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The only feminine thing about Bruce Jenner that isn't ******* artificial are his driving skills
Welcome to the bottom of the Mineshaft of Loneliness.
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but they retaliated.
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MS paint skills off the charts
Had something like that happen to me when I was in 5-6 grade something like 10 or 11 >One day get called into principals office, only person in my class (or in the entire school to my knowledge) >There's a ******* cop there >Get asked all sorts of …
Now its better.
Thanks Admin.
>didn't tip the drive thru worker >didn't tip the gas station attendant >didn't tip the president >didn't tip the italians prior to bombing them >didn't tip president this story is commie propaganda ********
I dunno. Seems a little Forced .
"In biological terms you're merely a woman with an inside-out vagina." -no biologist ever
Lady: Greetings darling! Gentleman: Salutations. However I would like to advise you that I am now in romantic courtship with another woman. Lady: Damn thee! Hence why you walk [in the stead of using motorized transportation]. Gentleman: Strumpet!
>lunatic You're a cheeky cunt, samio.
Absolutely spooky
I was going to thumb you up because you're right, but that hostility towards an honest mistake isn't worth a thumb.
>mfw traitors to the crown had their chance
Admins new thumb **** gives neat captions.
I would like to point out that this isn't shopped...Kangaroos actually do know how to do sleeper holds
Pratt don't give a **** , just openly ogles her cans
Well, seems like I've been wrong about CGI all that time after all. I thought the good CGI is when something unreal is made to look almost real, but it turns out that the best digital effects are often the ones that we don't notice. I'm glad someone made things clear for me and others about that.
Ha, I watched the webm too, friend!
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Woman: Good evening, young sir. My tone implies that I am attracted to you. Man: A pleasant evening to you as well, good lady. I regret to inform you that I have a lifemate. Woman: Well bah then to you, you cad. This is way you've no conveyance and are forced to slog through the ele…
"Unfortunately Carl's many murder attempts did not go as planned, in fact Carl now fears he has only made the boy stronger and one day he will rise up to usurp him from his rightful place as alpha."
I've always wanted a little sister, Someone who I could have a connection with, to be a big brother and teach her all about the world and be a good example. And i'd protect her from all the **** things. I know that these greentexts are like 99.99% bs. But it still urks …
Found a close-up version for anyone who cares:
you see ivan, when attach bag to gun, you can never run out of boolets for bag catches boolets, for shooting laters
Look she might be brave but she's not Caitlyn Jenner brave otherwise the media would have covered this story.
I saw that episode. The judge went off hard on her. It was glorious.
I really like that the new season is a one long consistent story. It's like another south park movie.
Time to go repay the favor.
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Welll you see..
Oh, shut it. There's a reason why people wore armour as heavy as they could manage back in ye olden days- you stood little chance of dodging anything because arms and swords move faster than your entire body can. It makes no sense, it's useless practically, there are plenty of games…
How the **** is this still a virgin
A How to Guide to being from London >Wake up >listen to the morning call to prayer >Make breakfast for all 12 refugees the state has placed in your home >Leave for work, no refugees leave for any work >get into smart car >pay 26 pounds per gallon for…
that last one. wh-why would you hold a sign that says that?
You would think that after that horrible event she had an "aha" moment and changed her stance on it. But what's even dumber is other people coming to her and saying "Shh don't say anything bad about them, they are culturally enriching us." That sounds like some so…
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No part 2 but maybe a grim adventures one
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Half of Belfast would kill you for calling them 'Irishmen', the other half would also kill you, but that's just because they're from Belfast.
Babies are the devil's spawn.
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Not mine
And in this section a bunch of uptight cunts who think they have superior taste because they dont like family guy
Here's some stuff
We will cling on to the remainder of the territories for as long as possible.
how people see me
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I dont even know how to properly hold a tiny human meat bag let alone want to
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Her face when you confront her about it.
>safety > has band-aid on I can tell this has been learned from exp
a hognose snek
He was kidding mate.
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woh, welcome to eb games
"I work for the government" nice way of putting city janitor
Darkness Imprisoning me All that I see Absolute horror
Because he chooses to be
'Moon turns Red' 'I have Unlimited Power'
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