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This may seem insensitive, but if you're going to name a cat a… +1396 she's commenting on how many sjw's react to the games, they ar… +544
Imagine falling over, getting wrapped up, and suffocating to d… +537 Picture +483
It still remains to be seen which fate is worst +474 This one never gets old +387
"laughing my ass off my ass off" +382 had to do it, sorry +373
What a nice douche bag; he made sure his girl got out. +367 It would have been awkward to explain to the public why it was… +357
I'm too black to go to any year before the last 2 decades. +329 Picture +328
You're not short, you're fun sized. +327 Picture +314
out of so many greentexts i've read, i really ******* … +313 Picture +300
Do with several bees to make the ultimate mummy costume +292 no you won't +283
It's very insensitive but damn it if it's not funny +272 this joke is so old my grandfather fought beside it in ww2 +268
So Pokemon predicted Modern Day Feminism. It all make… +267 He looks like a completely different person 10 years … +267
Day 23 of Saran wrap factory disaster This morning we sli… +261 You all realize she's making fun off feminazis in the actual v… +258
If Sasuke is so ******* great, why is the show c… +256 **technicalknockout rolled image ** Moms face +255
Picture +241 I won't lie, a Game-of-Thrones style Star Wars TV show would b… +240
YFW +221 A girl with ruffled hair, that appeared out of nowhere during … +211
i have that cup on my desk right this second +207 Season 8 +207
If ignoring a problem and expecting it to go away would actual… +204 What's from the internet, STAYS ON THE INTERNET How… +200
'then on every line add the 'greater than' sign' 'the what… +196 If I wanted kinda OC I would've gone to Gearboy. +195
Admin, Don't lie. Everyone knows you don't have 25 dollars. +192 Picture +191
Multiple Man. +191 Here, have a ******** version of it. +190
Picture +188 Best part of her story was when new students came to the grou… +185
** madcoww rolls 99** +183 **smartassassin rolls 55** +175
< new worker at pizza place wanting to deliver there vs. al… +172 ******* told, lmao my ass off. +170
Then you must sing: "Don't worry, Bee, happy". +169 **shakeitthreetimes rolled image ** what was on the phone. +169
AVENGE MEEE EEEE EEEE EEEEE EEEE ... +169 MY GOD she must be stopped +168
Picture +167 Its a thing you only get when you're in in the shoes of the father +167
I FOUND THE WEAK SPOT +167 Picture +166
all I can think about is how easily it would be to suffocate +166 That cat is firmly pressed up against that man's genital. +166
When I hear my favorite song playing in the other room. +164 If that were indeed anatomically correct, the anus would be ju… +163
"lol" +163 Thmash that thilverbackth thnotboxth +162
what makes you think he wasn't trying to have an honest conver… +161 Picture +161
Inspect Element ( Q ) +160 First Pic of the Baby! +160
Picture +159 Fire emblem comes to mind. +158
If I was a police officer, I'd laugh. And also take the do… +155 and so starts the fj week where no one will thumb anyone … +154
Picture +154 Breaking news: **** is **** when you… +153
Picture +152 It is kinda weird Toys R Us are selling Breaking Bad stuff, i… +150
Huh, Angelica does have a shred of decency +149 This one is pretty bad, even for 4chan +149
**rogaa rolled image ** allah ackbar +147 I've never seen this type of lock in my life. +147
This makes me very uncomfortable +147 I'm pretty sure if you haven't seen this gif, you would think … +147
then you have no choice but to **** yourself +146 And then she bitched about it on Tumblr and the man was accuse… +146

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