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**** . I lowered the shield because this … +581 Finding Nemo 2: The Desert Conflict +564
Picture +516 When people think the world revolves around them +414
"Locks are promoting burglary culture. Teach burglars to … +407 What the **** did you just ******* s… +388
ugly is my trigger word, check your privilege +373 No, it means Fuhrer Heil Reich Invade The Poland +371
I believe I may just be relevant here. +367 >piss drunk >"Don't send me to Ireland" … +335
Women need to understand that men need clear signals, not keep… +333 FJ gets a 6% commission when you use our link! +328
prolly a marine or somethin. they dont like being called soldiers +308 Picture +308
shoot em in the head and move on? +305 Picture +302
Picture +297 I made one for us spent way too much time … +296
Satire in support of women? That won't go down too well on the… +290 Picture +287
Picture +277 Picture +267
oh vey good sir care to buy some wares? +250 obviously that wasnt the purpose, its more that its easy stora… +244
the muffled laugh +244 you're the worst kind of person. +241
Picture +231 Portal 2.5 +230
Someone had to do it +226 Picture +219
"counter-terrorists win" +218 Only for you gemleonn +217
Really? Really? Ridiculous. I don't even know what to say abo… +216 Not how I remember Ukraine +213
At least he got some ice on it immediately +211 **anonymous rolled image ** MFW I'm the favorite child +211
**** that **** +205 The last part wasn't even funny +204
**burpityhatburp rolled image ** love you to bruh +198 Picture +197
>ever show whats on your PC to anyone ever +186 Merica every damn day +186
And they'd always say "It's just a game, there's no reas… +183 Baby wipes are one of the best portable ways to keep relativel… +179
that is what i like to call a the good start to a really … +176 You and Carlos need a yotube channel or some **** … +174
UPGRADE COMPLETED +174 I think you're generalising both men and women because I know … +172
So, if protecting women promotes rape culture, the obvious sol… +169 Say whatever **** you want for red thumbs, but le… +168
That makes me want a bird +166 tfw you will never be able to ravage entire indigenous populations +163
Picture +162 Police Brotality* +161
Picture +160 Picture +160
**mahusername rolled image ** hfw she gets the letter +159 Picture +158
I'm a drimosexual quintuple amputee giraffes throat and this i… +157 Picture +157
No other animals on the planet figured out how to go to space … +157 Guinness beer probably contains trace amounts of fish bladders… +155
Yeah but have you ever tried wiping your ass with a CD-ROM? Th… +149 Donging Intensifies +148
But wait! There's more! +148 Plays terrorist so good CT shows up to his house in real life. +146
Soo hooot +144 If a child says you're ugly you push his fat ass down and stuf… +139
It's the swing set all over again... +138 How did you have any points left for Intelligence if you've sp… +138
Picture +136 >not saying something like "and he sticks the landing&… +135
Picture +135 One time I made plans with this girl I just got in a relations… +132
"gold fish" you ******* casual that… +131 No OP, it was not worth the read. The ending was bad and… +129
i feel like they really have. +128 The first one is okay, the second one is idiotic +126
It´s like the view the male gender as a united people. … +125 She won't be a vegan with my meat in her mouth +124

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