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Started from the bottom And we still here +635 Picture +560
Picture +521 Picture +400
I don't think you ************ understand just how smal… +375 why did she turn into a feminist at the last few comics? +360
Bruh.... +354 >Russians have over D cup on average >Russians don't… +344
******* normies +305 **funnyhard used "*roll picture*"** **funnyhard rolled ima… +296
**anonymous used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **anonymous rolls 99** +288 dis bitch +271
that's like three stars in GTA +244 Picture +235
if this was a guy it would be thumbed down to oblivion +217 I have so much work due and yet i still spend my time on this. +207
Picture +202 >Posting 9Gag tier content Hey guys, get a load of this… +201
Picture +199 Picture +197
I had to show the controls just to make sure it wasn't looping +194 Picture +194
Picture +192 He did it +190
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"** **anonymous rolled ima… +186 her name's Leanne Crow. Happy fapping. +180
who brings a ******* child to these things. they have n… +176 boops +175
Picture +171 How could you +170
Picture +165 Holy **** is that bitch stuck up and greedy. &… +157
Picture +156 Picture +150
Picture +150 **joshlol used "*roll picture*"** **joshlol rolled image ** +148
**neos used "*roll picture*"** **neos rolled image ** My kink +146 Other driver's face. +145
Picture +143 1 million is 0.13% of Europe's population. To say "1 mill… +139
Picture +139 Be careful who you hijack jetskis from. Do Ah look l… +137
Picture +131 **lifesavers used "*ROLL 1, 0-99*"** **lifesavers rolls 33*… +131
Taking invisible ding dongs to the face +130 I bring you... THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE! +129
People who save pictures with the cursor AND the text bubble s… +128 this will come in handy +127
>not having a loaded mag on stand by you make /k/… +127 Picture +122
Here, soothe your rage +122 Here's an extended version of the end for you guys! E… +122
for those that didn't see it yet +122 Picture +122
the thumbnail tho +116 and i post my bait, three hours a day +115
That feel when you have only 1hp left. +114 No wonder he survived the war, given he was so well armed. +113
devolve? they were always ninjas you dumb **** +112 **asotil rolled user joshlol ** pls +110
Picture +110 The power of time travel. +109
The best thing about getting a blowjob from an etheopian is yo… +109 cute but damn ***** hairy legs aint ok +108
Good choice. +106 please enjoy this video +105
Click and drag. +105 Picture +104
i feel like the artist is actually a very lonely woman +104 Its not Austin i promise. +99
paint skills off the charts +98 exhilarating sure but there's more risk in sky diving and bung… +98
I thought it was going to be a zip line, I shat when they drop… +97 Do something about it +96
Roll is surprisingly relevant to your comment +95 I thought he was gonna help him +94
**naoxyn used "*roll picture*"** **naoxyn rolled image ** +94 Coulson volunteered. +94
Look what I Found on a yard sale Obviously th… +93 I think the laugh track is painfully overused, but I actually … +90

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