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I hope the original cast of Star Trek shows up to his funeral … +432 "You are a funy woman Katy. That's why I'm going to kill … +350
someone tried to catfish me with Jlaw nudes like bruh … +337 "He's not really dead as long as we remember him." +334
Through the regular definition of the word +332 Edgy? Seemed more like an "even women hate feminazis"… +297
Lennon was the Steve Jobs of The Beatles... +295 ''The **** you lookin at **** boy?'' +290
my hardcore feminist roommate self-identifies as arabic, and g… +287 Didn't work for Pyro. +280
Informative and mildly racist? There's … +277 I wouldn't go near that baby, Gotham is dangerous at night. +263
real women have curves the michelin man has the most curve… +255 His last mistake* +255
how does being Jewish make her not white? +255 Mfw when the comments are all about how the facts are "wr… +251
Picture +249 Picture +245
*crunch crunch* Wow. Your waifu even taste like **** . +230 Im a huge Star Trek fan...this is almost like a brother died t… +229
Ah but imagine that first wank after a year +226 Picture +226
obligatory I suck with editing +221 come on bro. that is the definition of too soon. +219
that is no magician... it is a sand-witch! +218 I think he's confusing Notch with the numa numa guy... +210
Picture +208 Amazingly, it's the same people who would complain about being… +206
What's that, he said? Make more porn of Elizabeth from Bioshoc… +205 **glitchduck used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **glitchduck rolls 77** +201
Always relevant when crows are mentioned +199 **kingdaniel used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **kingdaniel rolls 00** +195
Old bf1942 pro showing some pro tactics +194 Mia Khalifa is getting really popular right now +194
Thats exactly what a closet molester would say +191 ''My job here is done.'' +188
Who should I do next? I've got Elvis Presley ready, but if you… +187 What if it was actually Mia Khalifa....and hot singles do liv… +183
Picture +180 Picture +178
R.I.P. you glorious pointy-eared bastard +175 I feel like captain kirk on the other side of that glass.....R… +173
In addition to what deathtobreakfast said, there are people wh… +169 Picture +168
Entire pages full of your precious daughter being stuffe… +167 Jarvis: The only thing in Iron Man better than tony himself. … +166
Picture +165 Picture +160
This guy is my new hero! the one in the white shirt of c… +159 bet he ****** her after +148
Picture +147 **anonymous rolled user joshlol ** ur a cunt +147
this version is superior +146 apology for poor english when were you when lenorn ninoy … +142
Picture +141 Who said it was a mistake? +140
Picture +139 >mfw you expect a black guy to ride his own bike to a full-… +139
dear drl, Madonna has yet to live through the blitz, own major… +138 Picture +138
What a bitch. Why would you wear a right shark hoodie? Left sh… +138 Citing wikipedia +137
ive always wanted a big black guy boyfriend with a sense of hu… +137 My grandfather was in WW2. He was at midway on a destroyer, an… +136
>Man sees a ripped guy >Damn I better go to the gym … +135 Lesbians like tits and they are gay. +132
As a black person, sometimes I wonder why I'm on FJ at this po… +132 Based Biscuit +131
Picture +130 I know that I'm apparently supposed to hate Kanye, but he's th… +130
Picture +129 Picture +128
NO. WE ARE NOT DOING THIS, YOU ***** +126 Kinda cute +124
Picture +121 do what you must, i have already won +120
Picture +119 your all loving this till you realize you cant jackoff +118
>le jet beems can't melt steel doges XDDDD +118 I wanna have secs with her thank you +116

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