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Here, are you happy now? +711 **** , that was hella smooth +583
**derius used "*roll picture*"** **derius rolled image ** +551 >How to piss off the council 101 +521
Picture +488 I liked the relationship between Trunks and C18 better +455
Picture +442 How would you not predict that +392
**thatlittledoll used "*roll picture*"** **thatlittledoll r… +387 But you gotta get your dog to keep still. +386
"men are ******* dogs" RUN SCOOB +366 **jerrrrrrrrrrrrrrry...... used "*roll picture*"** **jerrrr… +364
Good Bye +362 This is my dog He jumps really high up and barks funny +360
Something about Deadpool having a 80's porn stache just feels right. +356 Picture +345
Picture +337 Jimble does explain of real scientific: 1. Propellor … +331
I'm fairly certain that was illegal. You're not supposed to ai… +325 Picture +318
Picture +317 **Tusura used "*roll picture*"** **Tusura rolled image ** … +309
Picture +294 English space program +287
Picture +282 Picture +278
No McDonald's for you +277 I kind of wish there weren't so many ****** graffiti ar… +276
jesus **** +269 How to fix red ring: Throw away xbox Buy a PC +258
**zimbagwe used "*roll picture*"** **zimbagwe rolled image… +248 at least its better than having a dad that knows you have no f… +239
Left hand master race. +237 you could've just gone to the website and got the actual comic… +235
I seriously don't know how to feel about this post. It seems k… +233 Why didn't they call it Rex, as in, T-rex. I mean, come on. +227
Picture +223 I thought he was going to say something about eating the hand … +214
- One state starts banning black people from their state -… +213 Hah. Classic. +212
>Rarely leave room >Leave Room >Snarky commen… +211 My dog is Half black lab, half golden retriever. Shes pure… +207
End? No the journey doesn't end here. Comps are just a… +198 God she's hot. +197
related ? +192 oh jesus I thought it was like a net or something and they wer… +190
Picture +185 Well on the bright side you ruined her social life and most li… +183
semi related. +183 Picture +182
Picture +181 **yodaiam used "*roll picture*"** **yodaiam rolled image ** +178
Paint it black! +170 "how to spend goverment money for internet upvotes" +169
Dank +168 **nagasadow used "*roll picture*"** **nagasadow rolled ima… +166
**dankestmemer used "*roll picture*"** **dankestmemer rolle… +163 Picture +159
Picture +154 Picture +153
Fresh from Photoshop +152 Picture +151
"Era uoy sa derob sa I ma?" +150 Saved. +149
hfw +149 half of them overhyped **** .... half of them t… +149
>"I want to feel" >Anger Mission … +149 "Who are all these people? I can't breathe Where'… +149
I can't even masturbate to this... That would ruin it. +146 Picture +146
**battletechmech used "*roll picture*"** **battletechmech r… +145 Picture +144
Picture +141 She's 12. +141
deadpools face +139 >everything in australia kills you >plane wants to l… +137
But busses are heavier than air? +136 It's actually a serving dish. If you had a party with a bunch … +136
Meanwhile at Disney's Marketing Department +135 **internetexplain used "*roll picture*"** **internetexplain… +134

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