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#43 - mikemeiers (06/19/2014) [-]
I don't like PC's, Macs just feel better for some reason.
User avatar #109 to #43 - umaya (06/19/2014) [-]
Because you only use a web browser.
#68 to #43 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
because you like the feeling of a man's dick in your ass
User avatar #149 to #68 - casinoer (06/19/2014) [-]
Why are macs considered gay?
User avatar #160 to #149 - Kairyuka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
Because they're fashion over function
#215 to #160 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
This is untrue. Trust me, I am an electrical engineer. I switched out my PC for my Mac five years ago and it is still going strong(Have never crashed, free new OS when they are released, free office etc...). In this same time, two of my friends have gone through three computers. Also Unix is awesome especially for programming. Make of this what you will.
User avatar #226 to #215 - Kairyuka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
As I've said before, if you like the software that's none of my business, but Apple overcharges for everything, and that's what I don't like. There is a better alternative.
#246 to #226 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
I am going to entertain this conversation because I am bored. When I bought my mac five years ago, it was a little less than $1000 and I have since opened it up and upgraded the ram and SSD so total about $1300. But the two friends I mentioned went through 3 computers ranging in prices from $400 - $700...at best they saved $100 but based on the average price it turns out to be more than what I paid. Also I think Apple is justified in their prices because they don't really have a competition; prices are determined by market demand and competition. They have high market demand and no real competition(microsoft's piece of **** software with hardware ranging in quality). This is fun, lets keep going.
User avatar #252 to #246 - Kairyuka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
For all I know, I'm arguing with one single person since you all go on anon for no real reason. Oh well whatever.
I haven't heard about Apple's products being more durable, I've heard a lot of stories about someone getting a malfunctioning hard drive and having to buy a new one because they're very hard to disassemble. Again another conscious decision to squeeze money out of their costumers. Also the way they create their own standards for USB cables, charger cables etc. is quite despicable. Even if Apple's computers cost the same as everything else, I don't want to support such despicable business strategies as they employ, although that's another case.
If what you say is true, then I'll soften a bit towards their hardware, but then again, I have no proof that anything you say is true.
#258 to #252 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
There was nothing wrong with my hardware, I just wanted to upgrade because it was five years old and there were better technologies out. Also I don't think disassembling is a huge deal since the whole idea is that you should never have to, so apple builds their products with this in mind. You don't need to disassemble it because you won't have to. But I am not sure where the issue is really since it is possible to disassemble it; it is just harder(I did it). This is also a good thing, every idiot out there shouldn't have access to the internals of the machine.
Have you ever gone to stand up with your laptop and accidentally pulled out your power plug or bent the end? I haven't; Apple's power cord is clever; it uses a magnet to attach. I think the new things that apple does introduce are usually done to be innovative and to move the technology forward; we can't always stay with one technology forever. But apple does use a lot of non proprietary stuff too(USB, proccessor, thunderbolt).
User avatar #259 to #258 - Kairyuka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
Remember how they make a new connector plug for every new iphone? And remember how almost all other smartphones uses a microUSB standard? (usually type B 5-pin) That demonstrates Apple pretty well. They don't want to use the standards that would make it easier to use for consumers, they'd rather invent their own standards that are just a slight variant of already existing standards just to make sure that they make the maximum amount of money off of it.
#261 to #259 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
I don't understand. When you buy the product, the plug comes free with it. It is not like you have to go out and buy a new plug when you get a new phone. Actually what is more, when my macbook's power adapter died after 5 years of use, I went to the apple store to get a new power adapter and they gave me a new one for free; this entire process took 25min, 20min to drive to the store).
User avatar #262 to #261 - Kairyuka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
Really? Interesting. Either you're making **** up to desperately try and defend Apple (which I don't think you seem to be the type to do, judging by your calm responses), or I'm going to have to reevaluate my stance on Apple. I still believe they market to the lowest common denominator, but at least it could seem they're not as bad as I make them seem
#263 to #262 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
I am glad that I could show you my perspective. I have been on both sides and I really like in on this side. Also I am really not lying about the free power adapter thing; it even surprised me since adapters are $50-$60. Apple's customer service is amazing, when I walk past a local apple store, there are usually more blue shirts(employees) than not. It is really nice.
