Average Saturday Morning With And With. Average Saturday Morning With And Without Kids isfunny.net/cartoon-pick-up-line-2014-2015/. WITH KIDS Time to get eel St funny
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Average Saturday Morning With And With

Tags: funny
Time to get eel St: peed
through his diaper and new your
bed is covered in urine.
the change a diaper and try ta
get the kid to sleep a little lenger
but new the he' s yelling we
animals and daing flips en the
bed., up
fee made sense breakfast fer
your child. but taday he decided
he hates eggs. He' s saying he
wants "swims" but yee den' t
knew what that means. He went
explain and met keeps yelling
swims" leader and leader.
Vou' new watched the same
of Seeing ease few
times. One time yee tried to
change it ester to the news and
yeer kid shoved a speen in the
dog' s ear.
fee attempt take a chewer
but yew kid keeps thawing can
epowers inte the tub. You
weren' t aware that yee had
multiple can openers.
You walk upstairs to yew ream,
but didn' t realize your kid was
using the stairs as a stunt awe
fer Het Wheels and yee slip en
ene and nearly the as we
tumble back dawn to the
first Hear.
fee try to finally to the
bathromm. but ferget to lack the
door new yeer kid is crying
because yee went let him dump
sand in yew tap. He dumps it en
the dog instead. The sand was
actually used cat litter.
fee hear laughter. which is
almost mere terrifying than
crying. You walk in the listing
teem to see yew kid making
snow angels in glue. There' s
way yeu' re getting yeer deposit
back with a giant glue angel in
the middle o? the carpet.
Your kid desus eff and yee try to
catch up en your favorite shew.
Unfortunately, six minutes trite it
there' s a dramatic moment
where the music builds and your
kid is new . {Screw
yee. Danny Elfman,)
the get eberyone leaded inte
the car to the zed. even
theigh its 90 degrees and so
humid taxidermy is Deming back
life., Veer kid yells a racial slur
he heard in a movie. Gut all
the weeds he' s heard, that' s the
only ere that stuck.
10: 00
10: 30
11: 00
the wen‘ t be getting up fer 5
mere hours,
Still asleep.
Your piller get a little warm
yee turn it Over and back to
Tramadol insides dance in yeer
head as the sweet embrace of
slumber engulfs your resting
An angel semes down and
gently kisses yew forehead.
Sleep well. sweet prince.,
A hummingbird perches itself
outside yew winder and sings a
sweet lullaby. He blaws yee a
kiss and sears away.
You wake horsefly adjust your
sleep number. tyou baught an
adjustable bed with all the
disposable income yee have
frem net having a kid.)
Still sleeping soundly. like a
puppy in frend of a crackling
Yau stir a little and check your
tests. Your friend wants to to
brunch Eater. That sounds nice.
30 more minutes of sleep and
yee' get ready fer that. Maybe
go to mall later er ride .
fee wake up feeling refreshed
and beautiful. ‘fee knew what?
it' s Saturday. Let' s just he in the
bed a while and watch a medie-
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