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Picture +421 funnyjunk in a nuthshell +384
>mfw I didn't realize the bird was knitted until the post m… +371 Congratulations dorfdorfdorf, iloveburzum, kageshi, screamingd… +344
"DON'T FORGET TO CLEAN THE BLOOD OFF THE MIRROR" … +334 It's okay, if you're still hankerin' for some pinecest, I got … +322
we could send extra poop it might make it less weird +298 Picture +297
Picture +286 Picture +265
2009 was 30 years ago. +258 Picture +252
"There are 10 basic rules" >only gives … +247 That's rough mate, but hard to compete with an entire country.… +246
Jews did the holocaust +230 Maybe this is why Mr. Krabs was so serious about not wanting S… +216
>TFW you'll never have an introverted qt 3.1415 GF, who has… +209 >Brandon and Clyde walk in wearing stripes >"St… +200
Picture +199 You forgot the most important one. Shame on you. +195
Technically it's right at least once a day. +193 ooh yesss my weekly fix, thank yo... wait a second...… +191
Enough blood to fill two humans +190 Ash actually noticing a girl in the show? Yeah, I believe that +190
comments be like +189 "wow that white boy just gave me $10. what a ******* … +187
WAIT MIKE WENT ON FJ GUYS WE'RE GETTING POPULAR +186 But Fat people don't get made fun of in the gym. It's a common… +185
And push it somewhere else? +184 tfw people hate you because of your "childish"/sexua… +182
Playing WoW with a beanbag chair as a mousepad You are t… +180 Picture +178
Picture +175 No offense, but whoever stays home is in charge of making dinn… +174
Game Sphere Cube Master Race +173 Picture +173
the one where they do the things +173 Haha. +172
the god damn project would cost more than 20 million. What the… +171 How about we take Bikini Bottom +170
Perhaps rather than just working on just strength, perhaps you… +168 As long as their is Jew. There will be "Muh Hol… +164
maybe you just cant see it because shes painting your dick? +163 ******* single gaming device faggot. +162
I'd honestly be happy with this ending. +158 nah. back in the real days, we met there +157
**************** . +148 The knitted one is prolly smarter than the average pidgeon. +145
**davidavidson used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **davidavidson rolls… +145 He vanishes Until he is summoned again +144
le funny has been spotted +141 what if its not a baby pekachu. What if its just a mi… +139
If you get insurance and never need to go to the doctor all th… +138 Picture +137
Of course Adolf Hitler would suffer from serious gas. +137 Only up to Gen 3? +137
Spared him once out of curiosity, he's a terrible follower +135 **fappening used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **fappening rolls 44** +133
Picture +131 Picture +127
Trust no one not even yourself. +125 Unfortunately, these confused and scared people have gone on a… +123
Let's hope they weren't sugarfree. +121 Man i have a story just for this. - Me ass hole middle sc… +119
When you freestyle your mixtape +118 uhhhhhh equality? +116
Picture +114 Pretty sure this is where real **** went down... +113
**kirkel used "*roll cah answer*"** **kirkel rolls Surprise… +111 that watermark +110
she doesn't know her father but he is still disappointed +109 I have a bad taste of humor +109
THIS IS SPARGHAGARAGHGAHRG...!!!! +108 we're still relevent, dammit! +107
Picture +106 >Go back to seventh grade >Create memes >Be o… +106
Picture +105 But that pussy game is probably ridiculous give sort of … +103
Wow so many thumbs in only a few hours! I want to thank all of… +102 Archer cosplay +101

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