Alcoholics anonymous.
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ramoombir ramoombir da fefth of navoombir
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if it's called alcoholics anonymous why do they start meetings by going around and saying their names?
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I never got that as well.
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also, this
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I hate seeing such images without any explanation of what happened and why. I don't know whether he got hit for no good reason, or got a deserved punch to the face.
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here you go. might just be a troll tho, looking at the second part.

or are kids really that dumb?
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Why a troll?

Some douche can wear the mask and mess around with people awfully enough, to get himself hurt by someone whom he angered in the process and then post a picture of this on the internet. You're not saying it's impossible, right? There's a lot of stupid **** like this to make me at least consider such thing.

What the did to the guy was awful, though. Internet retards like this should stay on the internet instead of throwing rocks at people. Thx for sauce.
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Yeah, it's pretty awful.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but... getting IP adresses of someone you met offline, thinking your uncle can block someones internet access... that is pretty non-smart thinking. the first part has a high chance of being legit though.
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Well, as long as we haven't been there then, we can never know for sure what happened and who is to blame.
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As it turns out, my theory was correct. some guy running a anonamus FB page saw the picture, thought that it would fit nicely with a cringy mey-mey story, and made something up. that's what I meant by troll

also learn how to google, copying and pasting an image url isn't that hard.
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See? This is why I am sceptical. Anyone can make up anything.

I wasn't interested in this enough to go out of my way and search for reasons why a random kid somewhere in the world has a smashed face. I'd waste too much time if I were to check every single smashed face posted on the internet - sorry if it sounded heartless, it's true. I just think that source on such pics would be clarifying and therefore welcome.

Because what we see is an anon-mocking content of a kid that no one knows why got hit - and turns out it was a policeman being a dick.
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typing out that first comment asking for context probably took about the same amount of time as it took for me to find the context. it's a 1 minute google search for most things.
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Wow, what an original joke
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