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Fool called the suicide delivery hotline. +959 You guys are all cunts. +487
Congrats! How Hard did he **** … +453 and that is when you ask her if she wants to earn some extra money +404
Picture +352 'waste management' is used in the italian-american mafia as a … +348
The actor that played this part had to get shocked with real e… +345 ...everyone managed to read it +327
that's badass most women have their babies in a hospital +317 Picture +317
Picture +312 Picture +305
Picture +304 Does she know? +292
10/10 Prevented the suicide permanently. +281 Biebergotswag did you forget which account you were on? +268
"Wait, did you hear something Mikhail?" "I … +257 Picture +252
When you are trying out new type of porn +246 >brake >brake >BRAKE >BRAKE +243
As a delivery driver myself, there's no way I'd follow instruc… +242 I regret this roll with a passion. +241
whos the lucky guy +234 I read too quickly and thought she said Gandalf +233
Cute. 9.5 quintillion kilometers. +231 Jurassic Park. … +211
Well I tried +209 Looks like the beginning of a ****** infomercial +191
he meets his wife and within 2 episodes she dies and he … +188 Dumb arse ******* sand monkeys. +184
Admin, is that you? +182 I wish I was a KKK Nazi Sock Puppet.... +182
Well... TECHNICALLY they prevented the suicide. +180 This has potential +178
Picture +167 It's beautiful. +164
oh sorry bro It's the fastest way to cook ravioli tho +155 You made me think something awful was going to happen. Glad I'… +152
BYEEEEAH +151 Picture +148
Anglosphere master race +147 But I'm Canadian and he was Canadian and it was in Canada. He … +146
Picture +139 Picture +133
Picture +133 Did you get change back? +131
What's sad about this is the obvious troll account is pretty d… +130 Picture +130
What if you were walking along that side of the street to begi… +128 commencing sudoku as we speak +126
Says the sonic fan +125 Picture +124
Picture +124 ***** you can't plant basil and then expect a … +123
Picture +122 **zacoren rolled comment #9870204 ** : Alright lesson tim… +122
That is straight up ice cold +120 This confused the hell out of me. I read the whole thing … +118
>suicide hotline on hold +118 My first FJ picture. +116
And that's why I can't have kids. +116 Did you seriously blank out the source? Kill yourself. +115
"I'm gonna need a clean up crew in aisle C2. Bring a body… +115 There's a time and place for everything, but when you've walke… +111
Someone's gettin' Jesus juice +110 Don't worry, your butt will get looser. It won't hurt as much … +107
And don't forget this gem. +106 Guys, he said if dubs, not if sextuples, **** ain… +103
Picture +103 Implying you wouldn't get the **** out after seei… +103
That's why you can't **** us +103 no, she's just borderline retarded +103
they both look like dicks pun not intended +102 Objects you use while acting I think +99
Some ISIS cunt killed a Canadian Guard. Seriously, Canada … +98 ok i'm calling it. War on ISIS is officially over. face it, yo… +97
>Openly displaying pictures of porn when you have a small c… +97 It decomposes the body so that it may be reused. 6/10. Mig… +96
Picture +96 Adolf Hitler was denied acceptance to art school. One thin… +95

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