User avatar #264 to #263 - Kairyuka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
That sounds good. If only I didn't hate the OS (I'm used to Windows) and their business strategies, I might actually consider buying one at some point
#270 to #264 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
Business is business, but I never once thought that I was getting tricked out of my money. And the operating system is leaps and bounds better than windows especially for people who use it for more than web browsing. Even still, I actually have windows installed on my mac too(bootcamp comes with OSX) if I ever need to run something I can't on OSX. In the end, the average mac machine is more expensive than their PC counter part and for most people who only use the web, the mac isn't really necessary, but for those working with computers all the time (developers, engineers etc...), it is in my opinion a much better experience.
User avatar #271 to #270 - Kairyuka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
The thing is, I'm so used to Windows and especially Windows 7 that my speed and troubleshooting ability would probably drop 500% if I switched to iOS now. I get by with Windows 7 c:
#273 to #271 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
sounds good.
User avatar #253 to #252 - canhasdrums (06/19/2014) [-]
It seems to me that you blindly hate Apple for basically no reason, and are hiding behind the statement "They're too expensive!".
User avatar #255 to #253 - Kairyuka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
As I said, I've heard stories about Apple from people I know, and I've noticed their despicable marketing strategies. As I said; If you can prove what you say then I'll change my mind, but I haven't seen anything I can believe more than what I already know to be true. I've done nothing but give you legit arguments as to why I don't like Apple's products, I don't know how you'd see that as "blindly hating"
#196 to #160 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
Why do people ******* think this. I have a Windows desktop and a Macbook air. I love both, the air is so nice to carry around, and functions fine.
User avatar #197 to #196 - Kairyuka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
Because you pay three times the price for one thing: The logo.
#201 to #197 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
Can you direct me to a cheaper windows PC with the same form factor of a macbook Air please.
User avatar #202 to #201 - Kairyuka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
Do you want a stylish computer? Buy an ultrabook. Do you want a powerful computer? Asus is your friend. Do you want to pay in excess for a glowing logo on the back, go for Apple. There's nothing wrong with wanting to shelve out extra for some pretty lighting, but expect to be judged by people who knows better
#213 to #202 - thiswasnttaken (06/19/2014) [-]
If you really want the glowy symbols and high price, might as well go Alienware.
User avatar #227 to #213 - Kairyuka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
#206 to #202 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
You think that people only buy ultrabooks because they're stylish?! That's not the point of them! You seem to want to that more than anything else. "people only buy macs because of style". No. I bought a mac because I wanted an ultrabook form factor with quick boot time, long battery life, and an SSD. The macbook air offered all of these things, at a price similar to Windows alternatives.

Trust me, I could give a **** less about the logo on my laptop. I just had specific specs in mind, and Mac happened to have the best match at a good price.
User avatar #232 to #206 - Kairyuka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
I never claimed ultrabooks to be only stylish, I said they were also stylish. I own one myself, and it's pretty good, except for the heat exhaust.
I have a hard time believing that you got specs in an Apple computer that you'd get for the same price in a less branded mark. I'd like some sourcing on that, because it seems very unlikely with what I know about Apple and their products.
User avatar #125 to #68 - toxichospital (06/19/2014) [-]
Which is a nice feeling, to be sure.
User avatar #54 to #43 - sketchE (06/19/2014) [-]
i just hate everything apple. i dont want to be charged a thousand for what is literally a toshiba computer in a fancy case
#260 to #54 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
There is a reason why university research labs and professors use apple products. But you don't need it, you probably only need a web bowser.
User avatar #310 to #260 - sketchE (06/19/2014) [-]
because theyre idiot proof?
#51 to #43 - logindp (06/19/2014) [-]
I use both, and only thing that bothers me a bit is that close minimalize and zoom buttons are on opposite sides
#47 to #43 - majordraco (06/19/2014) [-]
As a Linux PC user I respect your opinion.
As a Linux PC user I respect your opinion.
#214 to #47 - thiswasnttaken (06/19/2014) [-]
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