4 chan gold worth the long read. Found this in a gold of 4chan thread last night. Funny .. Anonymous [IO ) / DE/ 13( Mott) 22 no No 492036419 me. day after t wa 4chin
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4 chan gold worth the long read

4 chan gold worth the long read. Found this in a gold of 4chan thread last night. Funny .. Anonymous [IO ) / DE/ 13( Mott) 22 no No 492036419 me. day after t wa

Found this in a gold of 4chan thread last night.
Funny ****.

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Anonymous [IO ) / DE/ 13( Mott) 22 no No 492036419
me. day after t wattle t dednt get my tame but t also no longer need taem Basically t felt We now Petersen's tn (me Space when he gets hypnotized
to make work a Mme more interesting Go clock tn and then return to my car and take three shots tn the parking tot before work
tastee a upped
mother manage leaves Deane to conitnue and st tn break room tor a sow a hours smug mod t want
tacos tn the ktichen lunch rush / e drunk Cooks thought l was funny as tuck
strunk as tuck
woman starts tn dave through
my to hnd out whats on
sne says "t went to another Mcdonalds somewhere else and they screwed up my order They sent me ths coupon tor a tree meat. w/ l you except n here?"
Sure no problem (F (We stem supposed to because we dont get money back tor other stores coupons But We a snot
set 'Okay well t on n at my house Could youjust alve me the tree meat and must sort afloat l up when t get home’/"
drunk at ths pom! tot pretty contused
mm no man we cannot do that'
must stamina window and walk away, no tucks gaven
sne came back taternuts acouple and t told ner t wouldnt serve ner because "ner attitude made my statute's threatened
Anonymous on ) / 13( 24 as No
2 we Tome
set to work, been a few days sums t stopped canny
a Mt box Mite tn my trunk want to see now much t can dunk more my Sims over
snug a bunch then clock tn
Donner manager has been suspecting tor a / e that We been and getitng nton on taem Cant say anytihng accuse me because corporate rule about employee respect tot He leaves
iparty Tune
Portends come menu store, we smoke and play Hokey sack tor about an hour {refute we start outside the bulldog
meast forward he a hours alter my began, we been mime the store tor a total om minutes that smite Mme
a inks outside. took: rusted, obiously been on there tor months
set even more we, Mends and t spend an tour sellng who can race n around the store fastest
we calls store
Ola manager a bicycle outside the store
Mot t dunno, t wanna a mks someone had tat outside
we ohlol crazy customers
MMFW t managed to go around our store tn 25 seconds, a new record tonne (made Franz's
Anonymous no ) / DE/ 13( Mott) 22 at 31 No 492038482
3 we Gamble)
severot weeks sums t stopped canny Morale at all (true tow Mcdonalds employees Awe n because they can do whatevergoes want as tong as work ends up getitng done and customers dont get passed
turns every an minutes to smoke pot tn the freezer
mone employee brings a Hoot bong each day now, doesnt even twin hde n
staines l tn the freezer out tn the open tor other employees to use at w/ l
so tn use bong, smoke a
super nton
so outside. walk around "Patroons tor mist" tot
mend up runnang out otitis
wave store to go to / powerhouse nearby to buy
mend up a square bet on the horse races
stt at harm a / e and nave a dank
some haematite store as ts?! minutes tater
MMFW everyone was to nton to even Hume t on
MMFW t won 25 on the square bet
Anonymous no as as No 492039363
4 we Dounuts)
drunk at work one . agaen
gammy at on the computer tn the breakroom. browsing b and sht
wear a crash outside the garage door
so outside store to investigate
mewo drunk spontan teens have ht the was door on the back Dime store and dented the tuck out oft
get out all apologetic
rottens smoke me up
them to gave me a dub sack and tta We them tree fund
set tree weed
on manager tot
spontan lads ended up pa% across the street at restaurant because they deemed any netting our store they were too drunked dave
passed out tn the lawn Mitts store and stem We 3 hours more they drove at
Godspeed drunk spontan kds
Anonymous an ) / DE/ 13( Mott) 22 44: 13 No 492040782
5 (l dont get pad enough torents SN!)
one . gooing was usual
match ass manager keeps snowing up an minutes to an hour late
employees keep snowing up an minutes to an hour late as well
ccant keep my stat because Is not they have to work attunes
my getitng employees Is not cont
managerially at me and tells me the stat 'have them customs'
you, close lobby between tn - 11 pm sums not enough stat For some reason one swam lug rush hours
sure to send employees nome on (true Not my tucking problem tta do but no one else does
stans around doors that are locked sayang "Store closed tor an hour please consult the manager at ll wth concerns"
you manager
MMFW he was intime the next
Anonymous no ) / / 13( Mott) 22 50 18 No 492041946
HOOKUP game)
s couple months now stuns t stopped caring about much as a manger at Mcdonalds
stat and t come up wth ths game / e nton called the "HOOKUP Game'
reheat ts to nave derpthrough stat identity Nee people tn dave through (You know those wno say thanks or hello, not asking tor much)
someone ts targeted the Object mime game ts to we anemone most food possable wth that order Ordered a a [mace untaken nugget? SUPRISE MUTHERFUCKER YOU JUST GOT LARGE
sence n was dave through we could get away wth n because most people dave at before checking that fund
std ths all the tme
approvement tn the genera attitudes overtime
Anonymous an ) 07/ as as No 492042926
