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614 Watched Attack on titan with my mom. She didn't like it becaus… 461 ***** better have gotten a promotion or some ****
452 Do you want Wendigos? 'Cause that's how you get Wendigos. 396 YFW
353 >'fun facts' >this kid committed suicide when he was… 346 The second to last one. 98% battery.
316 yeah i think i'm doing pretty good myself 308 but you can instead force them to drink the contents
302 if you didnt know, the second helmet is the good one 282 For about half a second I read 4 m/s as 4 meters per second an…
271 Somebody was going to. Might as well be me 268 Autist not invited to party... Proves why he shouldn't be …
Picture 263 Just gonna leave this here …
251 **fonestig used "*roll picture*"** **fonestig rolled image ** 233 Why not spend five seconds to find the video? OP is a thumbwhore
231 Left 4 Dead, Locker room edition 230 **evilhomer used "*roll picture*"** **evilhomer rolled ima…
220 So essentially it's a sushi farm 218 I'm imagining a girl being nailed to a wall and ****** .
211 nyess 211 you're welcome
208 I noticed you guys where arguing about what "makes a loli… 206 Yeah, no. Calculations should be done by the GPU and seein…
Picture 196 It's a ******* knife of course it's gonna be edgy
194 This is similar to how I kill Legate Lanius in NV. I … Picture
185 Probably best polandball comic I've ever seen, very well done 185 I like small sized girls.
183 I also use my cat to trim my hedge. Picture
176 Oh my, addy, your changes are always such a tease.. 170 it's a gut hook. it's for cleaning and dressing big game. not …
Picture 168 gonna help out you guys for i recognize the scene brazzer…
167 Russia is not a country. Russia is a state of mind 165 Almost a great comp but **** off with your fat fetish …
163 CAUTION Restrain from using sexual pickup lines if not well … 157 You're right!
156 "Hey Grandma we're here!" "You used th… 156 the rick and morty fandom rightnow
156 This line from the campaign always gets me Picture
154 Crotch ninja is my spirit animal 152 Imagine how the porn will look now
151 Had something like that happen to me when I was in 5-6 grade … 151 Jesuschrist that would make me clench my ass so fast, kid lear…
Picture Picture
Picture 144 **beastkenten used "*roll faggots*"** **beastkenten rolls P…
143 Wow gee, op. I guess I'll have this in mind next time I have sex. 143 le mow
142 "SON, THE BIBLE SAYS ADAM AND EVE, NOT ADAM AND HON HON H… 137 I agree with both sides, nazi germany is right but modern germ…
130 **dgurevich used "*roll picture*"** **dgurevich rolled image ** 129 For people that don't know any better, it is better for the he…
128 OP's laptop. 128 The prettiest The only one i can afford
127 Gonna do some crocheting with that one on the right? Picture
124 I don't think you understand. 124 I'm sorry
121 So funnyjunk? Picture
119 INB4 people portray atheists as fedora wearing neck beards ins… 118 10/10 would list as fetish then fat girls ruin them …
Picture 114 >White hair >red eyes Sold
Picture Picture
111 "I take pride in my needlework, but you'd better tell me … Picture
106 >hunting a wendigo you obviously know nothing about wen… 105 fatty detected
103 This can't be real I know there are plenty of rapists amon… 103 I don't know what's worse -The fact that the shape re…

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