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When you post your opinion on funnyjunk and you're expecting r… +591 I notice zero of these when I'm around girls. Now I guess I'll… +491
When you're out in a field and see you're about to die from a … +470 25. she avoids mentioning her boyfriend. That's calle… +393
well i mean you get free nudes of the girl you like t… +375 Picture +329
PS - Mega Bloks are for faggots +302 I find girls who smoke incredibly unattractive. +298
When you comment your opinion, and people agree +297 I hate tumblr, but I love seeing screencaps from tumblr. +291
Picture +282 white people +278
This would make a good story. A man, who have just been s… +262 When you share a reaction to something expecting to get green … +248
Wow hey try running one hour straight and then not spend the r… +244 I laughed but then remembered I'm joshlol now I'm sad +241
Normally the people at McDonald's suck. They can't make food, … +240 She should get the sentence they would have gotten. Combined. +232
>mfw i see them taking a selfie together +232 How does a hotel threaten someone with a fine? They have no le… +228
CANT BUY, POORFAG.JPG +224 Picture +220
Picture +220 The cashiers are evolving. +218
**fittetjuven rolled user phanact ** Get out, faggot +215 Seen him? Heck I watch him at least once or twice a week +206
Hfw +203 Selling carpet to match the drapes. +196
>"How was your day honey?" >implies that h… +194 Too bad, it's mine. +190
Oy Story +184 no you don't +178
I thought the q-tip had little spiders on it. +176 When a troll tries to get red thumbs but, gets green instead. +176
No that's how to be cute and intimidating +175 betafag thinks he's in the friendzone she wants your … +173
"you see, no need to train legs when you cant walk" +172 I think if it's found without a doubt that you lied, you shoul… +171
that's the joke.jpg +170 Picture +168
Obligaroty +166 pedometer app while watching porn +166
MY GOD ADS, DO YOU THINK THIS IS A ******* GAME +161 Im offended and I feel 1/57 indians. +161
Bees are ******* light-weights +160 For those that say nothing happened for them. You probably di… +158
Who whole thing about the woman is true. I am a Chimera also, … +153 Yes now this is the exactly how to do homosexual stories. Don'… +151
Picture +150 Pratse the sun? +149
Picture +148 Picture +145
Looks like you're trying to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim o… +144 Coldsteel of course +140
Picture +140 IGN confirmed to be team magma all along +137
Super effective against Shuckle is like an abstinence campaign… +137 Picture +134
Getting **** done. +133 "My ancestors smile upon me imperials, can you say the sa… +133
Picture +131 Picture +131
Picture +130 Misogyny and rape. +129
The beginning of the post starts [Marvel vs. DC] then it switc… +127 If the devil looked like that I'd probably date him +127
"so yes, that's what i'd do with a million dollars" +125 Picture +124
"They are being gay on my tongue and I can do nothing abo… +123 Picture +123
Violin +122 ... There's a tarantula hiding on the green guys head +121
you didnt give enough time for the thumbnail to load +121 Jango Unchained +120
Oh the joys of getting really ******* high and ma… +120 Did anyone else read it as "The urge to kill is equally s… +120
Picture +120 casual rapist +118
I just look at the new ones to see if I'll feel anything now. +118 This is why I can't get my **** together. +118

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