7 (Art incadent tn the storage room)
Hae at work one day
super nton
ms t mentioned earthed one Dime employees had started keeping a bong tn the [tine t was awesome
sot thm Mme Winn nton
MAKE that Mud where starts getitng blury
mrhat nton
to do an inventory check
staes can Pots are next on the llst
Try upthe stdy Mme storage racks to the top we
up and lose my gun
an a sparto catch musette latch on to a case on cote pots go ground and smash
twatting. nton as tuck. what ts gouty on
more boxes smash tutu the ground
l twp Mitts rack
wno on the cote Pots
MMFW tn seconds t smashed to out Mme 18 coke pots we had tn the store because nton
MMFW ktichen stopwatches the whole thog happen
MMFW Blamed n on the manager tot
Anonymous no ) 23 0713 No 492044985
an (mugs)
another as a manger at mcdonalds
buzzed and nton but not bad Just tn the breakroom Aqua Teen Hunger Force and icecream sundaes
scream tom ktichen
so to investigate
seems normal
start asking two cooks whats goong on
tn me that they are on and
wwut tot
SWW can handle ourselves dude dont worry, you wont near any more screams'
Otherguy 'Wat you heard screams wut?"
guy ‘Whose screaming?"
walk out
so backto Master Shake beat up Meatwad / e dressed as Nevada
no minutes before my ts over t go to the ktichen the galls nave been tuned 90 degrees and took tucked up
torn WM who were on acd are gone
soon tonne want to know whythe galls are pushed around
m" So you can clean benton them, Is very dirty"
Fuck you employees
Anonymous no ts no No 492047048
9[ Where dd that come (tom)
drunk one
my mcdonalds
strange key wth other employee wno ts guy t get nton wth at work
spend tours out where the key goes
we hnd out
Go upthere, Is cool as tuck
smoke a ow bowls torn a bong
mother employee who ts outwork and watting tor we comes up
we can call han Alex
looks marine edge Mme root. Is land ottooh actually
Mott mower sees han smoking ms my
at Mm tor smoking on the root. ths doesnt seem We an appropriate use , are you even allowed to smoke upthere blah blah blah
wont counter employee comes to get me
btch wants to speaked a manager
spend a ow seconds getitng my nton so t dont laugh at ths woman
ner tta handle the wine and Just walk away / e shes SUN yapping god Just shut the tuck up
walks upfront, She wares at mm He ts aboutit grab MS hat and leave when t see ner say sometihng under ner breath at Mm
constantly t see Ale's
we calmly goes over and makes a we cream cones and leaves
btch eventually leaves
Wat Mott suddenly comes back
wok out window to see the soupcon's Alex made decorating Fat Attunes car The whole car ts covered, cant even see through the tron
r" Mam we have a tot his because ofa nearby school, they do pranks We thm team help you
watc away
tostino keybo the out where l went
Untamed n on the manager tot
Anonymous no ) 23 31 28 No 492049081
mu (You tink t gave a sht about company moms?)
working a lunch smt one day Posed at because boss ts there
no boss ts coming to Inspect the store tomorrow and everyting has to be perfect
phucker keeps at me even though m not the manager store Malay. asking why all ths sht the manager em‘! should have done done
t. persevere Its only a ow hours mutt he leaves
calls me mm we
starts me about how he found am unexpired attk tn the tron comet
my and expiate now t was tn the ktichen the whole [tine because NOT RUNNING THE FUCKING SHIFT
conitnues to rant and rant and tell me needs to be perfect blah blah blah
leaves wth Other manager. Matty t can run my emit
wake a Camus. get a buzzed
ccant shake the Boss' s rant about the expired M/ klug Get super posed
so Antoine Canter
see 5 out Mine 8 boxes automatons and 3 out Mine a boxes Muted ts expired
mug about these two products ts managers w/ l when try to past experation because they really dont go bad tor one some (true past the written date
you boss
marrow all that SM away
really l up tn the inventory system
dawns store runs out automatons twine sandstones and lettuce forthe salads Have to stop sew salads and stop making sandstones wth tomatoes Boss calls me mm one
smite on the tastee a as t see my Boss' s boss ts tn too
wt was expired. boss t really (Dunn heart what you sad yesterday (C
s boss "Wu was expired you dd awed thog son Seems We you need to retraen whoever ts mung inventory boss"
MMFW boss does inventory
you boss
Anonymous no ) / as as No 492050940
am (Free meals tor everyone)
another shn at Mcdonalds
setting outside smoking my cigarette God tut nton
a background tutu. we Just recenlty began a promotion where you hung tn a coupon and you can get buy one get one Macs
we are supposed to put these coupons tn ten bags that go out dave through
twee comes out to me Hey we are out forthe dave through Got anymore?
w En tta go too
so backto owe. and start ratting around contend SM. a stack Matti: and see a picture We Hg Mac on them these must be l
this through stat
goes on as usual getitng even more nton tn the the communit bong
so up tron to check on employees
the cards t gave the employees says Value Meal on taem
m" Present (ms card at a Mcdonalds restaurant tor a tree Value Meal on M
mourns pasta hours every carseat has gone through has received one Mme coupons we gave to customers wno complain Coupons who meats
stack had over no cards tn l when t gave n to them Is down to less than 30
lentus Risa
set more mime cards and get the We my
even noitced whatthe cards are Prefect
come tn and replace my stat
start handing out the cards as expected
manageresses over shn
MMFW Boss gets posed at manageress tree meat cards Instead Mme promo cards
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