Abandonment issues. . m. Phil? what the hall' s going on? . I titted' t Imam! I was lining a show missus with issues and I woke In] new,
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#4 - Sworley ONLINE (08/01/2014) [-]
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#10 - baitdoesnttalkback (08/01/2014) [-]
hey kids daddy finally came back for you
hey kids daddy finally came back for you
User avatar #1 - daringdestiny (08/01/2014) [-]
what's this from?
#16 to #1 - Orc (08/01/2014) [-]
**Orc rolled image** Repeating the same joke
User avatar #27 to #1 - WheresMyAccount (08/01/2014) [-]
chilling motion picture IV
User avatar #6 to #1 - brandinifettucine (08/01/2014) [-]
eerie film the sequel x2
User avatar #5 to #1 - fabbyp ONLINE (08/01/2014) [-]
Frightening series of pictures the fourth
User avatar #9 to #1 - zaggystirdust ONLINE (08/01/2014) [-]
spooky film the 4th
User avatar #2 to #1 - peanutsaurusrex (08/01/2014) [-]
scary movie 4
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#14 - haakonbacon (08/01/2014) [-]
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User avatar #7 - jaromirjagr (08/01/2014) [-]
Scary movie 3 is best scary movie
User avatar #22 to #7 - Gonnafly (08/01/2014) [-]
That one actually scared the **** out of me as a kid.
#23 to #7 - kristovsky (08/01/2014) [-]
SM3 is best SM
User avatar #26 to #7 - hashtronaut (08/01/2014) [-]
1 and 2 were gold.

the others were just rocks painted gold
#8 to #7 - anon (08/01/2014) [-]
Scary movie 2 master race
User avatar #15 to #7 - thechosentroll (08/01/2014) [-]
I find 1 the best.
#11 to #7 - SuperHyperCrazy (08/01/2014) [-]
The best are the Wayans Bros. ones
allow this dog to convince you
#21 - selfdenyingbeggar (08/01/2014) [-]
Got abandonment issues.

Separated from my friends and FB to work on it and my dependency and a girl I was dating and was close too immediatly found another guy, she put the picture of the 2 kissing on whatsapp and when I confronted her about it she just didn't reply anymore.

This was yesterday. What's your story FJ?
User avatar #31 to #21 - antiponiesuser (08/01/2014) [-]
had horrible social skills, altought did great in school (finished this year) (is in spain btw excuse bad english)
all those events happen last year of highschool here, im 18.

so the thing is this year some of the students who failed the year and had to repeat were with us in class, specially this ******* hated kiddo who has hot, but hated, he even went to court with teachers because they failed him.
Anyways, mid course this chick comes from Chile. I think, meh not very interesting, 7/10. She sat back with hated kid, who wanted to go in military, lets call him Camo.
Camo and Chilena get well, he makes her laugh and whatnot. Girl is with my in most of my classes, and she doesnt speak very much or anything, pretty shy. Also bad at classes, fails every test.

Camo eventually leaves the school, goes to another one to finish studies,bcuz, in his words ''This school sucks and is full of suckers'' (by this time everyone in our class neutral at most, hated him if not.)

So, he went to live far away. But he has car. He kept seeing Chilena, came for her many times.(with his car)
eventually I become friend with her, dont remember how, anyways we become good friends.
we talk and whatnot, even go out together ( here to go out with a girl means to go take a walk, talk about things etc, doenst mean anything, only friends)

Near the end of the year I snap, because for 12 years I tried to be a perfect student, and no1 was licking my asshole, although every hot girl was after the usual douchebags who participated their way into last year of classes.

I realized I wasted all my life, I dont even know what do I want to study, always studied ciences bcuz parents wanted me to.

Ran away from home one afternoon, came back the next afternoon bcuz I am a pussy and I was hungry.
Parents allow me to take some free days, but I eventually come back to school.

In those days I go out with Chilena. We become good friends (I suppose)
Cant post more, second part in reply.
User avatar #32 to #31 - antiponiesuser (08/01/2014) [-]
So, in the next days the fair comes to the city, and I go to them with her.I get her a huge plusie and whatnot.

One of those days she told me Camo declare his love for her. He had car. She didnt know what to do, if to believe him, bcuz he was with so many gurls, he prbly is lying to try and get her.

I didnt knew what to say. At that moment I was deeply in love with her. Not a single girl before talked so much with me, nor I had a femenine friend like her in my life.

So I told her some ambiguous **** , and we went home. WE still talked some.

Prom day comes. Camo comes with her to the prom. Nobody talks to them( everyone hates camo remember?) They just stay at the delivery of the certificates (i dont know the exact word)

They dont stay to the dinning and the afterparty bcuz nobody wants camo.

Never heard of her afterwards

I had some little hope of getting a really nice girl for some 2 months. Afterwards i had my heart broken. You can tell me all you want about confidence and everything, but this is just **** . A pisspot who just got to 12 year gets the girl only bcuz his parents money and the confidence his aprents gave him. I was one of the best students, and after so much time all I receive is this crappy life.

Now i stand here alone while writting this.

Rigth now, In the background, the TV is playing.

******* Axe advertisment. The song: ''One is the loneliest number you can do, one is the loneliest...''

******* **** my life man, just **** it all.
#44 to #32 - selfdenyingbeggar (08/03/2014) [-]
oh damn. I'm sorry I know how that feels like. I'm at a much better place now. But I know what it is like. At the moment, the pain is still there, from this chick, dulce.

