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Good thing gay marriage is legal now because this post turned … +699 You want 72 Virgins? Too bad Here tiles **** you +581
Obligatory +483 **therockofshame used "*roll picture*"** **therockofshame r… +470
******* FAGGOT NORMIES FROM THE NORTH THE SOUT… +404 i read jew grill and thought this would be a nazi joke +394
Have this. +389 >try to engage in pvp >overpowered "police"… +381
I deed it +357 what the **** is wrong with you +340
This is one posibility, the angle has to be bigger than in the… +323 Always glad to help fight terrorists +299
**derius used "*roll picture*"** **derius rolled image ** +297 good art good story why the **** do i need tiddies … +296
Plot twist +265 Picture +260
>PHETA AHAHAHAHA +244 It's called a UNION; as long as these white people do not mov… +240
His Batellite +240 It still can't see your dick though. +235
How to fix red ring: Throw away xbox Buy a PC +232 Picture +229
it starts at that, then you hit that "apathy" phase,… +225 Hmm, Imma have to get a puppy. +217
:^) +216 TFW this is you +212
Picture +209 No wait 2 +205
Picture +200 Picture +198
Picture +198 Picture +198
It's so great to see how hard they try not to laugh +188 Here, are you happy now? +187
Yeah but every time you try and point it out you either get ca… +185 **Tusura used "*roll picture*"** **Tusura rolled image ** … +183
But then he should've been suspended for 4 days +180 Why didn't they call it Rex, as in, T-rex. I mean, come on. +180
10 likes and I go to starbucks with this as my background +178 Sounds more like a girl that knows she's decent looking. And k… +175
You're doing God's work. BUT.. I can't listen to that kid's sp… +174 *whispers* be respectful to strangers +168
Have you ever done something so unpleasant that your left arm … +168 Picture +166
I did a thing +165 Kill a bear? You're gonna get straight. I cant imagi… +164
>Rarely leave room >Leave Room >Snarky commen… +164 "I find your pain amusing" +162
**animesource used "*roll picture*"** **animesource rolled … +161 It's not something football players do, it's something success… +159
Picture +156 NOpe, the silent version is definitely better than that gurgling. +155
Picture +155 you should've also realize that moment that if she wants to br… +155
No McDonald's for you +154 Picture +152
**mydreams used "*roll picture*"** **mydreams rolled image… +152 If you couldnt figure this out by now that they pass con… +152
Surprised he didn't just go try and lead someone's kid off so … +150 I liked the relationship between Trunks and C18 better +150
this is actually the first comouflage i see that might actually help +150 >How to piss off the council 101 +148
1 day of suspension for every S in Distress, a fitting punishment +147 SAO is **** anime +147
Picture +145 Same here. MFW I run into the 12th feminist/fat people pos… +144
One of my personal favorites. +143 Picture +143
**thatlittledoll used "*roll picture*"** **thatlittledoll r… +142 The only reason why this one annoys me is that this guy … +141
Picture +141 **noobwilleat used "*roll picture*"** **noobwilleat rolled … +141
I don't really care, but I do think if the transgender person … +140 Picture +136
Picture +135 Picture +135
jesus **** +134 ah **** , I can't believe I've done this theta … +131
Picture +131 small dump, add some if you want +128

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