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#1 - whitelapras ONLINE (06/27/2014) [-]
Please fair maidens, instead go on a date with me. We can talk about the names of our children and our retirement destination. Such an event would be euphoric. After dinner of which I would pay, we could indulge in a marathon of award deserving television series. Might I suggest My Little Pony Friendship is Magic?
#6 to #1 - killerraise (06/27/2014) [-]
make ur own content, Jack Sparrow.
make ur own content, Jack Sparrow.
#2 - nippletwisterism (06/27/2014) [-]
"Wants some 			****		"  lol who doesnt.
"Wants some **** " lol who doesnt.
User avatar #5 - killerraise (06/27/2014) [-]
Plz thumb this so it gets poplueer and reach the bitches that realy do want sum fuk.
#3 - ostemad (06/27/2014) [-]
wut,. this is not a dating/ **** site. Atleast include a funny pic.
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