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"Huh, that one looks like it's getting bigger." +583 Slowly reaching that conclusion. I nearly choked on laughter. +507
Like this? +471 Seriously. Is there anything worse than bureaucracy? +425
found the small dick midget +415 Picture +369
i'm learning english because so hotdog ding dong stop sign spe… +365 Skynet has begun +364
Then why didn't you ******* tell anybody +359 LMFAOOOOOOOOOO so glad the tumblr comments were added to the … +320
Google's engineers are at it again +318 First 4chan, now Reddit. FunnyJunk remains stronk. Th… +289
And the champ never felt prouder. +284 Picture +265
holy **** +254 did they meet after walking into a bar? +251
"zomg guyz todays kids only listen to rap and jayz and ka… +249 Nice job getting me to frontpage fags. +247
the description. 10/10 +246 seriously he is the ******* worst bad guy ever... every… +246
I know nothing about politics but when the second rule your co… +243 My buddy James when he was getting his drivers license did eve… +241
You finally have a fleshlight your size +223 Picture +215
Probably preaching to the choir: I don't have any tattoos. I p… +215 MFW Reddit Civil War MFW Tumblr Raid MFW 4Chan Exodus … +212
******* clever +210 don't forget Randy +206
wow, the US is even bigger than north america! +200 *two +197
Well, supposedly they were originally meant to be human CPUs, … +194 But chips are heavier than peppers. +192
when you have to point out you are a lesbian twice, it can lea… +186 The guy's laugh... +185
**drayn used "*roll picture*"** **drayn rolled image ** m… +182 Reddit's interface is ********* . Here, le… +181
When you're high and trying to walk past the cops +181 I had to dig up to page 150 of the study, to find that it is b… +181
The robots invented a cheap fuel for humans that they can surv… +171 Picture +171
Picture +171 learning russian so i can communicate with my team +170
Picture +168 **bloodrider used "*roll picture*"** **bloodrider rolled i… +165
What's the problem with polygamy anyway? If all the partie… +158 "my lord Sauron shall rule this Middle-earth +156
**whaawhaa used "*roll picture*"** **whaawhaa rolled image… +153 Picture +152
Nice to see battlefield getting new content +152 And here he is at his last supper. +149
what if you do this +147 Happy "You were once the greatest empire in the world and… +142
was expecting 9/11 +134 **blademontane used "*roll picture*"** **blademontane rolle… +133
Well hey there Comments section. Not doing anything ILLEGAL … +133 wait.. i know you +132
Picture +132 Picture +131
I've argued this before but- you need paperwork records for th… +130 D...Did i do it right? +129
Picture +129 Isn't the log button already on the calculators? +127
Only Tyrion could save his life by bragging about his average … +124 4chan would raid the vote in a goddamn heartbeat. +123
I tried. I really did. +122 Picture +121
Picture +121 I actually can't go lower than this... she got some big nips. +121
Picture +120 Picture +118
>2 years from now "my god, the cancer, it hurts." +118 Picture +118
My time has come +117 We were so preoccupied with whether or not we could that we di… +116
Picture +115 Picture +115
**vindicatedlich used "*roll picture*"** **vindicatedlich r… +114 I can see a looooooot of retards voting for her simply because… +112
When you wake up to this but realize you have no gf and you'r… +110 **lemonpizzapie used "*roll picture*"** **lemonpizzapie rol… +108

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