20 more factoids. . 20 Interesting Facts with Sources To check the sources and read more vi . The wreck of the Titanic is being consumed by metal eating bacteri facts
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20 more factoids

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20 Interesting
Facts with Sources
To check the sources and read more vi .
The wreck of the Titanic is being consumed by
metal eating bacteria at an estimated rate of
180 kg (400 pounds) per day.
Historically, milk is added before the tea and it
was a sign of wealth when someone added
their milk afterwards, as pouring tea with low
quality porcelain would break the cup.
A sailor in the British Royal Navy mag only grow
a heard ifthey can achieve a 'respectably full
Flying has become so safe that you could fly
every dag for an average , 000 gears
before being in a fatal crash.
A Chinese male spy pretended to be a woman
and had an ongoing gear sexual
relationship with a French diplomat
which even 'produced' a child.
The Dutch East India Company was the most
valuable company ever in world history. with
a value an million Dutch guilders, adjusted
to 2012 dollar values it was worth an trillion.
Some fruit spreads use 3 different types of
sweeteners. Why 3? Because if the company used
only 1, it would have to list "sugar" as the first
item on the ingredient list. By spreading the
impact over three sweeteners, it can push fruit to
the top of the list and hide the sweeteners below.
A software company buried a , 000 prize deep
in its Terms of Service to see if anyone actually
read them. After 5 months and over 3, 000 sales,
someone finally asked about the prize.
Before appearing in his first movie, Arnold
Schwarzenegger was already a self made
millionaire at 22 years old thanks to his
investments in real estate and a railroader
bodybuilding equipment company.
In Japan, if you commit suicide by jumping in
front of a train, rail companies charge your
family a fee.
Some German cities have public "art libraries",
named Antother, where you pay up to five Euros
to borrow paintings and sculptures from local
artists to put into your own home for several
In 1995, a man robbed a bank with lemon juice
on his face. Since lemon juice makes for
invisible ink he thought it would render his
face invisible on camera.
Norwegians pay half tax in November, so
everyone has more money for Christmas.
Sony and other] aptness companies have
banishment rooms where they transfer surplus
employees and give them menial or useless tasks
or even nothing to do until they become depressed
or disheartened enough to quit on their own, thus
not getting full benefits.
When asked what his IQ was, Stephen Hawking
said ''I have no idea. People who boast about
their IQ are losers".
During the Korean War Air Force pilot] ames
Eisner successfully "pushed" his wingman' s
incapacitated jet fighter into friendly territory
using the nose of his own jet. A maneuver that
had never been attempted before.
A man named Albert Lexie has shined shoes at the
Children’ s Hospital of Pittsburgh for 36 gears. He
donates everything over per shine to the
hospital. He has contributed over during his
time there.
The most successful interrogator of WWII preferred
friendliness to torture. He would take prisoners to
the zoo and even arranged for one prisoner to
enjoy a flight in a German fighter plane.
In 1962 the CIA tipped off South Africa' s
intelligence service about the location of Nelson
Mandela, leading to his arrest that put him in jail
for 27 gears.
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