9 amazing natural phenomenons. Not mine, but something that I found really cool. Source: www.sciencedump.com/content/9-ridiculously-cool-natural-phenomena-infog Nature phenomenon cool breathtaking science
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9 amazing natural phenomenons

These rare shapes are formed when a mass of snow either
falls or is blown by the wind. If it manages to catch on to
some other snow, and gravity or the wind is in its favor,
then the new snowball will roll itself in the exact same
way we all used to. In this case, though, the middles tend
to collapse to create a donut shape.
Here' s another phenomenon that has to do with ice
crystals in the atmosphere. Like fire rainbows, sun dogs
are massive halos in the sky as a result of light
refraction, though in this case, they appear
to actually encircle the sun.
When the surface of the sea freezes - such as around
the north and south poles - it does so in a way that forces
pockets of especially cold and salty seawater to
gather on the underside of the ice.
And yes, it' s exactly what it sounds like - a lightning
storm that takes place in the middle of a volcanic
If the conditions are right, the sun' s rays are so hot that
they can actually sublimate fields of snow - meaning
that the frozen water vaporizes without ever becoming
a liquid.
A supercell is basically a stronger, more tornado-
enabled version of a regular storm cell. This is because
superballs have the tendency to spin around it lot, but
also because superballs can actually create tornadoes.
They only occur when the sun is at least 58 degrees
above the horizon, when there are cirrus clouds
in the sky that are filled with ice crystals.
The unique formations are a result of lava Rows
cracking as they cool, in a perpendicular direction to
the original flow.
They' re buildups of ice particles around the base of
certain plants and types of wood.
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#1 - bakly (08/13/2014) [-]
Dat ass
User avatar #24 to #1 - lecorbi (08/13/2014) [-]
i readed 'sun dong' the first time

its not a dong, but fits correctly in this situation
#69 to #1 - Rascal (08/14/2014) [-]
User avatar #78 to #1 - kjoni (08/14/2014) [-]
**** you cannot unsee
User avatar #3 to #1 - muffindemon (08/13/2014) [-]
I'm not the only one who saw an ass?
#10 to #3 - sytheris ONLINE (08/13/2014) [-]
#9 to #1 - Monopolus (08/13/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#4 to #1 - ninjabadger ONLINE (08/13/2014) [-]
Pussy of the Gods   
Or Solaire finally found his Sun
Pussy of the Gods

Or Solaire finally found his Sun
User avatar #16 to #4 - yowutis (08/13/2014) [-]
www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9x_koRZ2bA start at 2:19 it explains the picture.
#8 - lucariopwnz (08/13/2014) [-]
Don't forget about these scary mother *******
#19 to #8 - platinuminfernape (08/13/2014) [-]
Never forget.
#2 - goobyman (08/13/2014) [-]
minecraft IRL
inb4 this joke has been done before. i know.
User avatar #54 to #2 - megusters (08/14/2014) [-]
That's actually in Belfast where my girlfriend lives, I can ask her to take some pictures for me when she visits it I think in a few days
#6 to #2 - tacticalhog (08/13/2014) [-]
No, this is minecraft IRL
Took the pic myself, If you are really obsessive about it I could prove it if you want.
it's called Sonic Ethers Shader Mod
#22 to #6 - Rascal (08/13/2014) [-]
do you know what IRL stands for? because it's pretty sure not what you think it is
User avatar #40 to #22 - tacticalhog (08/14/2014) [-]
I just mean if Minecraft were to be more realistic, this is what it would look like in real life.
#13 - include (08/13/2014) [-]
an attempt was made
#18 to #13 - onemoreminute (08/13/2014) [-]
these are always gold
these are always gold
#21 - localbees (08/13/2014) [-]
You don't have to tell a Nebraskan what a supercell is.
User avatar #91 to #21 - AztecJew (08/14/2014) [-]
that makes me glad I can never return to Nebraska
User avatar #98 to #91 - localbees (08/15/2014) [-]
Um. Do I want to know?
User avatar #99 to #98 - AztecJew (08/15/2014) [-]
got pulled over by probably the oldest cop in the Nebraska State Troopers while passing on a two way road. I only went 8 over the speed limit but he followed me about a half mile before pulling me over. He admitted that it wasn't technically illegal but that I didn't need to go that fast to pass so he wrote me a ticket. I explained that I was living in DC. I would not be back in Nebraska for a court date, even though I was innocent of any crime, so by issuing me a ticket, knowing that I lived on the opposite end of the country and could not appear to defend myself that he was forcing me into an admission of guilt which was not due process. He then got angry and sent me off with a $250 ticket. I never paid, never went back. A friend of mine works for a large legal office in DC and was able to look up my record. I'm listed as wanted in Nebraska for, and I quote, "Reckless driving, Racketeering and enthusiastic corruption of the general good..."

