Amazing Shovel. . Stubborn Shovel Seller Pole hedge nimmer tor sale- Humanle electric hedge trimmer we we Ema! me at russ""" cont From Me tn Russ -. Hey Russ, T Amazing Shovel Stubborn Seller Pole hedge nimmer tor sale- Humanle electric trimmer we Ema! me at russ""" cont From Me tn Russ - Hey T
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Amazing Shovel

Stubborn Shovel Seller
Pole hedge nimmer tor sale- Humanle electric hedge trimmer we we Ema! me
at russ""" cont
From Me tn Russ -.
Hey Russ,
Thats a really Knee shovel you have tn the mature ts t tor sale?
sorry guy Only seneng the hedge trimmer
From Me tn Russ -.
tn gave you we tor the shovel
cant you read? The shovel Isnt tor sale
From Me tn Russ -.
You artie a hard bargain on the shovel tn gave you tor t, aha that ts my what otter
Here ts my what otter shut the hen up aha leave me atone!
Later, from another emu account
From Me tn Russ -.
Hey m emitting you about the shovel Your asking once or we sounds van to me And ptth the tree
extention cord, that ts a steal tn lake tta
What are you on about? The shovel mt tor sale
From Me tn Russ -.
Excuse my Thats not what your ad says
My ad says nothong about the shove! m seneng the hedge trimmer. not the shovel Look imam
Nowwhere ts a shovel mentioned
From Me tn Russ -.
Owl aching me around TIME ad says you are seneng the shower
Reply or see below
t can assure you t am not Jewish so you can stop pretending you went seneng the shovel
Pram Russ "M" to Me:
on my god t swear t atait put that up Somebody ts messing ptth met
Pram Russ - to Me:
can you send meme who that ad so t can have them lake tthem?
Pram Me to Russ -.
sorry. t cant ma the Wk anymore My we heeauw to use the computer so t had to (mete my browsing
history because t was tootling at porn earner n was somewhere tn the stun tor sale secton, tr m not
so does tms mean t cant buy your shovel?
Pram Me to Russ -.
Dear douchebag,
t got a bone to on ptth you t came across your ad tn my search tor a new show aha t seemed we a
great dew Until t read your comment about not seneng the show to Jewish penpen How the
hen do you thunk that ts acceptable tn tms my and age? What does t matter what someone ts
tor you to sell them a shovel? Tns ts absolutely aha an outrage to the Jewish community
You make me sch
sincerity NOT butthe your shovel or hatred.
Momma Goldstein
Pram Russ - to Me:
t amt have a problem ptth Jews at ant someone else put that ad up to mess ptth me aha t cant ma
where t ISI can you Send meme who the ad please??
Why don! you show your Nam bulshit to someone else? Tns "Jew" wt butthe tta
He decided to email my engine! account
From Russ to Me:
Look you We puck t know you put that runnig ad up aha you need to lake t the tuck down RIGHT
NOW m not seneng the runnig show GET ova: IT aha gun bang immature you son ova Man
From Me to Russ -.
m sorry, t thought t was you a tam t wanted you to see how many great otters you coma get tr
you archaea to sen the show
From Russ to Me:
PM NOT SELLING THE FUCKING SHOVEL LET IT Got Tell we tms asshole tyou were a tavor
then why you put that sht about the Jews tn there???
From Me to Russ -.
some strong undertones tn our conversaiton t lust assumer you were an
My apologies
From Russ - to Me:
I emailed mm one test ante, from another account
From Me to Russ -.
t saw your ad tor the shovel tor sale w more tn the axe you have tn that pcture Are you
seneng the axe? tn gave you we cash tor t
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