s all she w mic.”
In a hostel m Australi e "l n en the rag make. so gt: ahead ane
chuck [t m w alumna”
l haven t been (licked Ilka that wee grade schmo”
Hae sex w . the pr. . pal s sen. He w as very rel. g. ens. when we
mulled the rest Mme. we were hall naked en the flmq: In
whatever ream when he stare tell. w that what we hae nut
eene w as a an ane that my nether (who hae been aeae two years)
hae gene to hell. Then we hae sew nere and
rest um: l hae sex w . w we bath finished at the
sane Mme. He starter hann. the law ane alder specia. | v. ct.
null thew mg ane med the .ntry vanhat. n.
He damned my ass ane sand "me game”
l we soneone reads the. l w as datum a Korean gal ane . w as her
rest. l w as dam: the we when suddenly out . n newhere
she we bath hams en w face ane stretches w eyes out to make
w leek 311311.‘ hae to stop became: . w as langer tee hare .1
don t knew why.
This gny put hane swe. u. er en he dack when we flushed. (we we
a woldnt.)
Have yet to let hm IN: [t dam n. Everyone knows.
l don t knew e the wants but are um: l starter to make gerula
sannes enr. sex to see like e new. He en, we he en.
T' turt relat. ench. p e genna he a hare we to heat.
whee she w as en top gr. . trim: to make herself . l
yaw nee.
on man. that w as a huge nu nu.
nna l love e. yen have such a we mam Hm to
Affend of mule as he w as hung he v. . n. gazed new he
ene s eyes ane shepered "we are one." They re net tegether
Gatta_ sparta_ :
l w as m h. ane w as znck. a gel doggy style. melded to
say whose genreaver we smacked her ass. she mneh. ally
pun off w ane screamed. "Yul: have the sane name as my dad.”
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