Apparently the cop was older than I thought because the last two sounded like charges from the 1800's.
User avatar #100 to #99 - localbees (08/15/2014) [-]
Haha, what the **** ? Yeah, you never wanna make the State Troopers angry for any reason.
******** speeding tickets are their favorite things
User avatar #106 to #100 - AztecJew (08/15/2014) [-]
yeah, fortunately I didn't see anything I'd wanna go back and see again during my visit haha
User avatar #107 to #106 - localbees (08/15/2014) [-]
Eh, it's not that great after the first 15 times. College World Series is okay, but I don't really like baseball.
User avatar #108 to #107 - AztecJew (08/15/2014) [-]
Nor I my friend
#86 to #84 - localbees (08/14/2014) [-]
Resisting urge to start spewing Nebraska facts...
User avatar #88 to #86 - buttinspecter (08/14/2014) [-]
No thanks. I already know enough about corn.
User avatar #102 to #88 - localbees (08/15/2014) [-]
We have the best zoo in the world.
User avatar #109 to #102 - buttinspecter (08/15/2014) [-]
Is every exhibit a species of corn?
User avatar #110 to #109 - localbees (08/15/2014) [-]
Lots of cows and soybeans in there too
#27 to #21 - saltyfries (08/13/2014) [-]
go badgers
#31 to #30 - saltyfries (08/13/2014) [-]
wut was it supposed to be?
#51 to #31 - localbees (08/14/2014) [-]
I don't actually remember.
User avatar #52 to #51 - saltyfries (08/14/2014) [-]
ok so apparently, if I click them they appear... hmmm...

anyway, I"m looking forward to our first Divisional Meeting this year, and provided we somehow beat LSU (which I don't think we will considering the LSU defense...), I hope it will be a barn burner of a game
#53 to #52 - localbees (08/14/2014) [-]
I don't actually like football in the slightest
I don't actually like football in the slightest
User avatar #55 to #53 - saltyfries (08/14/2014) [-]
meh, it's fine, there's another Nebraska dude on here, and he's a huge Cornhusker fan, and native to Lincoln I believe, you'll find him generally on the sports board
User avatar #56 to #55 - localbees (08/14/2014) [-]
I'm from Omaha, **** Lincoln.
User avatar #58 to #56 - saltyfries (08/14/2014) [-]
huh... normally when I meet someone from my state I'm happy to find them regardless where they're from... (unless they're from Kaukana, smelliest city on earth) what's wrong with Lincoln?
User avatar #61 to #58 - localbees (08/14/2014) [-]
Is that where that awesome cheese dip stuff is from?
User avatar #63 to #61 - saltyfries (08/14/2014) [-]
ok so after a little research, yes and no, the cheese used to be made there, but now it's made by Bel/Kaukauna in the neighboring village of Little Chute, learn something new everyday...
#65 to #63 - localbees (08/14/2014) [-]
Man, I love the internet!
Man, I love the internet!
User avatar #66 to #65 - saltyfries (08/14/2014) [-]
I go through Little Chute a lot, never knew it was there... It's just southwest of Green Bay, they have a minor league baseball team down there, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.
User avatar #67 to #66 - localbees (08/14/2014) [-]
Go in for a free sample next time!
User avatar #60 to #58 - localbees (08/14/2014) [-]
Eh, nothing really. UNL kids are douches though.
#17 - statikz (08/13/2014) [-]
that last one
User avatar #5 - Tusura (08/13/2014) [-]
Whoever passed up the opportunity to call those Snownuts is an imbecile.
User avatar #59 to #5 - gandolfthefabulous (08/14/2014) [-]
when I was in grade two i would carve discs out of hard ground snow, poke a hole in them and sell them on the playground as snownuts. Some people threw them, some people ate them, and some rich kids would buy **** tons of them as sort of status symbols and stockpile them in snow forts.
And that's how I afforded got my first pokemon game
#28 to #5 - becauseyoutoldmeto (08/13/2014) [-]
Because that sounds like snow testicles.
#73 - garymotherfingoak (08/14/2014) [-]
**** this house in particular
#89 - icoherent (08/14/2014) [-]
Super cell
#83 - transformnerdtwo (08/14/2014) [-]
Look at all that funny.
User avatar #85 to #83 - lostxprophit (08/14/2014) [-]
looks more like a chick's thigh gap cX
User avatar #87 to #85 - cormy (08/14/2014) [-]
that's the joke.
#41 - jackdaw (08/14/2014) [-]
#44 - ryapot (08/14/2014) [-]
WWE's Paige is the most amazing natural phenomenon in the world
User avatar #75 to #44 - hopporto ONLINE (08/14/2014) [-]
Is there a bigger version of that? damn
#101 to #75 - ryapot (08/15/2014) [-]
stay thirsty, my friend
User avatar #103 to #101 - hopporto ONLINE (08/15/2014) [-]
#93 to #44 - alphadolan (08/14/2014) [-]
Damn I would beat that like Christy Mack
Damn I would beat that like Christy Mack
#95 to #93 - theshade (08/14/2014) [-]
Too soon dude
Too soon dude
#43 - gearshift (08/14/2014) [-]
Roll clouds
#46 to #45 - gearshift (08/14/2014) [-]
And wall clouds

I like clouds
User avatar #50 to #42 - upyourarsinal ONLINE (08/14/2014) [-]
ride the lightning x eruption
metallica and van halen, awesome bands
#57 - chewythewolftwo (08/14/2014) [-]
My car's exhaust did the snow donuts when I got stuck in the snow last winter. I'd never seen them before, I was blown away.
#15 - Rascal (08/13/2014) [-]
actually saw one of these last winter
#38 - lyestcer (08/14/2014) [-]
Gonna be honest, when I read the first two, I thought this was a fake list.
Gonna be honest, when I read the first two, I thought this was a fake list.
User avatar #37 - monkeysniper (08/14/2014) [-]
Volcanic lightning looks like one of the most badass things in existence
User avatar #11 - ihateelfs (08/13/2014) [-]
sundogs look like god drew a girl with a majestic glowing pussy
User avatar #12 to #11 - ihateelfs (08/13/2014) [-]
i should have read the rest of the comments first
#94 - soulknitter ONLINE (08/14/2014) [-]
Hell yeah new spells for skyrim!
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