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#123 - virulance
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(11/03/2013) [-]
USB would be too big for the battery. It would damage structural integrity. On top of that, I doubt that the output of the battery would match that of a phone charger. Neat concept, but currently not very practical unless improvements are made.

The tent... Tents are meant to be portable. While it looks cool, the hard top is anything but portable. I don't need a tent to be fancy. I need it to cut down on wind and block rain/bugs/animals.

The chair looks cool, but think about if you've ever been reading at night or in a dark room with a light in your eyes. It isn't comfortable - it is distracting and can give you a headache. Find a way to soften the output of the light and distribute it across a wider area.

Cool concepts, but as an engineer, I have problems with some of it.