What helps now though is that I know it's my own **** . It hurts because it brings to mind my own unworthiness. My own negative feelings about me. If I didn't had them, it wouldn't hurt to see things like this, that suggest that i might be no more worth than **** to someone. But you see? if I had my own aprroval and knew it was worthy it wouldn't hurt.

But after living som many time in school and being subject to othe rpeople's truth I feel it's more relevant or real than my own. Wroking on it.

And yeah man, people are gonna follow their own truth, even if it was programmed by society. You gotta be honest and heck if oyu have it in it too. Perhaps you've been living trying to be "good" on their terms and perhaps you've also prepressed it because you don't want to think you do because you judge it.

Tat's what I've found in myself.
#35 to #32 - megayoming (08/01/2014) [-]
Lif don stert till u 60.   
you stim have time dont forget them is realworld fags you is internet blue junk. you has fried chicken an big brother admin.   
u can be faggot or you can be Faggot.   
Don bin gay be man bitchdon no notin be leeroy and 			******		 in da pussy.
Lif don stert till u 60.

you stim have time dont forget them is realworld fags you is internet blue junk. you has fried chicken an big brother admin.

u can be faggot or you can be Faggot.

Don bin gay be man bitchdon no notin be leeroy and ****** in da pussy.
#36 to #35 - antiponiesuser (08/01/2014) [-]
thanks for those wise words

look how happy you made me
#43 to #31 - selfdenyingbeggar (08/03/2014) [-]
no hay pedo, soy de México
User avatar #28 to #21 - richardastley (08/01/2014) [-]
Send her a pic of your dick in another vagina.
#29 to #21 - anon (08/01/2014) [-]
Thru school, inexplicably separated frm frnds ea yr. No serious gf's bc of trust issues thanks to mom's abusive bfs. No phone or internet didn't help either.

Kept in contact with 2 friends after high school. Went to community college for a year for a degree I didn't want. Got 1st car that summer.

Just 2 weeks later, some asshole changes lanes into me after I pull out on the highway. Evn tho I had time to get to 40mph, 3 witnesses on my side, and he left the scene of the accident, I'm held responsible.

Lost my job, no way to contact my frnds w/o phone/internet in ******* ,wv. Anger>boredom>not giving a **** . Uncle offers me a job, alone but content.

3 yrs later, meet a 9/10 my age. 1st persn to care bout me in yrs. Know shes an addict, still pin it all on her. Lose virginity at 23, say i love her. She strts using openly, asking for $ daily, distancing if I say no. Cheatin likely. Wld still sell my soul to keep her clean. Live life in a fog 4 the momnts when I can doubt reality.
User avatar #24 to #21 - trollofhalo (08/01/2014) [-]
I lost my Dark Souls
#25 to #21 - avengingthefallen (08/01/2014) [-]
Dated a girl for over a year I shouldn't have. Even before we did, she had really bad jealousy issues, was clingy and obsessive, but I figured it'd get better because at the time, things seemed like they were going that way. But that's just the setup, the real story is this (and more relevant to yours):

Before I was involved with her, I liked someone else. A lot nicer, a good ******* head on her shoulders with a good self-esteem (more than I can say about any girl I've dated), strong willed, knew how to deal with things, compassionate, all of that. I even thought I might be in love with her, but since I was getting involved with the other one, that got sidelined since girl #2 wasn't interested in me. (we were best friends though)

We still obviously talked, things were okay. But it wasn't even that far into my relationship that things were starting to deteriorate with how jealous and obsessive over **** my girlfriend was getting, so I started reaching out to my friend in secret (at this point, her existance wasn't known about, otherwise my girlfriend would've been bitchy about her) and we ended up pretty close. Once, she told me she had something to tell me, but told me to wait a month to see what happened.

After finally breaking up with my current ex, I finally felt it was time to focus my efforts on the person that I felt I should've focused on to begin with. Only, not even a week after she starts talking to my friend, who she hasn't even talked to consistently for over a year, they're dating. And not even a week after that, they ****** at prom. She then tells me after prodding her about it, that when I was with my girlfriend before, she thought she was falling in love with me, but didn't do anything since we were still together (despite her knowing it was a ****** relationship)

Now, they're broken up too, and it's like it never happened with them. It effected me more then and now than it effected them, and I still feel like **** about losing my chance with her
#42 to #25 - selfdenyingbeggar (08/03/2014) [-]
I feel your pain
#33 to #25 - megayoming (08/01/2014) [-]
Feel is not going to wash away the pain.

Man upin and exerciser.

Or yull end up lik me. a fag and hurt. dont be a gayomin.

Be the angle man you was to be and find a life of love an presperitin.

Fj the plaza that kicks you until you gert out ~Phanact
#30 - nymikemet (08/01/2014) [-]
I liked Scary Movie 3 & 4   
Scary Movie 5 on the other hand...  Holy 			****		 it was bad
I liked Scary Movie 3 & 4

Scary Movie 5 on the other hand... Holy **** it was bad
#38 to #30 - anon (08/01/2014) [-]
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#34 to #30 - bongconnery (08/01/2014) [-]
Lemme just take a second to stress how god ******* awful Scary movie 5 was. I went there with my buddy and i swear to you we were blank faced through the whole movie. And then just like that, it ended. It was a short ass piece of **** . But thank god it was so short cause it was a pile of dump
User avatar #39 - gamrgrl (08/01/2014) [-]
lol drhpil
#17 - anon (08/01/2014) [-]
You aint getting thumbs up for just copying a part of the movie,faggot..
#20 to #17 - hakuna (08/01/2014) [-]
welcome to funnyjunk, faggot
#18 - vidyomuz (08/01/2014) [-]
nice :d
#12 - radiohazard (08/01/2014) [-]
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