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American's fw this post +1377 i bet you kiss books faget +619
Picture +612 My dad sells pickles. Like, a **** ton of pickles… +518
I'd rather be in you +485 if America sets the "standards" then why is it only … +453
pledge of allegiance every day sounds pretty much like this +427 **youborn rolled image ** alternative girls in my town +424
Yeah, but there's also a plane in the picture. +413 has this ***** even hit puberty yet? LOOK AT HIM.… +394
here you go +387 It's much better in video form +376
Picture +375 "How high are you?" "Eight hours." +345
wow a bar like that would be a cesspool of autism, retardation… +293 Plot twist, the remote control was for the van. +289
Then congrats for living in equalityville. +288 Some peeps dealing with losing loved ones during 9/11 taking t… +278
Picture +269 little boy is alpha as **** +267
I don't understand is anon just super beta or why is he handli… +265 You have drug advertising? +254
Picture +252 put your dick in it +247
Picture +243 Picture +238
Shepherd's pie. You made him a shepherd's pie. +235 wow, someone's buttshurt +234
imma debunk your **** ***** - Hi… +217 Picture +215
I was raped by a woman on my way home once. I wa… +214 **anonymous rolled image ** anal +211
Now we wait for the femi-nazis +209 be more impressed if her legs were open and it went in there t… +206
Those nets seem more like a challenge rather then a deterrent. +202 jesus what a prick. +187
this car looks like a piece of **** +181 What the **** ? That was 3 years of work to create… +171
MFW reading this +170 inb4 everyone calls that woman a stupid bitch this is from… +167
Gets too many bitches, so he dances by himself. What a champ +166 The first one is kind of philosophical...to kneel in front of … +163
Picture +162 Picture +161
You really cant get an understanding of how much … +159 Sounds great, how's Eurabia treating you? +159
Penn also said that he fully supports Christians preaching to … +158 alpha as **** +157
I'd be proud. A) You can say "I'm in the business of … +155 fix'd it +152
you only get one shot +143 Hey, it's this guy! +141
**newdevyx rolls 3** It's not happening +140 Picture +140
Everytime i get to the frontpage, I stick the comment i like t… +140 Can you guys not thumb it down because it's too long to read? … +139
we're going it again +137 I feel so bad for the little guy +135
the dog must be thinking >i'll get you! i'll get you! … +133 it just had to be done +128
soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer… +127 Soda keeps being soda. Having a car is cool. Taxes suck, but w… +126
i can only eat these burgers from burger king thats all i … +126 **** that boy's smooth. +125
Yep, because everyone knows correlation = causation. +124 Well, one of them is really advanced, has brand new features a… +123
Vegetables. +121 Even as a 1st gen American of Italian descent, I still do this… +121
This gif is funny in its own right. But bringing this… +120 Picture +117
I can tell that you're an idiot +116 The comment section disgusts me. "That guy had sex when h… +116
Picture +114 I do not care about what people may think of him, Arnold is on… +114
To address number 17: Big portion sizes = big ***** +114 ... and covered in blood... +113
Heard you were talkin **** +111 Picture +110
Post on Tumblr, let anarchy ensue. +109 As an italian, not only I confirm this but I'll throw in that … +109

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