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Remember, no refunds +636 Let's hope the porn is longer than the actual fight. +620
Picture +542 If he never attacks me or scares me it'll be fine Are… +516
welcome to capitalism prepare to **** or … +397 Forget it **** tits +380
would have been 10,000x better with sound. Now i'm disappointe… +343 MFW i never bought Beats +309
>The ultimate SJW you guys do realize this is fake… +301 **letrollzor used "*roll picture*"** **letrollzor rolled i… +292
>has great power >doesn't accept great responsibilit… +288 you still find the sight of your naked wife arousing? i kn… +287
"chromozoned" +275 Meanwhile in 1945 +253
How non-Americans think America works. +248 "I still stole her **** " +245
Picture +245 Operation status: Wicked +244
It has nothing to do with fear, it's just a jumpscare +233 Leave the lights on at night. +230
Being on Funnyjunk these weeks +229 They field pretty hard. +222
Picture +220 OKay, the guy who was dissecting the mice in the middle of a N… +215
Picture +207 Memes aside, that guy is a horrible human being. +202
Here's the whole video with sound in WebM form in cas… +201 Picture +200
gangbanging this cowering child +200 And yet another unrealistic expectation of men +190
**ansvin used "*roll picture*"** **ansvin rolled image ** … +189 How does it feel knowing someone has a debit card with your ar… +179
If the porn is based on the fight it'll be rape +175 "And thats how I accidentally joined a gang" +173
I glued myself to a crocodile once would be a great ice breaker +170 That's cold even for a ******* anon +169
Picture +167 being first +166
Picture +165 "People" we all know you mean ******* +164
Does this look like the face of mercy to you? +160 well people payed $100 for a hugging fight between pacman and … +155
Things bloody moved! Comics aren't supposed to have moving images +154 so i get to stay at home masturbating all day while someone da… +153
3 years in jail for raising your hand like that? What a b… +151 Picture +148
>Be intern, now graduated, looking for job >Have to … +147 Please step aside for the new memes. +144
**** man, maybe this site is brainwashing me a bit. I i… +144 >theultimatesjw >profile pic is of a super stereotyp… +143
The new Splatoon anime looks good. +140 Eminem is one of th efew rappers i like +137
Even Jarl Baalgruf got in on it +136 a pokémon i think isn't it? +132
>Presses .38 button >Recieves Colt 1903 +10… +131 You have angered Adam West +130
oh my GOD, i can't STAND your text color, it's ******* … +127 >gluing yourself to a crocodile +127
"thechancellor mentioned you in a comment" +127 relevant +124
Doubt I'll get many notifications +124 Picture +124
It's because the vikings had already plundered all the cheese +122 can you edit the jedi out +121
Picture +120 Picture +120
Just like her opponent, i'll last 30 seconds. +116 They'll accept more than just cash +115
They gotta make sure the world knows he's black +115 I'm glad you are liking this game. I have made a tutorial (pr… +111
My parents openly admit that life sucked ass before cellphones… +110 People like this are the male equivalent of the "im not l… +110
Picture +110 "siri, where is the ******* ghetto" +109
Picture +109 You're a pretty entertaining guy. +108
Here we see military Cloud Culture Awareness training. This is… +108 It went through my entire country unmolested and unharmed. it … +108

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