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now this is what I call ENTERTAINMENT. +535 Picture +532
**camoncrooked used "*roll picture*"** **camoncrooked rolle… +496 nice white text against a white shirt faggot +378
someone had to do it. +346 **skullhead rolled user admin ** just permaban me +309
Picture +281 Is this the japanese Monty Python? +274
he gone +267 Didn't know this was a thing +259
Picture +257 This episode was very insightful. Homer is falsely ac… +254
As a severe sufferer of hay fever I can safely say four sneeze… +237 My name is not important. +219
Crossfit seems like a sure way to die while ripping, tearing a… +219 tfw playing against japanese servers +216
it doesn't matter what video they're on, youtube comments are … +208 if he jumps the gays win. +207
this is the best thing ever +205 Picture +198
this is what happens if your company sells your soul... +189 Ya'll seriously expect me to believe this is a fashion blunder? +181
Oh man, the way he violently throws the **** off his de… +179 the idea that two people having said a similar sentence someho… +174
Well I mean the hammers could have also been made from the har… +171 Picture +168
i've heard of cowlicks...but never of ******** +164 "What the **** !?" I said. Then I looked u… +161
Picture +159 YES! +159
Guy in the blimp's reaction. +159 For the cop. +159
VLC delivering video codec +157 this was dark and ****** up as **** , like so… +155
Thumb up if you came from Funnyjunk +151 How many times do I have to teach you this lesson about yuri w… +150
FunnyJunk is a family friendly website for all ages +148 Picture +147
Picture +146 "i don't want to go" +143
>Scare guy >Get punched >Get mad at guy for p… +142 i just got one of those handle less segways. it was confusing … +141
Picture +138 death doesn't come back with 9 friends after you punch him +136
When the cops find out how rare the figures are. +136 Boob physics be like +135
that's not funny at all +135 Picture +134
I keep thinking I have reached the end of a comic, and then th… +134 Picture +132
**luciuseternal used "*roll picture*"** **luciuseternal rol… +132 as opposed to 2d prosthetics +131
wow a whole boob +129 Putting your kids into a doggy cage +129
guy in the blimps actual reaction. +129 Picture +128
SO THAT'S WHAT THAT'S FROM +125 it's a meme you dip +122
Not enough to be able to read it clearly ******** . +121 Picture +120
When Germany asks to repay debt +119 Magic Wand: 7 galleons Nimbus 2000: 340 Galleons Ron's… +117
Picture +116 Bruh... +114
Picture +113 Dick hhheheheehehahehea... +112
Tali best girl. +111 Pregnant girl using the life of unborn child to gain Facebook… +108
Prof. Apartment. +108 Number 1: spend some shekels +108
I do half those things. And **** the no-straws rule, yo… +105 Reblog Reblog REBLOG +105
Holy **** , the toy story one. +103 Why must such people exist? +102
drink water. what a challenge +101 the next day +101
Picture +100 John Cena +100
Picture +100 literally means the exact opposite of what you are trying to … +99

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