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#69 to #11 - kamdonius (11/23/2013) [-]
One does not simply "fly" into Mordor.
User avatar #37 to #11 - grandlordchicken (11/23/2013) [-]
What would it be like if The Lord of the Rings was remade in a modern day setting? I imagine Sauron having a ICBM and the one ring being a nuclear warhead. I guess the hobbits would be hobos? Would the nazgul be bikers?
#43 to #37 - tlstheseen (11/23/2013) [-]
Actually, look at it like this: In the 1940s, the Nazis were developing a secret weapon called "die glocke" to help them take over the world. It has been said to have the ability (if put to use) to create extremely powerful sources of energy, rifts in time and/or space, and to be used as an engine, superweapon, antigravity device and even bioweapon. Anyone who had control over it could pretty much control the whole darn tootin' planet, and any who decided to **** with us. It was lost after world war II, and went into the hands of the U.S. government (allegedly) who have since grown old and slightly crazy. It may still exists.. legends whisper of it's raw power... and whomever should uncover it would have the power to raise or raze worlds. Who seek it? The warrior men of America? The noble gentry of the United Kingdom? The strong hordes of Russians? The mystics of India? The South Americans? Or the mad dictators of Korean and the Middle East, with their intermediary China, who await the one thing that can raise them to a level of power held by superpowers of the Great War? They need a weapon.... One Bell to Rule them all... One Bell to find them.... One Bell to burn them all.... and of the survivors, bind them.
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