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**nufull rolled image ** xxx sonic fan xxx gtg fast +1694 "Doesn't afraid of anything" +1423
this man got it with captcha so he is no bot he just … +762 2spooked2login 'cause Halloween +662
So basically the past you developed the same fetish for women … +626 the difference of an idiot and a brave woman +540
Getting hit in the face by a dick doesn't count. +531 I picked my two +522
>Be me >Be 17 >Watch porn >"oh ma… +429 first +429
Tell them... I went fast... +411 She thirsty +395
"Hey do you want to hear an interesting fact?" &… +395 Because you're not supposed to put your finger on little boys.… +395
Please film me while I slowly suffocate to death! +388 Zoe Quinn, thus forcing everybody to register. +385
Shes just mad because her chin has a nicer ass than she does. +375 Picture +362
**ryjed rolled image ** well did you? +359 oh fuq. +350
> Her first love .. Poor girl..? +344 Anomalous. Change deleted comment to "Damage con… +344
**** +328 you could say they caught him on tape +316
Picture +306 That'll be 45$ please. +300
she was so under that car. that man moved a arm and saved a li… +287 I'm too black to go to any year before the last 2 decades. +273
where's the bomb where's the bomb where's the bomb where's the… +270 but that's where you're wrong, admin funnyjunk IS my life +269
Hensley got them crazy eyes. . . +260 Picture +259
Picture +254 Maggie's adopted!? +251
I had a cute girl once desperately tring to flirt with me. … +234 Except you don't breast feed something with teeth. +230
It's such an intensely touching story, and you are using it fo… +224 what can i say, success breeds jealousy +223
Yeah, splattered across (the road) +218 > Grampa wants to spare > Don't want to hurt grampa … +216
ENTER THE CAPTCHA ***** +206 Picture +204
But we're not talking about sports. We're talking about eSport… +204 Picture +197
"Guise, I'm out of fuel." "Guise?" +196 Geckosandcheerios was truly the greatest spammer this site ever had. +196
Picture +195 Gettin' real tired of your **** , Fred. +194
Season 5 +190 ok it's this now +188
you're right, a little old for my taste +188 going from squinty ching chong to squinty ching chong in 3 seconds +188
OH my ******* god! And they're getting rid of Kor… +182 My 15 year old self was into some more softcore **** +182
More than 7 million people live in hong kong. That means there… +180 i'm sorry sir +178
Picture +177 How does he not have his own asteroid belt with the sheer size… +177
Because the pie chart one was so god dayum impossible to read,… +169 AVENGE MEEE EEEE EEEE EEEEE EEEE ... +169
15th +169 This trend of having multiple gifs running simultaneously need… +168
**** , i'm so glad i decided to watch it with the … +168 Hehe weak people that actually gets hurt by the internet … +167
Let's leave our homes and backyards to go watch some dudes pla… +167 ur mum's butt lol +165
"Which Johnny Depp character do you want to be?" +165 Can I have white text? +165
**** you deadlydong +164 Ken M +163
1. For raping, killing, and kidnapping a woman you get life an… +163 Picture +161
Why would she be with you if shes mentally sane? +159 Picture +155
>find semi attractive girl who is single >she seems … +154 Still remember being scarred by this scene +151
This may seem insensitive, but if you're going to name a cat a… +150 a gif of the anime one. +150
Retail: Human Decency and patience training 101. +144 Well ain't you a little bitch. +144

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